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This presentation is designed to accompany our free template for writing a digital marketing plan. You can download it at

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Marketing plan presentation for DrupalCampAustin2013

  1. 1. Writing a Digital Marketing PlanKylon Gustin
  2. 2. WebsiteObjectivesWebsiteImageWebsiteValueYour BusinessModel1. Portray Correct Image2. Provide Value to Visitors3. Align with Business ModelTHREE OBJECTIVESWhat marketing results are you tryingto achieve withyour website?
  3. 3. WebsiteObjectivesWebsiteImageWebsiteValueYour BusinessModelHow do you want visitors to perceive yourorganization?1. First impression2. Know your market3. Preference pointsKey Factors:
  4. 4. What is the value of your websiteto visitors?WebsiteObjectivesWebsiteImageWebsiteValueYour BusinessModel•Industry Specific•Timely Content•Educational Info•Unique ExperiencesValuable Qualities:
  5. 5. How is the website helping to achieve your revenueobjectives?WebsiteObjectivesWebsiteImageWebsiteValueYour BusinessModelMarketing(lead generation,branding, promotional)Sales(e-commerce)Functional(intranet, users, research,support, technicalassistance)Informational(establish credibility, content-rich,promote-a-cause, education)
  6. 6. DEFINING YOUR TARGET MARKET:MarketDescriptionInternetUsageMarketAlternativesDecisionProcessWho are the prospective buyers foryour product or service?What are their objectives?How does your websitesatisfy those objectives?
  7. 7. How to define your IDEAL CUSTOMERS:MarketDescriptionInternetUsageMarketAlternativesDecisionProcessFinding your IDEAL CUSTOMER•Filter out those that haven’t provided lasting value•Identify the common traits of your profitable customers•Identify the decision maker within these companies
  8. 8. MarketDescriptionInternetUsageMarketAlternativesDecisionProcessFinding the DECISION MAKERS•Identify demographics, personalities, & fears•Identify their decision process & budget limitations•Identify their Key Performance Indicators•Understand their primary motivatorsDifferentiating between yourIDEAL CUSTOMER &the DECISION MAKERS
  9. 9. Target Marketdictates HOW you marketMarketDescriptionInternetUsageMarketAlternativesDecisionProcessONE LAST LOOK at your TARGET MARKETTarget Decision Maker dictatesMESSAGING YOU USE on yourwebsite
  10. 10. MarketDescriptionInternetUsageMarketAlternativesDecisionProcessHow heavily does your prospect depend upon theInternet to find your offerings?Are they tech-savvy?Are they comfortable withthe Internet? Do they relyon Internet to find yourproduct/service?This dictates your investmentin your site’s infrastructureand functionalityQuestions to Ask:
  11. 11. Are there readily-accessible, non-Internet alternativesthat will satisfy the prospect?MarketDescriptionInternetUsageMarketAlternativesDecisionProcessIndustrySpecific Options Traditional Retailers,Wholesalers, etc...Direct Sales or Local
  12. 12. What is the typical process that prospects gothrough when deciding to purchase an offeringlike yours?MarketDescriptionInternetUsageMarketAlternativesDecisionProcessNeed/Wantfor your product/servicePurchasingDept. ApprovalVetting ProcessResearchFinal Stepssale depends on price, technicalintegration, financial authority, etc...DECISIONIS YOUR WEBSITE DESIGNED WITH THIS PROCESS IN MIND?
  13. 13. Who are your PRIMARY COMPETITORS?PrimaryCompetitor ThreatsCompetitor WebsiteInvestmentCompetitorSEO AnalysisList competitors on their ability to compete based on:•Size•Marketing investment•Internet presence•Industry credibility•Unique value propositionsRemember to also assess YOUR website
  14. 14. Competitor Competitiveness Value PropositionCompetitor 1High - well funded, heavily markettheir site, and have significant webpresence.They offer a one-stop shopfor all industry related needsat a low cost.Competitor 2Medium - similar in size and promotethe same industry-specific expertise.Not as well known by other businessesin our niche industry. They are apotential major threat if they begin aserious marketing campaign.They offer industry-specificexpertise.CompetitorGroupingLow - there are hundreds ofcompeting businesses that offer low-cost, low-touch services. They areusually either small, one-personbusinesses or very large churn-n’-burnshops.They offer cheap solutionsto a specific problem.Our CompanyMedium - we have spent yearsintegrating with the marketing anddistribution channels in our nicheindustry, and made contributions tothe growth and promotion of ourniche industry, and are often thereference of choice from non-We offer custom,comprehensive, and high-touch services to each of ourcustomers.
  15. 15. •Website Promotion (Natural and Paid)• Appearance•FunctionalityPrimaryCompetitor ThreatsCompetitor WebsiteInvestmentCompetitorSEO AnalysisTo what degree has each competitor invested in theirwebsite?Remember to also assess YOUR website investment
  16. 16. Competitor Promotion Appearance FunctionalityCompetitor 1High - heavily advertise, attendall trade shows, offer regularwebinars, and are relentlesswith email marketing.Polished but simple -they have invested inquality, unique imagesand layout.High - automatedoptions that allowusers to createcustomizedsolutionsCompetitor 2Low - they are currently doinglittle promotion that isapparent to us.Typical - their sitelooks like a millionother sites and doesnot demonstrate asignificant investment.Low - the onlyinteraction withvisitors is a basicform to requestmore information.CompetitorGroupingMedium - this entire group ofcompetitors primarily sendspam emails to businessowners, sales and marketingpersonnel.Typical - these siteslook like a millionother sites and do notdemonstrate asignificant investment.Low - the onlyinteraction withvisitors is a basicform to requestmore information.OurCompanyMedium - we drive traffic toour site through targetedoutbound marketing,promoting white papers andwebinars. We also attend andprovide training at industryrelated conferences. We utilizesocial channels and othermedia to demonstrate ourUnique - we have anew site underdevelopment. We willbe implementingmany visual andconversion-relatedchanges.Medium - along withthe standard formsto request a contactfrom sales, we offerother free servicesthat are designed toengage the visitorsand lead themthrough our
  17. 17. Keyword Global MonthlySearchesOurSite Competitor 1 Competitor2Competitor 3Keyword 1 9,900 32 2 4 65Keyword 2 8,700 100+ 2 7 6Keyword 3 5,400 100+ 100+ 94 46Keyword 4 4,800 14 1 100+ 100+Keyword 5 3,200 100+ 26 100+ 100+etc...STEP 1: How well is your website represented in thesearch engines as compared to your competitors?PrimaryCompetitor ThreatsCompetitor WebsiteInvestmentCompetitorSEO AnalysisUse a free, unbiased service todetermine your search rankings and that ofyour competitors.
  18. 18. CompetitionPages Indexedby GoogleDomain Linksseen by GoogleTotalBacklinksReferringDomain RatioCompetitor 1 40,700 324 2,036 17Competitor 2 501 23,900 998,872 63Competitor 3 541 18,600 1,876 3OurCompany 235 86 22,476 5STEP 2: To what degree have you and each competitorinvested in optimizing for the search engines?Asses your standings with these identifiable criteriathat the search engines use when evaluating websitesPrimaryCompetitor ThreatsCompetitor WebsiteInvestmentCompetitorSEO AnalysisUse tools like MARKET SAMURI to find this info
  19. 19. What resources will you expend to market yourwebsite?NaturalAttractionContent Developmentand ProductionSocialMediaGuestBloggingPressReleasesCurrent Efforts?Planned Efforts?Other possibilities ifgiven the budget andresources?SEO
  20. 20. Marketing StrategyNaturalPaidSEOContentSocial MediaGuest BloggingPress ReleasesNaturalAttractionContent Developmentand ProductionSocialMediaGuestBloggingPressReleasesSEOLong-tail efforts provide long-term value
  21. 21. What level of resources, if any, are you planning toexpend on SEO to drive traffic to your website?NaturalAttractionContent Developmentand ProductionSocialMediaGuestBloggingPressReleasesSEOOff-Page SEO:Outbound Link-buildingstrategies,increasingcredibilityOn-Page SEO:Site architectureimprovement andcontent structure
  22. 22. What level of resources, if any, are you planning toexpend on SEO to drive traffic to your website?NaturalAttractionContent Developmentand ProductionSocialMediaGuestBloggingPressReleasesSEO+PLUS:Content Development &Conversion OptimizationInclude expenditures of:Internal personnel, outsourcedservices, expected results and timelinesfor achieving those results, targetedkeywords, budget allocation, andreporting
  23. 23. product orservicedescriptions testimonialssales copycase studiesresources blogsarticlesnewsNaturalAttractionContent Developmentand ProductionSocialMediaGuestBloggingPressReleasesSEOcuration
  24. 24. NaturalAttractionContent Developmentand ProductionSocialMediaGuestBloggingPressReleasesSEO
  25. 25. NaturalAttractionContent Developmentand ProductionSocialMediaGuestBloggingPressReleasesSEO
  26. 26. NaturalAttractionContent Developmentand ProductionSocialMediaGuestBloggingPressReleasesSEOAsk industry experts topost a blog on your siteWrite blogs to be postedon other sitesShould have an existingfollowing to driveimmediate and relevanttraffic to your site thatmay not know about yourofferingsNeed to include a linkback to your site andprovide enough value thatreaders perceive you as anindustry expertTwo Options:
  27. 27. NaturalAttractionContent Developmentand ProductionSocialMediaGuestBloggingPressReleasesSEOThis means goingbeyond freshcontent.......increasingbacklinks toyour site!...and distributing it throughappropriate services...
  28. 28. Marketing StrategyNatural PaidPaidAttractionDisplayAdvertisingPartner/AffiliateAdvertisingEmailAdvertisingSearch EngineMarketingContextualAdvertisingSearch Engine MarketingContextual AdvertisingDisplay AdvertisingPartner/Affiliate AdvertisingEmail Advertising
  29. 29. PaidAttractionDisplayAdvertisingPartner/AffiliateAdvertisingEmailAdvertisingSearch EngineMarketingContextualAdvertisingSearch Engine MarketingContextual AdvertisingDisplay AdvertisingPartner/Affiliate AdvertisingEmail AdvertisingA Marketing Strategy budgetshould be divided among paidand non-paid efforts to create valuein both the long- and short- term foryour site.Costs to consider:
  30. 30. PaidAttractionDisplayAdvertisingPartner/AffiliateAdvertisingEmailAdvertisingSearch EngineMarketingContextualAdvertisingCritical Factors to Successful Ads:Ad titleCopyLanding Page OptimizationGoogle Quality ScoreGeography
  31. 31. PaidAttractionDisplayAdvertisingPartner/AffiliateAdvertisingEmailAdvertisingSearch EngineMarketingContextualAdvertising...Don’t rely on THEM tofind YOU!Find prospects based on theirINTERESTS...
  32. 32. PaidAttractionDisplayAdvertisingPartner/AffiliateAdvertisingEmailAdvertisingSearch EngineMarketingContextualAdvertising[YOUR AD]HERE•Graphical, sometimes text•Delivered on thousands of sites•Pay by click, action, or impressionWhat is a Display Ad?How can you use them?•By geographic location•Mobile phones only•Remarketing
  33. 33. PaidAttractionDisplayAdvertisingPartner/AffiliateAdvertisingEmailAdvertisingSearch EngineMarketingContextualAdvertisingUtilizingOTHERwebsites topromote YOURproducts linking toYOUR site andreferring newcustomers toYOU!
  34. 34. PaidAttractionDisplayAdvertisingPartner/AffiliateAdvertisingEmailAdvertisingSearch EngineMarketingContextualAdvertising•Industry-specific is best•Text & display ads•Opt-In NewslettersTips & Tricks:•Many check email daily•Substantial reach of targeted consumers•Easy to measure effectiveness•Able to track ROIAdvantages of Email Ads:
  35. 35. LeadNurturingConversions MeasurementResourceRequirementsAfter site traffic and conversions, marketingautomation is the most important aspect forgarnering the greatest value from yourwebsite!•Automate lead nurturing platforms•Synchronize with other systems•Must have strategy!Marketing Automation Tips:
  36. 36. LeadNurturingConversions MeasurementResourceRequirementsAre you in a continuous process of testing toidentify the optimal calls-to-action?Develop a CROstrategy to increasethe number ofUSERS that convertinto LEADS
  37. 37. How will you determine if what you are doing is working?LeadNurturingConversions MeasurementResourceRequirementsWhat metrics and tools are you using to set and track your goals?•Google Analytics: set and track goals•Google Website Optimizer: A/B &multivariate testing•Track increases (or decreases) in traffic& bounce rates•Time spent on site & pages viewedWhat you SHOULD be doing:Continuous measuring shapes all future website marketing efforts!
  38. 38. LeadNurturingConversions MeasurementResourceRequirementsThings to Consider:•The degree of expertise required•Management and overhead costs•Vertical integration of an internal team•Economies of scale of an outsourcedteam•Cost of training
  39. 39. Marketing Intelligence