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Seattle Propeller Club


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Seattle Propeller Club

  1. 1. Lynne Watanabe Digital Media | MarComm Volunteer
  2. 2. Why Digital Marketing | Communications?
  3. 3. Who uses the Internet?
  4. 4. My “Relevant” Background • Director of Marketing, Krill Systems, Inc. (Vessel & fleet monitoring/fuel reports & real-time, preventative analytics) • University of Washington graduate student, Masters of Communication, Digital Media • Company websites | Blogs |Video • Content creator | Distribution cross platforms • Current project: EPA social media campaign on addressing Climate Change questions.
  5. 5. As written in our bylaws, the purpose of the Propeller Club, Port of Seattle Chapter, is: • To promote maritime commerce in the Puget Sound region. • To support existing maritime businesses and related services including the American Merchant Marine and the Port of Seattle. • To encourage the development of new maritime ventures. • To foster understanding and cooperation in the public and private sectors with regard to maritime issues. • To support the objectives and programs of the Propeller Club of the United States.
  6. 6. To promote maritime commerce & members in the Puget Sound region • LinkedIn (promotion of members/increases value of club/extension of maritime community) • Twitter (promotion of members’ companies/extension to greater community) • Blog (fresh content increases SEO/ranking/easier vs. website) • Facebook (awareness/promotion of club) • All platforms will point to the website
  7. 7. • •LinkedIn has 60+ million professionals worldwide, including all Fortune 500 companies. •The global average time spent per person on social networking sites is now nearly five and half hours per month •The active US-Based social network audience grew roughly 29% from 115 million in February 2009 to 149 million in February 2010. Why LinkedIn?
  8. 8. Screenshot of LinkedIn Propeller Club Seattle • Seattle Propeller Club Profile URL
  9. 9. • Twitter 101 for Business Practices Twitter Seattle Propeller Club Twitter profile:!/SeattlePropClub
  10. 10. Next deliverable: Propeller Club Blog: • Upcoming luncheons / Speaker topics / Menu • Spotlight on Board Members/ Executives • Published Press Releases on Events (help press) • Stream live events?
  11. 11. Sources: LinkedIn: Twitter Tutorials: Twitter in Plain English: Twitter 101 for Business: Questions? Contact me Lynne Watanabe Krill Systems, Inc. Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 email: LinkedIn: Twitter:!/KrillSystems!/lynnewatanabe