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  1. 1. Get Ready for 2013How you canmake money foryour business......and leave the “techie stuff ” to Hot and Mobile -Technology for Out and About!Trust me to show you how to maximize your technology investment.
  2. 2. What, By When!Ta b l e t s a n d S m a r t p h o n e s • Development of Your Own Mobile App • New iPad Setup • Business Productivity Apps You Should Have • Setup iCloud and Privacy For Your ProtectionSearch Engine Optimization • Indentify YOUR Key Words • Google Analytics • Competitor AnalysisWebsite Design • WordPress or Joomla, which should you have? We do both! • Identify And Fix Website Dead Links • Website Checkup with Fixes and Recommendations • Weekly Content and Image Updates and Posts • Domain Name, Hosting And Email VerificationMarketing Collateral and Branding • E-blasts On Demand • Newsletter Template • Creation Of Advertising Ads (Print And Online) • Trade Show Presentation Materials (Banners) • New Media Kit To Get You NoticedSocial Media for Business • We Can Add Logos And Create Customs Backgrounds • Social Media Plan To Fit Your Business • Reports To Monitor Your Progress • Set Up A Pinterest, Twitter Or Facebook Business AccountDepending on your selection from the items listed in What, By When, we can have your taskscompleted in 2 - 20 business days.
  3. 3. Your Choice. Hot and Mobile Premium $500/month Regular Price Hot and Mobile Pro $250/month Special Price OfferTasks are not limited to the items listed in What, By When! All tasks are billable productionhours. Hot and Mobile Pro - up to 8 hours per month and Hot and Mobile Premium up to 12hours per month.
  4. 4. The details.How it works: Depending on your selection from the items listed inWhat, By When, we can have your tasks completed in 2 - 20 businessdays. You pay by the month! Three (3) month minimum. Sign up foran additional 3 months and keep the Hot and Mobile Pro price.* PLUSa special gift!What it costs: It’s up to you. Just select the budget you’recomfortable with. You get more billable production hours withPremium.Billable Hours: Tasks are not limited to the items listed in What, ByWhen! All tasks are billable production hours. Hot and Mobile Pro - upto 8 hours per month and Hot and Mobile Premium up to 12 hours permonth.Special Pricing beginning December 2012. Sign up offer expires March 30, 2013. *All specialprice offers expire June 1, 2013.
  5. 5. Why?Jacqueline Lawson is an Expert, Speaker and Consultant for SmallBusiness Branding using Internet Marketing and Social MediaNetworks to increase your presence and revenue! “As your PersonalMedia Consultant, I take care of all the ‘techie stuff’ while you conductbusiness!”Unsure about the maze of smartphones, iPad vs iPad Mini, apps,droids, social media, privacy protection, websites, internet marketing?“Trust me to show you how to maximize your technology investmentwhile you are out and about conducting business.”Jacqueline LawsonExpert | Speaker | Consultant
  6. 6. Get December for $200 Sign up before December 14, 2012 Offer Code: 1212HaM-FTMGet ready.Sign up before December 14, 2012 and get the month of December for$200. Just use the code on the gift card above.Give me a call: 713-231-8728International: 00919896506085I’ll get you started right away! My professional team of developers,marketers and artists are ready and able!Jacqueline LawsonExpert | Speaker |