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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. School and Community Relations Joy Marie D. Blasco
  2. 2. School and community are the mainsprings of effective and powerful forces that can create a wholesome climate for mutual gains and betterment. THE TEACHERS, PARENTS AND THE COMMUNITY * Parents are the first teachers in the home. They are responsible for the development of values, attitudes and habits. * Teachers in the school continue to enrich the students’ experiences.
  3. 3. DIFFICULTIES Children experience difficulties and problems regarding: Ability to accomplish assignments Irregular attendance Study habits in School Negative attitude Problem with self-discipline SOLUTIONS: A calm and friendly face to face exchange of observations Positive attitudes of kindheartedness and patience are developed through modeling Strong motivation and encouragement from both sides Letters and praises to parents for outstanding performances Interesting lessons Extremes of behavior need detailed consideration in the experiences in school and in the home
  4. 4. VALUES DEVELOPED: Some of the most desirable values are: Respect for elders and for the rights of others Cooperation Willingness to share Deep sense of responsibility Persistence INTEREST Special interest and innate talents noticed at a young age must be attended to by sensitive mentors and guardians.
  5. 5. SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY The school is usually located at the center of town or city. 1. COLLABORATIVE RELATIONSHIPS a.) The school officials actively participate in community projects b.) The municipal/city officials are likewise ready to provide help c.) During historic celebrations in both places, participation by each is easily elicited with such positive and civic- consciousness activities.
  6. 6. 2. ORGANIZED ASSOCIATIONS * Schools have organized Parent-Teachers Associations with the officers coming from both their members. * The Brigada Eskwela is conducted at the beginning of the school year and is now institutionalized in the DepEd. * With the implementation of the School-Based Management (SBM), the School Governing Council (SGC) per school has been organized. 3. PUBLIC SAFETY, BEAUTIFICATION AND CLEANLINESS Peace and order, safety in public conveyances and compliance with ordinances afford ample protection and disciplinary measures deserved by all.  
  7. 7. 4. VALUES EXHIBITED Outstanding school personnel as well as barangay officials are honored. This serves as a motivation for both parties and their followers to continue with their commendable practice. 5. INSTRUCTIONAL CENTERS AND MATERIALS The community can serve as rich sources of instructional materials. Professionals and practitioners from the community can be invited as resource speakers during observance of significant school rites