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  1. 1. KOREAN Air-Mech-Strike Scenario Circa 2003 Major Theater War OFFENSIVE OPERATIONS 82nd Airborne Division and 172 nd BDE deploys from TSB in Alaska multiple Brigade Combat Teams, (44 X Gavins, 12 x AGSs 120 x CSVs, RSTA RFVs) Para Drops/Airlands via C-17 & C-130 sorties directly into North Korean rear, linking up with101st to sever NPA forces from LOCs, collapsing means/will of enemy to fight XXX XXX Res Res XXX101st Airborne ResProjects RFV XXXBrigade TFs via 82nd AirborneAir Assault 425 XXX Para Airdrops & 806 Airlands GFV XXX CSV, RFV Brigades 820 XXX 450 Km 815 1st Cavalry Division 1st Armored Division 2nd Infantry Division25th Infantry Division Conduct OffensiveAir Lands GFV, CSV, ISB Supported byRFV Equipped Brigades SUWON AMS RFV RSTA 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division Air Assaults Three Brigade Combat Teams , (300 x RidgwayAMSV-Ls) North to Isolate North Korea from PRC (China). 300 x Helos Inserts Brigades within 8 Hours Each. Theater Support Base Remains = KITAKYUSHU TSB