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  1. 1. International Conference on GANDHIAN VALUES: SUSTAINABILITY & CORPORATE GOVERNANCE (GV:SCG-2011) 7-9, October 2011Institute of Business Management and Technology, Bangalore. INDIA
  2. 2. Corporate governance broadly refers to the rules, processes, or laws by whichbusinesses are operated, regulated, and controlled. It is believed that well-defined andenforced corporate governance provides a structure that, at least in theory, works forthe benefit of everyone concerned by ensuring that the enterprise adheres to acceptedethical standards and best practices as well as to formal laws.In recent years, corporate governance has received increased attention because of high-profile scandals involving abuse of corporate power and, in some cases, alleged criminalactivity by corporate officers. An integral part of an effective corporate governanceregime includes provisions for civil or criminal prosecution of individuals who conductunethical or illegal acts in the name of the enterprise.While most corporate have set of rules and procedures in place yet these have notdeterred the individuals from indulging in acts that go far beyond the framework ofrules, and ethical values. It is in this context that the human values become relevant.The moral values which Gandhi practically illustrated in his daily life are persistentlyadvanced as profound and credible answers to the ever-intensifying crisis that confrontsthe corporate activity. The Gandhian vision is a means to rejuvenate the entire nationand all other sectors of activity. Therefore now, much neglected Gandhian economicthought and praxis demand an exhaustive re-examination in the context of corporategovernance.
  3. 3. INSTITUTEInstitute of Business Management and Technology (IBMT, Bangalore, INDIA) has beenadvocating and doing some research into sustainability and its factors for the last fewyears. We have been presenting papers and attending conferences throughout theworld propagating our concept of Indian globalization and our theory of sustainability tothe world.The Institute of Business Management and Technology is an innovation-mediated newage institution focused on making a difference to management education in a holisticmanner.Therefore, IBMT believes, that in order to grasp the intricacies of new businesses in thedigital economy, the future managers must develop capabilities to integrate multipleskills, evolving knowledge systems and emergent technologies. It also believes that thelegacy left behind by our ansectors in terms ot their profound thoughts cannot beignored and need to be looked into with a new perspective.The mission of the Institute is to nurture creative contributors with enhancedmanagerial and technical skills to contribute to the creation, application and extensionof knowledge for the benefit of the society.IBMT is into its 12th year of inception and is rated consistently as A++ since 2009. It israted as the top 50 in India and among the top 8 in southIndia according to the surveyconducted by various agencies.
  4. 4. CONFERENCESustainability and Corporate Governance are perhaps two of the most important factorsthat affect the life of mankind at some point of time in their lives. Corporate governancemay not dictate the economic prospects of developing countries, it certainly plays anintegral role in shaping them. Sustainable development ties together concern for thecarrying capacity of natural systems with the social challenges facing humanity. TheInternational Conference on Gandhian Values: Sustainability and Corporate Governanceaims to bring together academia, practicing managers, industry researchers and scholarstudents to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspectsof social relevance more so on the Gandhian values as propogated by him and whichseem to be more relevant for the present society.CALL FOR PAPERS AND CASE STUDIESThis International conference is the right opportunity for presenting Research papers,conceptual papers and case studies relevant to the theme of the conference. Gandhianexperts, researchers working on sustainability or corporate governance, academicians,practicing managers and student scholars are here invited to take this wonderfulopportunity to present their thoughts. The aim of this conference is to provide aplatform to present and discuss the various aspects related to Sustainability andCorporate governance, the relevance of the Gandhian values in the present scenarioand to provide a meaningful structure by coming out with a publication of all theselected papers in the form of a book. It is our endeavour to make the world realize thetrue importance of the Gandhian Values at the present juncture and to show howtranscendental were his thoughts.
  5. 5. POTENTIAL AREAS:The following is only a partial list of topics and not an exhaustive one. The authors canhowever, choose any topic of their choice which is relevant to the theme of theconference.Sustainability:a) Economics of Sustainabilityb) Eco-Innovation and Eco-Developmentc) Environmental Compensationd) Environmental Resistancee) Sustainability Modellingf) Sustainable practices by countryg) Sustainable Environmental Assessmenth) Sustainability Appraisali) Sustainable simple livingj) Philosophy of SustainabilityCorporate Governance:a) Research papers or practical methodologies for application in corporate scenario.b) Investment and Corporate Accountabilityc) Corporate Governance Quotientd) Corporate Governance Practices and Policiese) Information needs of Institutional investorsf) Corporate Governance guidelinesg) Weaknesses of Corporate Governanceh) Corporate Governance and Social Responsibilityi) Need for education and training in Corporate Governancej) Case Studies in Corporate Governance
  6. 6. WORKSHOPSThere will be one workshop each on Sustainability and Corporate Governance which willbe delivered by knowledge experts in the relevant field. Participation to theseworkshops will only be through registration in advance.AWARDSThere will be two awards, one for the best paper presented on the theme ofSustainability and the other on the theme of Corporate Governance. The awardselection will be done by a team of experts and their decision in this regard will be final.The important consideration in selection would be the practical applicability of ideas incorporate environment. There will be a certificate of participation for all the paperspresented in the Conference.GUIDELINES FOR PAPER SUBMISSIONABSTRACT / PAPER SUBMISSIONAll the abstracts submitted will be reviewed and evaluated based on originality,technical or research depth, authenticity of the data used, relevance to the conferencetheme and readability.The authors should clearly mention their affiliation and email address. The work shouldbe original and should not have been published in any journal or proceedings. Membersfrom a panel of experts will review each abstract and its acceptance will be intimatedwithin a fortnight of its submission.After the acceptance of the abstract, the authors can then send in their full length paperalong with the requisite registration fee.Abstracts cannot exceed more than 300 words. Abstracts must clearly include thepurpose of research, methodology, major results, implications and key references. The
  7. 7. author(s) should clearly mention under what area of interest of the conference theabstract is to be included. They should adhere to the following:Length : Maximum 300 words excluding title / cover page and referencesMargins : 2.5 cm or 1 InchFont : Times New Roman, 12 PointSpacing : 1.5Title Page : Title, author(s), affiliation(s) and contact detailsKey Words : FourFull Paper SubmissionFull paper must include a clear indication of the purpose of the research, methodology,major findings, results, implications and key references. Authors should adhere to thefollowing:Length : Max upto 6000 words excluding title / cover page and referencesMargins : 2.5 cm or 1 InchFont : Times New Roman, 12 PointSpacing : 1.5Title Page : Title, author(s), affiliation(s) and contact detailsFor References and footnotes, the authors should follow the APA style.Soft copy in MS Word Format of the abstract and/or full paper need to be submittedbefore the dates mentioned to will be blind reviewed and the abstracts approved by the reviewers will onlybe selected for full paper review. Authors will be notified of acceptance of the abstractsand only then can they proceed to submit the paper within the timeframe allotted.Acceptance of full paper implies that that atleast one of the authors will attend the
  8. 8. conference and present the paper. In case, a paper is submitted for presentation inabsentia, the designated registration fee should have been fully paid well in advance.Registration fee is Non-refundable. However, change in nomination will be permitted onrequest before September 6th 2011.DATES TO REMEMBER:Submission of Abstract : August 15th 2011Notification of acceptance : Within a fortnight of receiving the abstract.Final Paper Submission and registration : September 20th 2011Conference Dates : 7th, 8th and 9th October 2011REGISTRATION FEETopic Presenters India ForeignGandhian Centres FREE FREECorporates Rs. 5000 USD 250Academicians Rs. 1000 USD 150Research Scholars & Students Rs. 500 USD 100Workshop India ForeignGandhian Centres FREE FREECorporates Rs. 10,000 USD 450Academicians Rs. 5000 USD 250Research Scholars & Students Rs. 1000 USD 150
  9. 9. The Registration fee for topic presenters and Workshop are separate and includes 1. Conference Kit / Workshop Kit 2. Welcome Dinner on 7th October 2011 3. Tea / Cofee on the Conference dates 4. Lunch on 8th and 9th October 2011Payment is to be made only in the form of Demand Draft in favour of “Foundation forAdvanced & Creative Education” payable at Bangalore. Foreign authors can get in touchwith Mr.Nagesh Babu at, for details regarding remittanceof the registration fee in USD.Accepted papers will be published in CD form. Selected papers will be published inspecial issue of the institute’s journal subject to further review process as per theguidelines of the journal. Some of the selected papers may also be published as part of abook being published by the Institute at a later stage.TIME FRAME ALLOTTED: a) 20 Minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion. b) Workshop : 3 hoursCONFERENCE COVERAGE:This International Conference will have a very wide publicity as it would haveindustrialists, corporates, academicians and research scholars attending from more than60 countries.IBMT also has an International Tie-up with more than 116 B-Schools throughout theworld and the details of the conference as well as the souvenier would be distributed toall these B-Schools around the world.Souvenier would have a circulation to all:
  10. 10.  Top 5000 Corporate Companies in India  Top 2500 IT companies in India  Major PSU’s, Banks and Insurance Companies in India  IIMs  IITs  NITs  All Universities in India  Major Universities Abroad  Vice-Chancellors & Registrars of all major Universities in India and Abroad  Management Institutes or B Schools &  Engineering Institutes in India  Medical, Pharmacy and Nursing Colleges in IndiaThis event will also have a wide range of publicity in all major National Papers and alsothrough our official Media Partners.ACCOMODATIONAccommodation is limited at IBMT campus but however can be arranged at goodbudget hotels near the venue.TRANSPORTATION FACILITYTaxis can be arranged based on individual request at least 1 month in advance. Airportpickup and drop facility by local taxis can also be arranged only on requests receivedwell in advance.
  11. 11. CONFERENCE COMMITTEEChairperson Dr. Anil Rawat, Director, IBMT, BangaloreConvener Prof. Arun Mudhol, Dean-Academics, IBMT, BangaloreCONTACT(GV:SCG-2011)ConvenerInstitute of Business Management and Technology# 298, 100 ft Ring Road, 4th Phase,7th Block, Banashankari – 3rd StageBANGALORE – 560 085KarnatakaINDIAContact Cell Number: +91-9972602007Contact Number: +91-80-26791740 Fax: +91-80-26790517Email: Website: