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Project 1 Pensacola


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A multi-cultural, multi-community social media based effort to unite consumers of all areas of Pensacola, Perdido Key, Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Beach in support of area businesses to counter act effects of the economic downturn resulting from oil incident.

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Project 1 Pensacola

  1. 1. • cross-community • multi-cultural • social media based campaign Purpose: To unite the consumers & businesses of Pensacola, Perdido Key, Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Beach regions utilizing social media channels.
  2. 2. Goals: create community solidarity boost the local economy create “buzz” and word-of-mouth increase participant’s social media traffic
  3. 3. Cost to participate? FREE
  4. 4. 5 PHASES OF PROJECT Share the love I ♥ ________ Facebook Targeted ads Event focused RSS feed Tourism iPad contest
  5. 5. Share the love Launched: July 7, 2010 • Reciprocal “likes” and favorite page listings • shared content and information across pages • network managers of social media channels • daily “spotlights” on Visit Pensacola Facebook page • Follow Friday listings of twitter accounts Enter participant information at:
  6. 6. I ♥ _________ Tentative launch date: July 21, 2010 I ♥ Pensacola / I ♥ Perdido Key / I ♥ Pensacola Beach • Fan pages for each community already reserved • coordinated launch at Visit Pensacola Facebook • unique, area specific content for each page
  7. 7. Geo-targeted Facebook ads Tentative launch date: July 27, 2010 • 3 week campaign - highly measureable • hyper-targeted by demographics and market • messaging mirroring current oil response • increased traffic, awareness and halo effect
  8. 8. Events RSS feed Tentative launch date: August 2, 2010 • event schedule aggregator - “enter once / publish to many” • RSS feed directed to all websites and facebook pages • feeds to specific events tab on visitor-centric facebook pages
  9. 9. Tourism iPad Giveaway Tentative launch date: August 16, 2010 Facebook contest to win an iPad - open to all “fans”
  10. 10. Tourism iPad Giveaway Tentative launch date: August 16, 2010 • preloaded with e-book versions of each visitor guide • member / partner e-brochures • custom web browser bookmarks • custom photo galleries of each area / community • preloaded promotional videos
  11. 11. For more information contact: Mike Craney 850-438-4015