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Ieee project title_2013-2014


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final year IEEE projects training and development

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Ieee project title_2013-2014

  1. 1. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY DOTNET TITLES 2013-2014 CLOUD COMPUTING 1. Enabling Dynamic Data and Indirect Mutual Trust for Cloud Computing Storage Systems 2. A Privacy Leakage Upper Bound Constraint-Based Approach for Cost-Effective Privacy Preserving of Intermediate Data Sets in Cloud 3. Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing for Secure Cloud Storage 4. Mona: Secure Multi-Owner Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud 5. Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem for Scalable Data Sharing in Cloud Storage 6. Load Rebalancing for Distributed File Systems in Clouds 7. seDas: a self destructing data system based on active storage frame work 8. Secure Logging As a Service—Delegating Log Management to the Cloud 9. QoS Ranking Prediction for Cloud Services 10. An Efficient and Trustworthy Resource Sharing Platform for Collaborative Cloud Computing 11. Towards Secure Multi-Keyword Top-k Retrieval over Encrypted Cloud Data 12. Privacy-Assured Outsourcing of Image Reconstruction Service in Cloud DATA MINING 13. Protecting Sensitive Labels in Social Network Data Anonymization 14. A System to Filter Unwanted Messages from OSN User Walls 15. Achieving Data Privacy through Secrecy Views and Null-Based Virtual Updates 16. Mining User Queries with Markov Chains: Application to Online Image Retrieval 17. A Proxy-Based Approach to Continuous Location-Based Spatial Queries in Mobile Environments 18. Comparable Entity Mining from Comparative Questions 19. A New Algorithm for Inferring User Search Goals with Feedback Sessions 20. Multiparty Access Control for Online Social Networks: Model and Mechanisms 21. Co-Occurrence-Based Diffusion for Expert Search on the Web No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile – 9500139248, 9092363289 Email: website:
  2. 2. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 22. A Survival Modeling Approach to Biomedical Search Result Diversification Using Wikipedia 23. Efficient Semi-supervised Medline Document Clustering With Mesh-Semantic And Global-Content Constraints 24. Supporting Search-As-You-Type Using SQL in Databases 25. Dynamic Personalized Recommendation on Sparse Data 26. Dynamic Query Forms for Database Queries 27. Tweet Analysis for Real-Time Event Detection and Earthquake Reporting System Development 28. m-Privacy for Collaborative Data Publishing 29. PMSE: A Personalized Mobile Search Engine 30. Facilitating Document Annotation using Content and Querying Value 31. Fast Nearest Neighbor Search with Keywords IMAGE PROCESSING 32. Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images by Reserving Room Before Encryption 33. Objective-Guided Image Annotation 34. Visual-Textual Joint Relevance Learning for Tag-Based Social Image Search 35. An Extended Visual Cryptography Scheme Without Pixel Expansion For Halftone Images 36. Social Visual Image Ranking for Web Image Search MOBILE COMPUTING 37. Secure Connectivity Using Randomize-and-Forward Strategy in Cooperative Wireless Networks 38. Cluster-Based Certificate Revocation with Vindication Capability for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 39. ALERT: An Anonymous Location-Based Efficient Routing Protocol In MANNETs MULTIMEDIA 40. Patch-Based Image Warping for Content-Aware Retargeting 41. Understanding the External Links of Video Sharing Sites: Measurement and Analysis No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile – 9500139248, 9092363289 Email: website:
  3. 3. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 42. Reversible Data Hiding With Optimal Value Transfer 43. Generating Visual Summaries of Geographic Areas Using Community Contributed Images NETWORK SECURITY 44. A System for Denial-of-Service Attack Detection Based on Multivariate Correlation Analysis 45. WarningBird: A Near Real-Time Detection System for Suspicious URLs in Twitter Stream 46. Privacy Preserving Data Sharing With Anonymous ID Assignment 47. A System for Timely and Controlled Information Sharing in Emergency Situations 48. A Decentralized Privacy Preserving Reputation Protocol for the Malicious Adversarial Model 49. Resisting Web Proxy-Based HTTP Attacks by Temporal and Spatial Locality Behavior 50. Accuracy-constrained Privacy-preserving Access Control Mechanism for Relational Data 51. Sybil Defender: A Defense Mechanism for Sybil Attacks in Large Social Networks 52. Security Analysis of a Single Sign-On Mechanism for Distributed Computer Networks 53. Craigslist Scams and Community Composition: Investigating Online Fraud Victimization NETWORKING 54. On the Selection of Management/Monitoring Nodes in Highly Dynamic Networks 55. Fast Transmission to Remote Cooperative Groups: A New Key Management Paradigm 56. A Probabilistic Misbehavior Detection Scheme towards Efficient Trust Establishment in Delay-tolerant Networks 57. Buffer Management for Aggregated Streaming Data with Packet Dependencies 58. Scaling up publish/subscribe overlays using interest correlation for link sharing 59. Behavioral Malware Detection in Delay Tolerant Networks 60. SOS: A Distributed Mobile Q&A System Based on Social Networks 61. Self Adaptive Contention Aware Routing Protocol for Intermittently Connected Mobile Networks 62. Improving Security and Efficiency in Attribute-Based Data Sharing No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile – 9500139248, 9092363289 Email: website:
  4. 4. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 63. Efficient Two-Server Password-Only Authenticated Key Exchange SOFTWARE ENGINEERING 64. Ranking and Clustering Software Cost Estimation Models through a Multiple Comparisons Algorithm 65. Resource Management for Complex, Dynamic Environments 66. Ant Colony Optimization for Software Project Scheduling and Staffing with an EventBased Scheduler JAVA PROJECT TITLES 2013-2014 CLOUD COMPUTING 1. Privacy Preserving Back-Propagation Neural Network Learning Made Practical With Cloud Computing 2. Scalable and Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing Using Attribute-Based Encryption 3. Towards Differential Query Services in Cost-Efficient Clouds 4. A Highly Practical Approach toward Achieving Minimum Data Sets Storage Cost in the Cloud 5. Modeling of Distributed File Systems for Practical Performance Analysis 6. Dynamic Optimization Of Multi Attribute Resource Allocation In Self Organization Clouds 7. A Cloud-based Approach for Interoperable EHRs 8. Workload Based Software Rejuvenation In Cloud Systems 9. Privacy Preserving Delegated Access Control in Public Clouds 10. Hint-Based Execution of Workloads in Cloud Nefeli 11. A Load Balancing Model Based on Cloud Partitioning for the Public Cloud DATA MINING 12. A Methodology for Direct and Indirect Discrimination Prevention in Data Mining 13. FoCUS: Learning to Crawl Web Forums 14. Incentive Compatible privacy preserving Data Analysis No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile – 9500139248, 9092363289 Email: website:
  5. 5. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 15. Pay-As-You-Go Entity Resolution 16. Discovering Temporal Change Patterns in the Presence of Taxonomies 17. Clustering Uncertain Data Based on Probability Distribution Similarity 18. AML: Efficient Approximate Membership Localization within a Web-Based Join Framework 19. Reinforced Similarity Integration in Image-Rich Information Networks 20. Ranking on Data Manifold with Sink Points 21. Discovering The Top-K Unexplained Sequences In Time Stamped Observation Data 22. Infusing Social Network With Cultures 23. Annotating Search Results from Web Databases 24. Semi-supervised clustering with multi-view point based similarity measure 25. A Fast Clustering-Based Feature Subset Selection Algorithm for High Dimensional Data 26. Ranking on Data Manifold with Sink Points IMAGE PROCESSING 27. Automatic Segmentation Of Scaling In 2-D Psoriasis Skin Images 28. Tag Completion for Image Retrieval 29. Context Dependent Logo Matching And Recognition 30. A variational approach to JPEG anti-forensics MOBILE COMPUTING 31. Toward Privacy Preserving And Collusion Resistance In A Location Proof Updating System 32. On Exploiting Transient Social Contact Patterns for Data Forwarding in DelayTolerant Networks 33. Enabling Trustworthy Service Evaluation in Service-oriented Mobile Social Networks 34. Lightweight Sybil Attack Detection in MANETs MULTIMEDIA No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile – 9500139248, 9092363289 Email: website:
  6. 6. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 35. Beyond Text QA: Multimedia Answer Generation by Harvesting Web Information 36. Joint Social and Content Recommendation for User-Generated Videos in Online Social Network 37. Learning to Photograph: A Compositional Perspective 38. Attribute-Based Access to Scalable Media in Cloud-Assisted Content Sharing Networks NETWORK SECURITY 39. Discovery and Resolution of Anomalies in Web Access Control Policies 40. DNS for Massive-Scale Command and Control 41. Secure Two-Party Differentially Private Data Release for Vertically-Partitioned Data 42. Security and Privacy Enhancing Multi Cloud Architectures 43. SHARE: Secure information sHaring framework 44. Sort: A Self -Organizing Trust Model For Peer-Peer Systems 45. Cross Domain Privacy Preserving Cooperative Firewall Optimization 46. Heap Graph Based Software Theft Detection 47. Speculative Authorization 48. Efficient Rekeying Framework for Secure Multicast with Diverse-SubscriptionPeriod Mobile Users 49. Enforcing Secure and Privacy-Preserving Information Brokering in Distributed Information Sharing NETWORKING 50. Delay Tolerant Bulk Data Transfer On The Internet 51. Social Tube: P2p Assisted Video Sharing In Online Social Network 52. Range Based Skyline Queries In Mobile Environment 53. Attribute Aware Data Aggregation Using Potential Based Dynamic Routing In Wireless Sensor Network 54. A Symmetric Load Balancing Algorithm With Performance Guarantees For DHT 55. Using Fuzzy Logic Control To Provide Intelligent Traffic Management Service For High Speed Networks No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile – 9500139248, 9092363289 Email: website:
  7. 7. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 56. Optimal Client-Server Assignment For Internet Distributed System 57. A Survey Of Defense Mechanisms Against Denial Of Service (DDOS) Flooding Attacks 58. Refining Reputation To Truly Select High-Qos Servers In Peer-Peer Networks 59. A Distributed Control Law For Load Balancing In Content Delivery Networks 60. FTH-B&B a Fault Tolerant Hierarchical Branch and Bound For Large Scale Unreliable Environments SOFTWARE ENGINEERING 61. Elaborating Requirements Using Model Checking and Inductive Learning 62. Defeating Sql Injection 63. Session Reliability of Web Systems under Heavy-tailed Workloads: An Approach based on Design and Analysis of Experiments 64. Systematic Elaboration of scalability Requirements through Goal-Obstacle Analysis EMBEDDED TITLES 2013-2014 1. ARM Hardware Platform for Vehicular Monitoring and Tracking 2. RFID and GSM based intelligent letter box system 3. A System for Automatic Notification and Severity Estimation of Automotive Accidents 4. MCEP based intelligent vehicle with multitask management 5. Child Activity Recognition Based on Cooperative Fusion Model of a Tri axial Accelerometer and a Barometric Pressure Sensor 6. A Pervasive Health System Integrating Patient Monitoring, Status Logging, and Social Sharing 7. Environment Feature Extraction and Classification for Context Aware Physical Activity Monitoring 8. Automatic Waist Airbag Drowning Prevention System Based on Underwater Timelapse and Motion Information Measured by Smartphone's Pressure Sensor and Accelerometer 9. Automated Control System for Air Pollution Detection in Vehicles No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile – 9500139248, 9092363289 Email: website:
  8. 8. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 10. Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System using Wireless Communication 11. On-board Processing of Acceleration Data for Real-time Activity Classification 12. A Smart Prepaid Energy Metering System to Control Electricity Theft 13. Automatic ambulance rescue system 14. Monitoring of Cigarette Smoking Using Wearable Sensors and Support Vector Machine 15. Smartphone Enabled Dangerous Driving Report System 16. Gender and age-related differences in the perception of in- vehicle mobile phone usage among Portuguese drivers 17. Prototype of a fingerprint based licensing system for driving 18. A New Type of Automatic Alarming Device to Rescue Accident Injured in Time 19. Detecting and warning system for fireworks warehouse based on wireless sensor networks 20. VehNode: Wireless Sensor Network platform for automobile pollution control 21. Remote health monitoring using online social media systems 22. Solar Powered Water Quality Monitoring system using wireless Sensor Network 23. Context-Adaptive Multimodal Wireless Sensor Network for Energy-Efficient Gas Monitoring 24. Towards A System for Body-Area Sensing and Detection of Alcohol Craving and Mood Deregulation 25. Water Environment Monitoring System Based on ZIGBEE Technology 26. Border Surveillance using sensor based thick-lines 27. Electronic Speaking Glove for Speechless Patients a Regional Tongue to a Dumb 28. GSM Based Automatic Energy Meter Reading System with Instant Billing 29. ZIGBEE and atmega32 Based Wireless Digital Control and Monitoring System for LED Lighting 30. Wireless Sensor Network for Real-Time Air Pollution Monitoring 31. The Virtual Guide for Assisted Tours Using Context Aware System 32. Control System and Mechanism Design of the Self-propelled Electrostatic Sprayer No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile – 9500139248, 9092363289 Email: website:
  9. 9. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 33. Real Life Applicable Fall Detection System Based on Wireless Body Area Network 34. Autonomous Navigation of a Small Boat Using IMU/GPS/Digital Compass Integration 35. An Intelligent Particle Swarm Optimization for Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting Using on-Road Sensor Systems 36. Wearable Wireless Vital Monitoring Technology for Smart Health Care 37. Wheelchair Control System by Using Electrooculogram Signal Processing 38. Self-Recognition of Vehicle Position Using UHF Passive RFID Tags 39. RFID-based Tracking System Preventing Trees Extinction and Deforestation 40. Environment monitoring and device control using ARM based Embedded Controlled Sensor Network 41. Ergonomics research of coal separating plant in coal mine 42. ZIGBEE Based Pothole Detection System for Vehicular Safety 43. Embedded Flexible Force Sensor for In-Situ Tire–Road Interaction Measurements 44. Efficient Traffic State Estimation for Large-Scale Urban Road Networks 45. Design and Development of ‘Smart Basket’ System for Resource Optimization 46. Wireless black box using MEMS accelerometer and GPS tracking for accidental monitoring of vehicles 47. The Design and Implementation of a Wireless Healthcare Application for WSNenabled IMS Environments 48. Increasing Students’ Interest With Low-Cost cell bots 49. Monitoring of bedridden patients: Development of a fall detection tool 50. Automated retail store based on RFID 51. Biomedical Sensor Network for Cardiovascular Fitness and Activity Monitoring 52. Towards a New Modality-Independent Interface for a Robotic Wheelchair 53. Classifier for Drinking Water Quality in Real Time 54. Capacitive seat sensors for multiple occupancy detection using a low-cost setup 55. Experimental Study and Design of Smart Energy Meter for the Smart Grid 56. Signage system for the navigation of autonomous robots in indoor environments 57. Modeling Arousal Phases in Daily Living Using Wearable Sensors No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile – 9500139248, 9092363289 Email: website:
  10. 10. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 58. Design of a Secured E-voting System 59. Bank locker security system based on RFID and GSM technology 60. Intellectual climate system for monitoring Industrial environment 61. Electromyography-Based Locomotion Pattern Recognition and Personal Positioning Toward Improved Context-Awareness Applications 62. Design of Fireworks Lighting off Systems Based on USB Communication 63. Dealing with Childhood Obesity: Passive versus Active Activity Monitoring Approaches for Engaging Individuals in Exercise 64. Context Aware Driver Behavior Detection System in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) 65. Human health monitoring mobile phone application by using the wireless nano sensor based embedded system 66. Energy management in an automated solar powered irrigation system 67. Activity Recognition Using Smartphone Sensors 68. Designing Attention and Identity for Search-and-Rescue Robot 69. Traffic Cam: Sharing Traffic Information based on 70. Dynamic ipv6 Multicast Group Assignment using Smartphone Sensors 71. Way-finding Electronic Bracelet for Visually Impaired People 72. Using Android Platform to detect Free Fall 73. Hajj crowd management and navigation system: people tracking and location based services via integrated mobile and RFID systems 74. A Novel Surgical Manipulator with Workspace-Conversion Ability for Telesurgery 75. Integrated Multifunctional Environmental Sensors 76. Towards the Smart Sensors Based Human Emotion Recognition 77. Multi-Modal Interface for Communication Operated by Eye Blinks, Eye Movements, Head Movements, Blowing/Sucking and Brain Waves 78. Developments of the In-Home Display Systems for Residential Energy Monitoring 79. Energy-Efficient and Data Synchronized Body Sensor Network for Physical Activity Measurement No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile – 9500139248, 9092363289 Email: website:
  11. 11. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 80. Microcontroller-Based Robotics and SCADA Experiments 81. A Wireless Electrocardiogram Detection for Personal Health Monitoring 82. Wearable Human Activity Recognition by Electrocardiograph and Accelerometer 83. Communication and Load Balancing Using SCADA Model Based Integrated Substation 84. Online Monitoring of Geological CO2 Storage and Leakage Based on Wireless Sensor Networks 85. RFID Based Embedded System for Vehicle Tracking and Prevention of Road Accidents 86. Unsupervised posture detection by smart phone accelerometer 87. Design of Intelligent Suitcase Based on Single Chip 88. Management of Mechanical Vibration and Temperature in Small Wind Turbines Using Zigbee wireless network 89. Multi sensor Data Fusion for Physical Activity Assessment 90. GSM based Condition Reporting System for Power Station Equipments 91. Design and Development of Digital PID Controller for DC Motor Drive System Using Embedded Platform for Mobile Robot (agriculture) 92. A Zigbee Sms Alert System with Trust Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Networks 93. Mobile Biometrics: Feature: Security and Privacy combined Face and voice verification for a Mobile Platform 94. Prototypes of Opportunistic Wireless Sensor Networks Supporting Indoor Air Quality Monitoring 95. Research on Forecast Method of Coal Mine Emergencies Based on Rough setsNeural Network and Case-based Reasoning 96. Eye Control System Base on Ameliorated Hough Transform Algorithm 97. The design of the steering wheel with anti-fatigue driving for vehicles based on pattern recognition 98. A Dual-Mode Human Computer Interface Combining Speech and Tongue Motion for People with Severe Disabilities 99. Multi-sensor railway track geometry surveying system No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile – 9500139248, 9092363289 Email: website:
  12. 12. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 100. Motor and Bioelectric Evaluation of Human Movements through Inertial and Myoelectric Sensors 101. Automatic temperature and humidity control system using air-conditioning in transformer substation 102. RFID-based Location System for Forest Search and Rescue Missions 103. Development of wireless sensor network for monitoring global warming 104. RFID Based E-monitoring System for Municipal Solid Waste Management 105. Robot Navigation System with RFID and Sensors 106. Robust Railway Crack Detection Scheme (RRCDS) Using LED-LDR Assembly 107. Access to an Automated Security System using Gesture-based Passwords 108. Design and Implementation of Low Cost Intelligent Wheelchair 109. SMS Based Wireless E-Notice Board 110. Automobile Fuel Pump Control System Using Embedded System ELECTRICAL PROJECT TITLE -2013-2014 POWER CONVERTERS 1. Resonance propagation of parallel-operated dc-ac converters with LCL filters Charging applications 2. Peak current mode bi frequency control technique for switching dc–dc converters in DCM with fast transient response and low emi 3. Single-switch soft-switched isolated dc–dc converter 4. Single-phase to three-phase power converters: state of the art 5. Reducing storage capacitor of a DCM boost PFC converter 6. Scheme for combined multiport dc/dc converters 7. On the limit of the output capacitor reduction in power-factor correctors by distorting the line input current 8. Analysis and design of an ac-dc single-stage buck-boost full-bridge converter 9. Practical design considerations for a LLC multi-resonant dc-dc converter in battery 10. On the limit of the output capacitor reduction in power-factor correctors by distorting the line input current No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile – 9500139248, 9092363289 Email: website:
  13. 13. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 11. Very high power bidirectional dc-dc converter for aerospace applications 12. Non isolated zv-zcs resonant pwm dc–dc converter for high step-up and high-power Applications 13. Ac/dc converter free led driver for lightings 14. Bidirectional dual active bridge series resonant converter with pulse modulation 15. A comparative study of a new ZCS dc–dc full-bridge boost converter with a ZVS activeclamp converter 16. High-frequency resonant SEPIC converter with wide input and output voltage ranges 17. Analysis of pwm frequency control to improve the lifetime of pwm inverter 18. A low cost fly back CCM inverter for ac module application 19. A novel quasi-resonant three-phase soft-switching inverter 20. Extended range ZVS active-clamped current- fed full-bridge isolated dc/dc converter for fuel cell applications: analysis, design and experimental results 21. Generalized design of high performance shunt active power filter with output lcl filter 22. Direct single-stage power converter with power factor improvement for switched mode power supply 23. Hybrid multilevel inverter using is pwm technique for fuel cell applications 24. A three-phase three-level voltage source inverter with a three-phase two-level inverter as a main circuit 25. A multi-output high frequency cyclo inverter operation for induction-heating cooking appliances - harmonic study 26. Analysis, design and control of zero-voltage switching quasi-resonant-positive output super Lift Lou converter 27. A novel control scheme of synchronous buck converter for ZVS in light-load condition 28. Multilevel inverter for grid-connected PV system employing digital pi controller 29. Bridgeless high-power-factor buck converter 30. Digital simulation of an interline dynamic voltage 31. Isolated two-transistor zeta converter with reduced transistor voltage stress 32. Dc–ac cascaded h-bridge multilevel boost inverter with no inductors for electric/hybrid electric vehicle applications No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile – 9500139248, 9092363289 Email: website:
  14. 14. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 33. Analysis and implementation of a fixed-frequency LCLC resonant converter with c capacitive output filter 34. A dual full bridge resonant class-e bidirectional dc-dc converter 35. Isolated Two-Transistor Zeta Converter with Reduced Transistor Voltage Stress 36. Resonance-assisted buck converter for offline driving of power led replacement lamps 37. Control of TI-SEPIC converter for optimal utilization of pv power 38. A novel capacitor-switched regenerative snubber for dc/dc boost converters 39. A low-power asynchronous step-down dc-dc converter for implantable devices 40. A Comparative Study of a New ZCS DC–DC Full-Bridge Boost Converter with a ZVS Active-Clamp Converter 41. A Single-Phase Z-Source Buck–Boost Matrix Converter 42. Average Inductor Current Sensor for Digitally Controlled Switched-Mode Power Supplies 43. Design and Development of Very High Frequency Resonant DC–DC Boost converters 44. Dynamic Response Analysis of DC–DC Converter with Super capacitor for Direct Borohydride Fuel Cell Power Conditioning System 45. High-Frequency Resonant SEPIC Converter with Wide Input and Output Voltage Ranges 46. High-Power Bidirectional DC–DC Converter for Aerospace Applications 47. Interleaved Buck Converter Having Low Switching Losses and Improved Step-Down Conversion Ratio 48. Reducing Storage Capacitor of a DCM Boost PFC Converter 49. Sensor less Current Estimation and Sharing in multiphase Buck Converters 50. Single-Stage, Universal-Input AC/DC LED Driver with Current-Controlled Variable PFC Boost Inductor 51. A Design Procedure for Optimizing the LLC Resonant Converter as a Wide Output Range Voltage Source 52. A High-Dimming-Ratio LED Driver for LCD Backlights 53. A ZVS Interleaved Boost AC/DC Converter Used in Plug-in Electric Vehicles 54. Analysis on Center-Tap Rectifier Voltage Oscillation of LLC Resonant Converter 55. Efficiency Optimization in Digitally Controlled Fly back DC–DC Converters over Wide No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile – 9500139248, 9092363289 Email: website:
  15. 15. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 56. Distortion Behavior Analysis of General Pulse-Width Modulated Zeta PFC Converter Operating in Continuous Conduction Mode 57. Harmonic Distortion Optimization of Cascaded H-Bridge Inverters Considering Device Voltage Drops and Non-Integer DC Voltage Ratios 58. Leakage Current Reduction in a Single-Phase Bidirectional AC–DC Full-Bridge Inverter 59. Single-Phase Dual-Output Inverters with Three-Switch Legs 60. Tapped-Inductor Buck HB-LED AC–DC Driver Operating in Boundary Conduction Mode for Replacing Incandescent Bulb Lamps 61. A Five-Level Inverter Topology with Single-DC Supply by Cascading a Flying Capacitor Inverter and an H-Bridge 62. A new Hybrid Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel inverter - Performance analysis 63. A ZVS Interleaved Boost AC-DC Converter Used in Plug-in Electric Vehicles 64. A Voltage-Balancing Controller in Single-Phase Cascaded Multilevel Converters with Coupling Effect Reduction 65. Single-Switch High Boost-up Converters by using Transformer Voltage Multiplier Cell 66. High Step-Up Non isolated ZVZCS Resonant PWM DC–DC Converter for and HighPower Applications 67. Dynamic response improvement in H-bridge enhanced buck converter 68. Cascade dual-buck full-bridge inverter with hybrid PWM technique 69. Z-source three-phase four-switch inverter with DC link split capacitor and comprehensive investigation of z-source three-phase four-switch inverters 70. Three-Phase Dual-Buck Inverter With Unified Pulse width Modulation 71. An customized PWM Method for DC-DC converter Based Modular Multilevel Converters 72. A New Modulation Method for the exemplary Multilevel Converter by using Fundamental Switching Frequency 73. A cascaded Five-Level Inverter Topology with Single-DC Supply by a Flying Capacitor Inverter and an H- Bridge POWER DRIVES CONTROL No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile – 9500139248, 9092363289 Email: website:
  16. 16. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 74. Speed Control Of Induction Motor Using Fuzzy-Pi Controller 75. Reduction Of Emi In Ac Drives Through Dithering Within Limited Switching Frequency Range 76. Soft Computing Technique For Double Boost Converter Fed Pmdc Drive 77. A Simple Position Sensor Less Control Strategy For Four-Switch Three-Phase Brushless Dc Motor Drives 78. Input Admittance Expressions For Field-Oriented Controlled Salient Pmsm Drives 79. A Simple Startup Strategy Based On Current Regulation For Back-Emf-Based Sensor Less Control Of Pmsm 80. Analysis And Mitigation Of Torsional Vibration Of Pm Brushless Ac/Dc Drives With Direct Torque Controller 81. Low-Cost Direct Torque Control Algorithm For Induction Motor Without Ac Phase Current Sensors 82. Simulation Of Svpwm Based Foc Of Csi Fed Induction Motor Drive 83. Improvement Of Startup Torque Of Three Phase Induction Motor Operating With Single Phase Supply 84. Loss-Minimizing Flux Level Control Of Induction Motor Drives 85. Sensor Less Variable Speed Single-Phase Induction Motor Drive System 86. Speed Control Of Induction Motor Drive Using Universal Controller 87. A Simple And Low-Cost Method For Three-Phase Induction Motor Control In HighSpeed Applications 88. Z Converter Control Of A V/F Induction Motor Drive 89. Three-Level Inverter Fed Induction Motor 90. A New Approach For Efficiency Optimizing Of Single-Phase Induction Motors 91. A Five-Level Diode-Clamped Pwm Inverter With A Dc-Voltage-Balancing Circuit For A Motor Drive 92. Dynamic Response Analysis Of Dc–Dc Converter Using Super Capacitor 93. Seamless Boost Converter Control Under The Critical Condition For A Dc Power Conditioning System 94. Interleaved Buck Converter With Low Switching Losses And Improved Step-Down No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile – 9500139248, 9092363289 Email: website:
  17. 17. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 95. Conversion Ratio 96. High Efficiency Ac–Ac Power Electronic Converter For Domestic Induction Heating Applications 97. No-Load Power Reduction Technique For Ac/Dc Adapters 98. Pi And Sliding Mode Control Of A Cuk Converter 99. Fuzzy Sliding Mode Speed Controller For Pm Synchronous Motors With A Load Torque Observer 100. Dc Bus Voltage Clamp Method To Prevent Over-Voltage Failures In Adjustable Speed Drives RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCE 101. Enhanced Decoupled Double Synchronous Reference Frame Current Controller for Unbalanced Grid-Voltage Conditions A Stationary Reference Frame Grid Synchronization System for Three-Phase Grid-Connected Power Converters Under Adverse Grid Conditions 102. DC Offset Error Compensation for Synchronous Reference Frame PLL in Single- Phase 103. Grid-Connected Converters Robust Predictive Current Controller Based on a Disturbance Estimator in a Three-Phase Grid-Connected Inverter 104. Battery Energy Storage for Enabling Integration of Distributed Solar Power Generation 105. High efficiency switched capacitor buck-boost converter for pv application 106. modified grid-connected current source inverter for multi-string pv system 107. digital simulation of single and interleaved soft switching boost converter for pv 108. interleaved soft-switching boost converter for photovoltaic power-generation system 109. single-phase seven-level grid-connected inverter for photovoltaic system 110. multilevel inverter for grid-connected pv system employing digital pi controller 111. an integrated four-port dc/dc converter for renewable energy applications No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile – 9500139248, 9092363289 Email: website:
  18. 18. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 112. A Five-Level Single-Phase Grid-Connected Converter for Renewable Distributed Systems 113. An Adaptive Control System for Three-Phase Photovoltaic Inverters Working in a 114. Polluted and Variable Frequency Electric Grid control Scheme for Photovoltaic Three-Phase inverters to Minimize Peak Currents During Unbalanced Grid-Voltage Sags 115. Full Feed forward of Grid Voltage for Discrete State Feedback Controlled Grid- Connected Inverter With LCL Filter 116. Design and performance analysis of water pumping using solar PV 117. Smart grid adds value to solar photovoltaic’s 118. Smart Solar Home System with Safety Device Low Voltage Alert 119. Single-stage boost inverter reliability in solar photovoltaic applications 120. A comprehensive assessment tool for solar PV impacts on low voltage three phase distribution networks 121. Increasing the efficiency of steam power plant with the help of solar energy 122. Modeling of DC-DC converter for solar energy system applications 123. Wide input range hybrid DC-DC conversion system for solar energy harvesting 124. Solar photovoltaic power conversion using modular multilevel converter 125. A monitoring system for the use of solar energy in electric and hybrid electric vehicles 126. A High Efficiency Solar Array Simulator Implemented by an LLC Resonant DC- DC Converter 127. Solar integrated current-fed quasi-Z-source inverter with power buck-boost 128. Power-electronic grid supply of AC railway systems 129. Modular single-phase trans-Z-source inverter for multi-input renewable energy system 130. Single-stage boost inverter reliability in solar photovoltaic applications 131. Single-Phase Grid-Connected DC Offset Error Compensation using Synchronous Reference Frame PLL 132. A ZVS Grid-Connected Three-Phase Inverter No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile – 9500139248, 9092363289 Email: website:
  19. 19. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 133. Design and Tuning of a Modified Power-Based PLL for Single-Phase Grid- Connected Power Conditioning Systems POWER SYSTEMS 134. Single Phase Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC): Simulation And Construction 135. Voltage Sag/Swell Compensation In An Interline Dynamic Voltage Restorer 136. Control And Testing Of A Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) At Medium Voltage Level 137. Emergency Control In Distribution Systems 138. Power Flow Assessment In Transmission Lines Using Simulink Model With UPFC 139. Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) With Voltage Dips And Over- Voltages Compensation Capability 140. Modeling And Digital Simulation Of The UPFC Using IDVR 141. A New Approach To Multifunctional Dynamic Voltage Restorer Implementation For 142. A Novel DC Capacitor Voltage Balance Control Method For Cascade Multilevel STATCOM 143. Probabilistic Worth Assessment Of Distributed Static Series Compensators No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile – 9500139248, 9092363289 Email: website: