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Air Transportation: Jet Seaplanes For Russia

June 20, 2013: The Russian Defense Ministry has bought six Be-200 jet powered amphibian aircraft, for about $40 million each. The Be-200 was developed in the 1990s, using a combination of Russian and Western technology. It first flew in 1998, and over a dozen are on order configured as fire-fighting aircraft. This was the main reason it was designed in the first place. Five of these are already in service. This model can carry twelve tons of water (which it could scoop from a river in 12 seconds). The 43 ton aircraft can carry seven tons of cargo or 72 passengers. The aircraft was offered in an anti-submarine configuration but there were no takers. Built to fly low and slow (it cruises at 500 kilometers an hour), the Be-200 was ideal for anti-submarine warfare. It is unclear what the Russian military intends to do with it. Because most of Russia lacks roads and airfields, but has plenty of rivers and lakes, the Be-200 would greatly increase rapid access to many of these areas, especially those beyond the range of helicopters.

Current endurance is about four hours per sortie. This can be increased by using some of the cargo capacity for additional fuel, to get endurance up to eight hours or more. An amphibious aircraft is more expensive to build and maintain, but the Be-200 can be stationed anywhere along the coast (or up a river). During World War II amphibious maritime reconnaissance aircraft often took advantage of this.

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A40 Patrol Seaplane for U.S. Navy MMA

  1. 1. Jet Seaplane patrol bomber urgently requiredto meet Multi-Mission Maritime AircraftRequirements for the 21st Century 2004 By the 1st Tactical Studies Group (Airborne) dynmicpara@aol.com
  2. 2. Earth is still a very Large Place: 100% covered by air and 75%by water, working around this by land based runway-to-landbased runway aircraft results in incomplete coverage;satellites and UAVs cannot perform mission of on-sceneinvestigation, inspection and attack Sub-national terror groups exploit gaps in coverage to smuggle drugs, and potentially WMDsNation-State militaries exploit gaps to set conditions(sea mines, commandos, paratroopers inserted etc.) forbolt-out-of-the-blue attacks that become fait accompli
  3. 3. Land-Based MMA aircraft cannot cover the distancesrequired and cannot land on water to thwart enemy actions,waters may be mined and saturated with enemy fighters andASMs for aircraft carriers to enter; Red China uses seaplanes and WIG craft to surge troops ashore ?
  4. 4. U.S. Navy has the world’s most successful Seaplane patrolbomber tradition using the brilliant design PBY Catalinaamphibian: 25% of all ships sunk in WWII were by patrolbombers; thousands of downed airmen, stranded sailorsfrom sunk ships saved: in a major nation-state war thesethings are needed AGAIN
  5. 5. VP-71 VP-24 VP-34 VP-12 Type B VP-23VP-12 VP-33 VP-XX VP-44
  6. 6. U.S. Navy Seaplane Patrol Bombers were able to operateanywhere: on land or sea or air Seaplane Patrol Bombers can land on runways using their wheeled landing gearU.S. Navy bought 4,000 PBY Seaplane Patrol Bombers, thelargest aircraft purchase its ever made: their contributionsto victory cannot be over-estimated
  7. 7. U.S. Navy Seaplane Patrol Bombers could operatecovertly at sea using a seaplane tender ship to refuel,rearm and repair
  8. 8. U.S. Navy Seaplane Patrol Bombers as amphibians U.S. Navy Seaplane Patrol Bombers can swim selves to shores and any beach becomes a resupply and/or troop pick-up pointAir/Ground interface ispossible by the wheeledlanding gear which canopen in the water afterlanding using the boathull shape
  9. 9. Seaplane Patrol BombersPatrol & Attack have extended range via multiple refuel options plus large onboard fuel capacity to search and find the enemy on or below the sea and on land…PBYs found the Japanese fleet to win the battle of MidwaySeaplane Patrol Bombers carry largebomb, torpedo, depth charge loadsto sink capital ships. Multiple machineguns to strafe and suppress smallertargets, the German BattleshipBismark was found by a PBY
  10. 10. Sea ControlHeavily armed Seaplane PatrolBombers have lots of internalspace to carry rubber boatsfor boarding parties to check outsuspicious small vessels likesampans in WWII, Korea andVietnam (PBM-5 Marlins), bothbrown water and blue water maritimeinterdiction….littoral sea controlrequires seaplanes…Due to early seaplane technologyPBYs had only 150 mph speeds(still faster than today’s helicopters),so they performed their missionsunder the dark of night, paintingtheir PBYs into “Black Cats” to beinvisible before we had AC-130gunships, F-117 and B-2 stealthbombers….
  11. 11. Search & Rescue Our men in the water cannot wait for rescue; most will die of exposure in just a few hours especially in the Atlantic: Seaplanes must immediately rescue them after being spotted by crewmen Heavily armed Seaplanes can suppress enemy fires to effect pick-up
  12. 12. Special Operations Seaplane Patrol Bombers quickly and covertly insert and extract small recon and raiding forces flying under enemy radar using the curvature of the earth Seaplanes can land deep into inland waterways to insert SEALs; if aircraft PBYs extracted 200 Australian Raiders from the Sepik river in WWII have to pop-up to jump altitude enemy could detect them. If rubber boat malfunctions we need way to land and recover SEALs
  13. 13. ResupplySeaplane Patrol Bombersshuttled supplies to coastalwatchers all over the Pacific.What would happen if ourNavy’s C-2 Greyhound CODaircraft were to be shot down?Or if sea supply ships were sunkor unavailable? Seaplanes wouldbe able to land alongside our carriersand bring aboard vital supplies.
  14. 14. Anti-Submarine Warfare Seaplane Patrol Bombers sank 50% of the German U-Boats destroyed in the Allied merchant ships Atlantic, saving England and --gross tons sunk...................................................23,351,000 with it the war. After the war, --numbers sunk.......................................................2,775 --sunk in convoy...................................................28% these lessons were not --sunk by U-boats...................................................52.4% lost on the Japanese who lost German submarines*: the war in great measure by our --committed to action............................................1,175 seaplane patrol bombers and --lost to enemy action...............................................781 submarines starving out their --sunk by U.S. forces.............................................191 --sunk by surface escorts.........................................245 forward deployed troops of --sunk by land-based aircraft alone......................225 --sunk by hunter-killer groups...................................202 ship-delivered supplies. Their Shin Meiwa 4-engine turboprop *includes shaved-kill crediting ASW and SAR seaplanes are Source: “Between Two Stools: Very Long-Range Aircraft in Sea Control” by Dr. Roger A. Beaumont, Air Chronicles Sep-Oct 1981 revolutionary with a jet engine www.airpower.maxwell.af.mil/airchronicles/aureview/1981/sep- blowing hot gas over their wings oct/beaumont.htm for BLC extra lift: they take-off and land at just 55 mph!
  15. 15. The U.S. Perfects the Seaplane Patrol Bomberas a 600 mph jet: P-6M SeaMaster in 1960
  16. 16. Not only can jet P-6Ms do all the priorpatrol, attack, search, rescue, specialtransport, ASW, sea control missionsthey now have high jet subsonicspeeds to:* Bomb inland targets with nuclear orconventional weapons* Lay sea mines in enemy waters* Destroy enemy ships in daylight
  17. 17. What does the U.S. Navy do? It cancels the P-6M Seamaster!It throws away 60 years of seaplane technology just as it was fullymaturing! How many souls have died because we couldn’t rescue them?How many in Vietnam? Fortunately, we haven’t had a massive nation-state global world war on the scale of WWII with thousands of men allover the oceans in harm’s way and often in peril…in the future we will
  18. 18. VP-71 VP-24 VP-34 VP-12 Type B VP-23VP-12 VP-33 VP-XX VP-44
  19. 19. What does the Soviet/Russian Navy do?They have an entire sub-branch of their armed forces dedicated to “LongRange Aviation” to sink the U.S. Navy with seaplanes and patrol planebombers, all very fast and very LETHAL with anti-ship and cruisemissiles. With the fall of the Soviet Union and both of us facing a commonIslamofascist threat why don’t we use their good ideas? Tu-160 Blackjack Tu-22 Backfire Be-12 Mail Tu-95
  20. 20. The Past is Prologue: What must the cash-strappedU.S. Navy do? Use the retirement of our P-3 converted civilian airliner fleet to gain the jet patrol seaplane bomber capabilities we need through the MMA program; reinvigorate seaplane technology to help decongest the nation’s airports--its better to go from strong military to civilian variants than vice-a-versa, the sleek Russian A-40 jet seaplane is perfect to perform the MMA mission = Russian A-40 American P-6M
  21. 21. Russian A-40 jet seaplaneis:FAST: 472 mphREACH: 3,417 milesDEADLY: 14,329 poundsof bombs, torpedoes,rockets, missiles, mines,gunpods, SEAL teamsFLEXIBLE: operates fromland, sea; can be air-refueled or from a singlecovert ship at sea
  22. 22. New U.S. technologies to add to A-40 MMA jet seaplane’s global reach FLIR and image intensifier 360 degree surveillance, laser target designatorsPrecision Strike Munitions reach out to hit enemies hidingby C3D2 in difficult terrain and intermingled with civilians
  23. 23. Air-to-Air refuelingWho says the A-40 MMA has to land? Hook-up with atanker and have a second on-board “Gold” flight crew takeover for the “Blue” team. Twice the patrol range per A-40
  24. 24. Special OperationsMilitary Free Fall (MFF) parachuting in SEALs or ArmyGreen Berets as A-40 MMA appears to be a civilian airliner.A-40 MMA flies under radar under earth’s curvature andinserts/extracts SEAL boat teams or combat swimmers
  25. 25. Enhanced RescuesUnder most circumstances the A-40’s brilliant Beriev design would enable it toland on the water to immediately get survivors out of the water. But..if for somereason the A-40 MMA cannot land, then a Fulton Surface-To-Air II “Skyhook” kitcould be dropped with perhaps a combat rescue swimmer to help employ itstethered balloon for the A-40 MMA to fly overhead and snatch and reel-in up to6 people at a time. Navy did SkyHook I first, then USAF used it on MC-130 Combat Talon Is, SkyHook II not fielded yet
  26. 26. Mini-Submarine Rescue/Covert Operations X DSRV can fly in a C-5 R3Y Tradewind seaplane but still needs a ship transport “Flying LST”: another seaplane the Navy gave up on A 4-engined sea transport MMA variant with a nose that opens could direct deliver mini-subs to rescue downed fleet submarines like the Kursk before men asphyxiate; SEAL mini-subs can do special operations after MMA insertion
  27. 27. Air-Mech 3D Amphibious AssaultsWith some more fuselage modifications and a boat hull shape to sit high enough in thewater, the A-40 MMA could land in water and open its nose for M113A4 Amphigavins tosplash into the water or onto the beach Why have thousands of marines or spec opstroops sitting for 6 months at a time in vulnerable surface amphibious ships if we can flythem to the scene via a 4-engined A40 MMA seaplane derivative transport? Thousands oftroops were killed in WWII when their transport ships were sunk by Japanese/Germansubmarines and aircraft attacks. A fact rarely advertised by military historians. + ARIS SPA of Italy makes a waterjet kit that converts the world’s greatest light tracked armored fighting vehicle--the 10.5 ton M113 Gavin from a lake/river swimmer to anocean-going amphibian that is still air- transportable by helicopters and fixed-wing transports
  28. 28. Supersonic bothers civilians? Does it the fish?Let’s face it, civil-military aviation is going backwards in2004. We are throwing in electronic gadgets and pinchingpennies with anemic physical flight designs as we try tophysically not be there with UAVs. Do men want to fly in the21st century of pretend behind a computer screen? TheConcorde SST couldn’t fly over land so we retired it. Fine,why not make a supersonic seaplane like Beriev proposes? The sky is the limit only if you reach for the sky---- in-person---not from a desk. Understanding what works in water and sky in God’s creation is the courageous and right thing to do. On earth, Jesus Christ was a carpenter.
  29. 29. Make History: AdvanceNaval Warfare and rescuecapabilities with A-40 MMA