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Myanmar Manipur Conference


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Myanmar Manipur Conference on the Conservation of Cultural Heritage

Imasi Foundation, Manipur (India)
November 23-25, 2015

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Myanmar Manipur Conference

  2. 2. ABOUT THE CONFERENCE Artists and scholars from Myanmar, US, Australia, and France discussed issues of the cultural heritage of Myanmar and Manipur and its preservation with their counterparts from Manipur and the rest of India. It was open to the public but seating was limited and prior registration was required. An average of 40 people attended each session over 3 days. It was a part of the Manipur Sangai Festival. Guests from Myanmar arrive on a special Golden Myanmar chartered flight from Mandalay
  3. 3. The Conference was presented as part of the Manipur Sangai Festival of 2015 The festival is the annual tourism festival of Manipur, presented by Manipur Tourism Asian Cultural Council, New York, was the International Sponsor Chorus Repertory Theatre of director Ratan Thiyam was the Venue Sponsor The Conference was presented in association with Laihui Ensemble The Department of Myanmar Studies of Manipur University Ministry of Tourism, New Delhi
  4. 4. STAFF Project Director L. SOMI ROY Program Manager M.MANGANGSANA Guest Relations DHANESHWARI DEVI Events Coordinator DEVAJANI SORAISAM Assistants SURESH KHUNDRAKPAM SURAJ ROY PREMANANDA Technical Assistant BIJU DAS
  5. 5. DOCUMENTATION The Conference was documented by Jessie English and Eric Feigenbaum of ReMedial Media, New York
  6. 6. CONFERENCE FLYER (Front)
  7. 7. CONFERENCE FLYER With Speakers and Topic (Back)
  8. 8. MYANMAR Francois Tainturier Grace Swe Zin Htaik Kyaw Minn Htin Pyiet Phyo Kyaw Tin Maung Kyi MANIPUR Augustine Shimray Chanam Hemchandra Doren Oinam Mutua Bahadur Nahakpam Aruna Ratan Thiyam RK Achoubisana RK Jhalajit Somi Roy Wangkheiphee Mantri Yashawanta Chungkham OTHER Eric Feigenbaum Jessie English Kamesh Salam Kathryn Deyell Uma Dasgupta Thaiu Mag PRESENTERS
  9. 9. PRESENTATIONS The Conference was on art and culture. It was open to the public but attendance was limited to 60 (actual attendance averaged 40). It strove to make attendance mandatory but with mixed results. Presentations and discussions were in English, in the outdoor courtyard theater and in the rehearsal studio when projection was required. The Conference included field trips for visitors to help establish a common frame as well as complement discussions. Sites included Kangla Fort, the Manipur State Museum and a private manuscript archive. The Conference focused on art and artists. There were 5 performances: a demonstration of singing styles from the Lai Haraoba rituals, a Manipuri Bacchae, Tangkhul Naga tribal folk and ethnic rock, an environment and wildlife Manipuri dance-drama, and classical Maha Ras at the Palace temple. FEATURES FIELD TRIPS PERFORMANCES
  10. 10. FIELD TRIP 1 Kangla Fort The field trip to Kangla Fort in the center of Imphal brought the visitors to the heat of Meitei civilization. With comparative insights into coronation ceremonies, dragon boats, moat culture, serpent worship, and shaman rituals. Dr. Tin Maung Kyi: “Why does the chindit have horns?”
  11. 11. FIELD TRIP 2 Manipur State Museum The visit to the museum complemented the presentation on the Lai Haraba festival and its performance rituals, the artifacts of Kangla Fort from the early British period, discussions on archeology in Bagan and Manipur, and textile design.
  12. 12. FIELD TRIP 3 Manuscripts Archive The visit to the manuscripts archive of traditional scholar Chanam Hemchandra offered a first hand and hands-on look at the puya tradition of Manipur. The visit complemented the presentation and discussion on the endangered status of Old Manipur.
  13. 13. PRESENTATION Keynote Theatre director Ratan Thiyam of Chorus Repertory Theatre delivers the keynote address of the Myanmar Manipur Conference on the Conservation of Cultural Heritage Dr. U Tin Maung Kyi from Mandalay responds.
  14. 14. PRESENTATION Manipuri Textiles, and Costumes in India, Bangladesh and Myanmar Mutua Bahadur Manipuri independent scholar and curator Mutua Bahadur on the Manipuri kathe community in Mandalay and beyond.
  15. 15. PRESENTATION The Ramayana in Myanmar U Tin Maung Kyi Mandalay’s physician scholar and authority on puppets presents the Burmese Ramayana. “In the Manipuri Ramayana, the celibate bachelor monkey-god Hanuman, takes a wife called Chandni.” “In the Burmese Ramayana too, but his wife is half fish and half monkey.”
  16. 16. PRESENTATION Bamboo Culture in NER and Myanmar Kamesh Salam “The Army is the biggest consumer of Bamboo in NER.”
  17. 17. PRESENTATION Endangered Old Manipuri Prof. Yashawanta Chungkham On the need to save archaic forms of Manipuri language (Aribalon). Discussants: RK Jhalajit Singh, Chanam Hemchandra “Manuscript digitization essential to save Old Manipuri language” “The Manipuri script has 63 alphabets for every sound in existence.”
  18. 18. PRESENTATION Kazeiram Kathryn Deyell (Australia) A short film on loss and reclamation of Tangkhul Naga identity. Featuring performance artist Augustine Shimray “Tangkhul Nagas believe you can visit a true love in the Land of the Dead. But just once.”
  19. 19. PRESENTATION Discovering "Arakan" in Northeast India Kyaw Minn Htin (Singapore) Myths, history and culture of the Mog community of Tripura Discussants: Prof Aruna Nahakpam, Thaiu Mag
  20. 20. PRESENTATION The Lai Haraoba RK Achoubisana On the rituals, dance and music of the Lai Haraoba of Manipur
  21. 21. PRESENTATION Cultural Identity and Myanmar Cinema Grace Swe Zin Htaik The five periods of Cinema from Myanmar Discussant: Doren Oinam “Sudden pregnancies are a common plot device in Myanmar cinema”
  22. 22. PRESENTATION Bagan Visual Art Works Pyiet Phyo Kyaw Conservation of the mural and sculptural remains in Bagan.
  23. 23. PRESENTATION Classical Manipuri Textile Design Wangkheiphee Mantri Display and discussion of traditional weaving and classical embroidery designs of Manipuri handloom textiles.
  24. 24. PRESENTATION Conservation of Shwe Nandaw Monastery in Mandalay Francois Tainturier (France) World Monuments Fund conservation work on Myanmar’s oldest teak structure, including VR model created by University of Florida
  25. 25. PERFORMANCE 1 12 styles of Lai Haraoba singing Lourembam Bedabati
  26. 26. PERFORMANCE 2 Euripides’ Bacchae Chorus Repertory Theatre Special performance dress rehearsal of Chorus Repertory Theatre’s Manipuri style interpretation of the Greek classic. Directed by Thawai Thiyam.
  27. 27. PERFORMANCE 3 Keibul Lamjao: Dancing Deer of Manipur Keibul Lamjao, a dance drama ballet on wildlife conservation and environment by Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy used folklore, classical dance and folk music.
  30. 30. PERFORMANCE 3 Hao-la Augustine Shimray Musician and performance artist Augustine Shimray from the Tangkhul Naga tribe in northern Manipur sings traditional hao-la folk songs, and his own Naga rock compositions.
  31. 31. PERFORMANCE 3 Maha Ras Palace Temple Traditional full moon performance of the greatest of the four ras offerings of Manipuri classical dance
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