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Junior paper xoxo

  1. 1. Canales 1 Earning money just by coaching someone how to play a sport is a easy and fun way toearn money. It’s not that hard all you do is teach them the sport and how to be a better player.This job is also entertaining, it’s not something you will brake a bone doing. All you need toknow is what soccer is, what are the rules, and what you need to be successful. By knowingthose things you will be able to teach someone who doesnt know about soccer. Are you can alsomake someone a better soccer player if they already know how to play the sport. Becoming asoccer technician is one great career you will never regret of taking. Every win or every lost youhave with your team, you will learn from your mistakes. This will help you fix your errors thatyou make and it will help you improve your game. As a soccer coach you will be the mentor and leader for your team, well conductnumerous training session; deal with conflict from players in your team and from parents,referees and other coaches (Coach). A soccer technician is the same as a soccer coach. Hisobjective is to make that team a better one by showing them how to play and by also teachingthem characteristics that they need to know to be a successful athletics. This will make you looklike a great successful soccer coach. A soccer technician can go through hard times if his team isnot winning none of their games. Coach Ranato stated one of his obstacles he faces during agame, is that you have to see what your opponent strategy is, after you do that you will need tomake a better strategy to beat there strategy (Ranato). The most important thing is having“determination”, and you will be successful sooner or later. For example you might bedetermined to win a trophy this year but you might fail and you don’t win it this year, thatdoesn’t mean you’re not going to be determined next year just because you lost last time, it’s theopposite you’re going to be twice as determined and try your hardest to win. If you’re not
  2. 2. Canales 2determined you will quit on your team and the chances are that you will be a bad coach in thefuture. To be a successful soccer technician, these are some of the attributes that you willneed to have: patience, determination, humility, desire to learn more, and the ability to lead youteam (Attributes). The soccer team you inherited will get better by the time the more youcommunicate and the more time you spend time with them will help them and you comprehendeach other much better. Another attribute that is really important is knowledge. “If you have theknowledge but cannot translate that knowledge into action for you soccer players it is useless”(knowledge). Another great attribute is knowing you can’t teach you players the game of socceror make the required adjustments if you don’t know the game. That’s why it’s important to keeplearning more about the sport even if you’re great at it. “Mental preparation is a great factor atany age yet it is often overlooked. In dealing with the mind set of players and teams, coachesmust consider factors” (Mental Preparation). There are many more attributes that you can have to be a great soccer technician thosewhere just few of the attributes. Some tips for your team to become better athletics are, is playwith FIFA certified soccer balls (Tip). This will help you improve your accuracy on long passesand short passes. Make sure you constantly check for possible damages on the soccer ball, thiscan make your game a little more difficult (Tip). “Make sure you wash the soccer balls after eachtraining session” (Tip). It’s also important to control the pressure before the training session andbefore the match (Tip). Maintain the soccer balls in a dry 12-25 degrees Celsius, minimal solarradiation (Tip). When you buy soccer balls, look for the FIFA quality labels (Tip). Training with
  3. 3. Canales 3FIFA certified soccer balls improves performance during the match. These tips will help yourathletics during training and during a match. They will get use to the soccer balls, which willhelp them in long passes and short passes. If you follow all of the tips and you have all thecharacteristics that you need to be a successful soccer coach then you will definitely be a greatsoccer technician. Coaches are the leaders of their team, they can lead them to success or to failure. Thereare coaches that have failed and other coaches that have succeeded. A successful coach is PepGuardiola his the Barcelona head coach. The club lifted 13 trophies from the 16 competitionsthey entered, that’s a great success they won more than half of their competitions. It takes a lot tobe such a great a coach like Pep Guardiola. Another successful coach is Alex Ferguson his thehead coach of Manchester United. Manchester United is one of the most popular soccer clubsthere is around the world. An unsuccessful coach is Diego Maradona he was soccer playerbefore, he was one of the best soccer players there was in the past. But now his the coach of theInternational soccer team Argentina. He doesn’t really win that many games. He was much betteras a player then a coach. Soccer has been a big impact in society. Soccer is worldwide almost every country in theworld practice this sport. From Hispanic to Egyptian people play soccer, mostly every race in theworld play soccer. This sport unites people from all across the world. Soccer has influencedpeople a lot this sport is a great way to stay fit and to maintain a healthy body. Also soccer hasthe most audience, there are millions of fans that watch soccer on TV. Soccer has really
  4. 4. Canales 4improved and is still gaining popularity daily all over the world. Every four years the world cupis played. This is a championship game founded by Jules Rimet in 1930 (Creator). The cup wasdesigned and made by a French sculptor named Abel Lafleur. This cup is 30cm in height, and itweights 1,82kg made just pure of gold (Designer). When this championship game is playedabout half of the American population watch and support there national soccer team (Graph). The best way of getting a good view of this sport is by asking a real soccer coach. So Iinterviewed Coach Ranato Freitas. He told me his favorite part about coaching a soccer is seeinghow the players play in the game and also seeing what you thought them come together in agame. He also told me the reason he choose soccer coaching. Which was because he alwaysplayed soccer and he also had the opportunity to coach a soccer team, which he ended up like it.He told me some tips that are good for anybody who’s trying to coach a team for the first time.He said watch professional soccer games and unprofessional soccer games, this is a great way tofind mistakes on the teams. His favorite soccer team is Palmeiras a professional Brazilian soccerteam. In my point of view I think his right about watching professional soccer team play on TVthis helps you understand the game and it also teaches you a lot of things that can benefit you ifyour a soccer player or a soccer coach. Also if you do a comparison with a non professionalsoccer team and a professional soccer team you will be able to see a big difference among thetwo teams in fitness and also there strategies. You will also learn how to command your team andhow to positioned them on the field. Psychology relates to a players mentality and attitude. A players psychological profilewill include such considerations as confidence, self awareness, motivation, competitiveness,
  5. 5. Canales 5empowerment, and persistence (Psychology). Tactics should be understood as synonymous with“game decisions” or “decision making”. At the individual level, players must choose when,where and how to run, dribble, pass, tackle, and so on (Tactics).Technique refers to a playersability to manipulate the ball. For field players, technique includes dribbling, passing, shooting,and more. Goalkeepers share these technical demands and also must master other goalkeeperspecific techniques, such as catching, diving, deflecting, and distribution. Soccer tactics are usedby the top football teams today. Tactical drills are used in games nowadays, individualweaknesses in the opposition are researched ahead of time and exploited through soccer strategy(Tactical). Without tactical drills your team will not function right they will not be use to theplay. The more you learn about soccer the better its going to help you and your teamunderstand the game. Also the more you train your players and the more time you spend withthem, you will have better chances of being successful in the game. There are a lot of chances tofail as well. Anything can happen during a game like you can have injuries are you can also get ared card, which means a player is ejected from the game & may not be replaced. Are thingswill not work as you planned it to, like your best player can get injured and cant move on nomore, you will have to make a new strategy to overcome the lost of your player. It is betterto fail with your own vision than to fail with another mans vision.