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Aug Sep 2009 Battalion newsletter


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Aug Sep 2009 Battalion newsletter

  1. 1. The Official Publication of Harrisburg Recruiting Battalion AUG/SEPT 2009 Vol 1, Issue 1 2009 Mission Accomplished! On the Cover scaar - Not Just All Training STAND PROUD. STAND UNITED. STAND ARMY STRONG
  2. 2. CONTENTS AUG/SEPT 2009 Vol 1, Issue 1 Departments 3 LEADERSHIP CORNER 4 BATTALION NEWS 7 Commander 6 COLD STEEL FAMILY Lt. Col. Stephen B. Lockridge Command Sgt. Major Command Sgt. Maj. 7 EDUCATION Reginald K. Washington Chief of Advertising & Public Affairs 8 COMPANY CORNER Staci Cretu Public Affairs Specialists, 10 ARMY NEWS Associate Editors more Benefits, more money, and more opportunity Sonya Sanocki to attend the College of your ChoiCe Bill Irwin On the cover Administrative Assistant, Layout Design Not Just All Training - Fun at PNc Park Angela D. Walter Greensburg Company 1st Sgt. Aaron Friday welcomed some much needed rest and entertainment during the Photo by Staci Cretu team building exercise at the Station Commanders The Battalion Newsletter is authorized by AR360-1 for members of the U.S. Army. After Action Review (SCAAR) in July. The station com- Contents of this publication are not neces- manders enjoyed the stadium food while the Pitts- sarily the official views, or endorsement burgh Pirates out played and won against the Wash- by the U.S. Government, Department of ington Nationals. Defense, Department of the Army, or the 1st Sgt. Friday enjoying a U.S. Army Recruiting Command. Pittsburgh Pirates game The Newsletter is published bi-monthly by the Advertising and Public Affairs (A&PA) Office, U.S. Recruiting Battalion - Harrisburg. Harrisburg Battalion Mission Please mail or e-mai submissions and With integrity and selfless service, the Harrisburg Recruiting letters to: Battalion provides strength to the Army, cares for the Soldiers, A&PA U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion - Harrisburg, civilians, and families and develops community support for the 54 M Ave., Suite 11 military. New Cumberland, PA 17070 COMM: (717) 770-6721 FAX: (717) 770-2707 E-mail: Harrisburg Battalion Vision The Newsletter is currently distributed Harrisburg Battalion is committed to deliver excellence from electronically and will be sent to everyone on the battalion distribution list and to recruiting with integrity and providing quality service members as those who request a copy. the strength of our all-volunteer Army. We strive to consistently Deadline submissions for Oct/Nov. achieve mission and inspire Americans to proudly serve within the edition is Nov 15. profession of arms in support of their Nation. 2•
  3. 3. LEADERSHIP CORNER GreetiNGs M STeel BATTAlioN uch has occurred since I assumed com- mand less than four months ago. Lead- to improve recruiting TTPs; break away from the “individualism” of our business; and take ership changed with either a commander or personal responsibility to assist your peers first sergeant in every company; however, we with becoming better at their craft. Finally, remained focused on recruiting operations to taking care of our people and families makes over achieve our annual Regular Army mis- us collectively stronger; therefore, ensuring sion and nearly make our Army Reserve mis- quality of life is as important as the annual re- sion. Furthermore, our reputation of deliver- cruiting mission. It is imperative that we seek ing quality men and women within our ranks and maintain balance between mission ac- while recruiting with integrity has never been complishment and well-being. Most impor- better. tantly, we must continue to communicate and As we continue to meet the challenges dur- enforce standards when executing recruiting Lt. Col. Stephen B. Lockridge ing the upcoming months, remain focused on mission as well as quality of life initiatives, Battalion Commander these keys to future success. First, it all begins such as Family Time and Work Hour Policy. As and ends with living the Army Values and ad- leaders of Soldiers and families, accept noth- officers, and civilians. I look forward to work- hering to standards. We must remain account- ing less than the standard, and recruit for the ing with each of you as we face new challeng- able to all standards and have the discipline to strength of our Army with pride, passion, and es and experience more achievements in the enforce them, even in the absence of leader- professionalism. near future. ship. Secondly, as the landscape of recruiting It is an honor to have been selected to transforms, teamwork in mission accomplish- serve as the commander of such an outstand- Thanks for all you do! Cold Steel!!! ment and mission-focused training becomes ing organization, rich in history and complete paramount. We must find innovative ways with professional officers, non-commissioned Steel 6 inter SUICIDE PREVENTION LEADER INVOLVEMENT A s we close the “Year of the NCO” with another successful campaign of recruit- ing, I’d like to embark on a stigma of seeking suicide, what would have been the catalyst for me to have entertained the thought? The crucial elements in suicide intervention health assistance…Suicide intervention dur- is leader involvement and the “buddy system.” ing Suicide Prevention Month. The health of our Soldiers is in line with one of I recently completed a Periodic Health As- an NCO’s two basic responsibilities, “welfare of sessment, which includes an online section of my Soldiers.” “Soldiers fall through the cracks “Behavioral Health” questions. during transition,” was listed as a theme during As a senior noncommissioned officer with a Senior Review Group. We must ensure that more than 25 years in the Army, I pondered on our Soldiers aren’t aggressively integrated and questions, such as feelings of hopelessness; sponsored in our unit, which will offset this feeling bad about yourself; and troubles of trend. falling asleep or staying asleep. I soon realized The stigma of seeking help and the estab- the heading stated “over the last two weeks.” lishment of social support in a new location Command Sgt. Maj. Reginald K. Washington How often have you been bothered by any of Battalion Command Sgt. Major are common barriers in the Army that are the following problems? With that limitation, common to the recruiting environment. Also The issued A.C.E GTA cards are an excellent re- my answer of “not at all” applied, but not for noted in this SRG was “personal problems have minder and guide, along with adhering to the six months or one year or more for a majority been identified, and the impact minimized.” battalion’s Buddy Team requirement. Another of the questions. Again, when we learn of a problem and think excellent resource is Military OneSource, the I, as well as many of you, could probably it doesn’t concern you; think again…we are all battalion Soldier and Family Assistance Office answer “nearly every day,” on many of these affected! or the chaplain. questions, but would we be classified as hav- Lastly, as I ponder on the “eve of the new The upcoming fiscal year will continue to ing behavioral health issues? Ah, that’s were fiscal year,” I realize the holidays will challenge stimulate ongoing initiatives fostering leader the stigma festers deep in the public and all levels of leadership. We must become more development, improved quality of life for Sol- personal perception of behavioral health. Al- diligent in using and referring our Soldiers to diers, civilians, and family members… though, I’ve never contemplated the act of the available suicide intervention resources. COLD STEEL! AUG/SEPT 2009 • 3
  4. 4. BATTALION NeWS SIGNIFICANT EVENTS Team, October Mission Accomplished! 1 Jim Thorpe Change of Command The hard-work, sacrifices, and dedication of our Soldiers, civil- 2 Army Rivalry Tour at Reading HS – 3V ians, and contractors have shown this fiscal year is a testament to 3 Community Covenant Signing at the great team we have at the U.S. Army Recruiting Command. I am so proud of you and proud to be a part of one of the Army’s most Kutztown University – 3R proficient teams! 3 African American Pride Parade – 1E5 Along the way, we faced challenges, we faced adversity, and we 4 Army 10-miler in Washington DC faced changes in our goals; but what we didn’t face was a reluctance to do what USAREC does best, succeed! It brings me great pleasure 9-13 Hempfield Football Army Night – 3A to say we succeeded as a team while ensuring the quality of life of 9 New Recruiter Board our Soldiers and civilians, and we did it all while upholding our stan- dards. 12 Columbus Day TEAMWORK is key to continued success. Each of you should be proud of yourself for what you have 15 All American Bowl – Hughesville High achieved on behalf of our Army this year. The year will close out School – 7V on Sept. 30, but as of a few moments ago we achieved over 70,000 16 All American Bowl – Central Dauphin and 23,500 young men and women in the Regular Army and Army High School – 3D Reserve, respectively. 16-19 Shippensburg University Homecoming We will close out the AMEDD, chaplain, special operations, and - 2B warrant missions next week with success across the board. I want to also note the great success of your efforts in filling Officer Candidate 20 All American Bowl Tour Stop– New School for the RA and AR in record numbers. Our Army is going to Oxford High School – 2M benefit for years to come from the outstanding quality of the recruits 23-26 Greensburg Catholic 50th Anniversary you brought into our Army. and Homecoming Football Your hard work has not gone unnoticed. To celebrate and reward you for our 2009 accomplishments, I have cancelled processing on 26-30 ICI - Clarion Company Oct. 24 and declared Oct. 23 a training holiday. Enjoy this added 30-Nov. 2 Military Appreciation at Indiana time off; you deserve it! University – 1G I wanted to be the first to tell you the good news as I thought it was important for you to know that once again, you have come November through for our Army and our nation. You will receive more informa- 6 Newcomers Orientation tion about this great news in the near future. 6-9 Greater Greensburg Joint Veteran’s Council – 1K Congrulations team USAREC! 6-14 Mobile Drill SGT touring - 1E5 HOOAH! ARMY STRONG! 8 Harrisburg Marathon – 1E2 MG Don Campbell 10-13 Interactive Semi touring - 1E3 CG, USAREC 11 Veterans’ Day 13 New Recruiter Board OffiCership Program 13 All American Bowl Tour Stop– Cedar Cliff High School - 2F KiCk off 16-20 ICI - Harrisburgh Company 26 Thanksgiving Story and photo by Bill Irwin December Public Affairs Specialist 1 All American Bowl Tour Stop– Penn Hills High School – 5G 4 All American Bowl Tour Stop – Canon Mcmil Carlisle Company utilized a recent Strength In Action Zone tour to lian High School – 5W launch the Central Pa. Officership program. Using the SIAZ as a backdrop at the Army Heritage and Educa- 4 New Recruiter Board tion Center in Carlisle Pa., Maj. Bill Hammac, Carlisle Company com- 7-11 ICI - Jim Thorpe Company mander with leadership from Dickinson College ROTC spoke of their 17-20 ATC Army path stories. On hand were Lt. Col. Adrienne Eckstein, professor of Military Science at the college and Maj. Craig Walker, recruiting op- 12-19 Hanukkah erations officer. 25 Christmas Each had a different story to tell, Hammac as prior enlisted, Eck- stein as a West Point graduate and Walker as ROTC. Their stories were presented to media from local radio, television and print and produced coverage in eight counties. 4•
  5. 5. BATTALION NeWS Lasting Impressions Commitment to our reCruits SPoTliGHT vin Carpenter Staci Cretu Photo by Lt. Ke A&PA Chief Courtesy Photo By Sonya Sanocki Public Affairs Specialist Q: Where did you grow up? managers. I never thought I’d “T hank you for this exceptional introduction to the U.S. Army,” Adrian Roth wrote in a letter addressed to Lt. Col. Stephen Lock- ridge, battalion commander. I grew up in Southern York County, Red Lion to be exact, love a sales organization as much as what I did but being in the remodeling industry was although I would like to think I’m Roth, of Harrisburg, contacted the Mechanicsburg Recruiting Sta- not going to get me any where, from Md. I’m not a country girl tion in February expressing an interest in Officer Candidate School. especially with the economy. one bit! He was introduced to Staff Sgt. Jon Blose who worked with Roth to When I decided I needed to start put together his OCS packet. According to Blose, submitting an OCS looking I just happened to apply Q: What’s your background? packet requires a little bit more work because there is a lot more pa- for a position with the Army at How did you end up getting perwork. Roth was required to write a letter stating why he wants to Carlisle Barracks as marketing into Army advertising and attend OCS. He also had to obtain high school and college transcripts manager for the Family and public affairs? along with various personal documents and letters of recommenda- Morale, Welfare and Recreation tion. Blose spent nearly four months working with Roth collecting Directorate. After graduating from Penn the necessary information to submit a couple of waivers. Blose was State University with an required to obtain an age waiver since Roth was over 30 years of age. Q: What has been your most Associates in business and According to Roth, Blose was available whenever he was needed. memorable moment working a Bachelor’s in marketing/ During the four-month application process, Blose was available when- with the U.S. Army? management, I began working ever he was needed by Roth and was quick to return his calls. with an advertising agency “I think Staff Sergeant Blose set an excellent living example of While working at Carlisle where I quickly fell in love with Army values and I greatly anticipate the honor of serving alongside Barracks, I built the sponsorship the advertising concept and Soldiers with similar qualities as I prepare to leave for basic training program from the ground convincing my clients on the on September 9,” Roth stated. up, soliciting over $70,000 benefits of advertising. After (Continued on pg. 11) in one year. The second was about 1.5 years, I accepted a TOP position with Bath Fitter where producing and publishing the MWR magazine, I never thought I ran the Marketing and Events I could or would ever be a Department. I had a department publisher of a 22 page magazine. USAREC Outstanding Civilian of six with oversight of 17 event Employee of the Year FY09 Harrisburg A&PA, Angela Walter selected for 1st Recruiting Brigade 3rd QUARTER AWARDS By Staci Cretu, Chief, A&PA TOP USAR RECRUITER TOP RA RECRUITER As APA/ESS Assistant, this position is not just a Staff Sgt. Seth Moore Sgt. 1st Class Rhett D. Massey “job” for Angela as it’s a continued effort to serve her country. She not only served in the US Army Reserves TOP OPSC TOP LPSC but also on Active Duty where she was Honorably Cranberry RS Dusois RS Discharged due to health concerns. Angela takes great pride in her country as well as her work and ca- TOP CIVILIAN STAFF TOP SECTION reer. She is constantly looking to improve herself as Devin Howard IMO well as her specific responsibilities in her professional development and is committed to serving as a civil- TOP GUIDANCE COUNSELOR LEADERSHIP AWARD ian employee for the US Army. Her dedication to the John M. Copeland Sgt. 1st Class Todd D. Reeder support the Army, the USAREC and A&PA missions Joseph H. Albrecht III and her peers is more than enough reason to receive an award such as this. TOP COMPANY SPECIAL MISSION COMPANY Angela will compete against selected employees Clarion Greensburg from other brigades for overall USAREC Outstanding Civilian Employee of the Year. The command wide COMMANDER’S COMMAND SERGEANT MAJOR’S winners and runners up will receive a savings bond SPECIAL RECOGNITION SPECIAL RECOGNITION and a plaque, and be formally honored during the Sgt. 1st Class Justin Floridia Sgt. 1st Class Eric Miller ALTC. AUG/SEPT 2009 • 5
  6. 6. THE “ColD STeel” FAMILY A RMY F AMILY T EAM B UILDING OUALITY OF LIFE. Families are as important as the annual recruiting mission. a marketing tool Needs; Intermediate Problem Solving; Adapting to Change; Stress Management; and Time Management. With these classes By Randy Readshaw you begin to move from basic education to more personal and Soldier & Family Assistance Program Manager professional development. This can be a selling point to COIs interested in coaching and mentoring as well as family members concerned about the support network their loved ones will have H ave you heard of the Army Family Team Building Program? Perhaps you are more familiar with it in acronym form, AFTB? AFTB is an educational program designed to foster once they enlist. Level 3 offers training to enhance the professional growth and leadership development opportunities of family members, strength, resilience, and self-reliance in Army families. So especially those who might assume leadership roles within the what you may say; what’s in it for me as an Army recruiter? community and the unit. These are also effective for COIs who Attendees at the recent Brigade level AFTB Instructor often are heavily involved in the community themselves. Because training in Syracuse, N.Y. discovered, that AFTB may be a these are more advanced and in-depth studies, many Level 3 useful tool in Future Soldier (FS) training and retention; COI classes have prerequisite classes from Level 1 or 2. Some Level 3 development and recruitment; and also a means to seal the classes are Leadership Skills; Leader Roles – Coaching, Mentoring, deal with influencers who may have some hesitancy allowing and Advising; Building a Cohesive Team; Problem Solving their family members to enlist. Let’s start by looking at the Techniques for Leaders; Understanding the Organization of the curriculum of AFTB and how it can fulfill each role. Total Army; and Political Issues and the Army. The AFTB curriculum offers a range of classes divided into So now that you know what AFTB is and how it can support three levels. Level 1 is often referred to as “Army 101”. This is your recruit, train, and develop mission as a Recruiter, how the level from which you could pull most of your FS training. can you take advantage of what AFTB has to offer? There is no Military Terms, Acronyms, Customs, and Courtesies; Chain need to teach AFTB in it’s entirety. Classes and programs can of Command and Chain of Concern; Benefits, Entitlements, be tailored to a specific purpose or audience. Brigade policy and Compensation; Family and Military Expectations; Basic stipulates each company must have an AFTB instructor. Any one Problem Solving; and Impact of the Mission on Family Life of these individuals, along with myself, are available to conduct are just a sampling of the classes from this level. This is for these classes. AFTB Instructors in the battalion are Capt. Terry students with little or no military experience or Soldiers with Redd and his wife Amy (1E1), Staff Sgt. Shawn Doland (1E2), less than five years of service. Staff Sgt. Chrys’tale Wyatt (1E3), Sgt. Ray Bobian (1E4), and Staff Level 2 courses are targeted toward emerging leaders, or Sgt. Stephanie Faucher (1E7). Find out more about AFTB from those with between five and ten years of service. A sampling Follow the drop down menus under of titles from this level includes: Enhancing Relationship Family Programs and Services, then Family Programs, and click on Building; Intro to Effective Leadership; a number of classes Army Family Team Building. All three levels are available online. to develop management skills including Communication, Conflict Management, Group Dynamics, and Understanding army strong Families Make strong army recruiters! O RGANIZATIONAL DAY HAVING FUN WITH THE BATTALION FAMILY Story and photo by Staci Cretu, Chief, A&PA Even though the summer is almost over, that does not mean that there was not still time for fun, family- filled events at the Harrisburg Recruiting Battalion. August 14th marked the Harrisburg Recruiting Battalion’s annual Organizational Day, complete with fun geared towards Soldiers, civilians and their families. The day long event was held at Delgrosso’s Amusement Park A 24/7 Resource for in Tipton, Pa. The day came to an end with some flag football Military Members, injuries, a lot of tired people from playing on all of the Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Sullivan, station com- rides and tug-of-war. The best part about the day was Spouses & Families mander for the York Recruiting Station, enjoying the day with his son at the end when the battalion commander and command Delgrosso’s Amusement Park sergeant major were able to recognize the achievements of the day’s activities as well as the quarterly award Call and Talk Anytime winners amongst their peers and families. 6•
  7. 7. EDUCATION is key POst-9/11 Gi BiLL MORE BENEFITS, MORE MONEY, AND MORE OPPORTUNITY TO ATTEND THE COLLEGE OF YOUR CHOICE By Mark Mazarella Education Services Specialist The Post 9/11 GI Bill, officially entitled The Veterans Educational As- B y now you’ve heard a lot about the new GI Bill that went into effect sistance Act of 2008 (Chapter 33), offers the following benefits to Sol- Aug . 1. Even so, I continue to receive numerous questions about diers/Veterans who meet eligibility requirements: some of the details, and understandably so, as this is a complex policy, • Tuition and fees limited to the highest in-state undergraduate especially as it applies to career Soldiers and their families. One re- tuition for the state in which enrolled in school cruiter recently commented to me: “I didn’t realize my son was eli- • Monthly living stipend paid at the rate of E-5 with dependents gible to receive a housing allowance while I was still on active duty!” Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) based on the zip code of the As with any new major policy, the rumors that preceded its offi- school cial release have contributed to the confusion and misinformation. • Up to $1,000 per school year to pay for books and supplies For these reasons, below I have listed FAQs that I’ve entertained from • Up to $1,200 of tutorial assistance many of the battalion’s recruiters. I encourage you to share this infor- • Up to $2,000 for reimbursement of one licensing or mation with your spouse, since transferability is a key added benefit certification test that many Veterans and their associations have fought hard for years • An individual has up to 15 years after they complete their tour to have included. ofduty to use their benefits I realize all questions you may encounter cannot be covered • Transferability of benefits to spouse or dependent children here. Also, as the program matures, Congress or DoD may make changes. For more information consult the official GI Bill Website at: http// or contact the Battalion ESS at 717-770-6318 benefits to use? The VA has devel- housing allowance is for different ar- or oped a step-by-step guide to GI Bill eas of the state/country? The Basics: Education Benefits. Go to http://www.defensetravel.dod. Q& Visit mil/perdiem/bah.html and enter the zip for Chapter 30 (Montgomery GI Bill), 1606 step-by-step.htm to determine what code. The rates in PA range from about uestions (MGIB-SELRES), or 1607 (Reserve Educa- program is right for you. $805 – $1,768/mo. A tion Assistance Program) and who elect to use benefits under the Post-9/11 GI Bill. Q: I understand that the maximum al- Q: Do on-line courses qualify for the nswers Q: I currently have the MGIB. Should I lowance for tuition and fees under the housing allowance? Post 9-11 GI Bill was established based Only if the individual is enrolled more convert to the Post 9-11 GI Bill. on the highest costing in-state, under- than half time (usually 7 credits) is oth- Q: I’ve been using the MGIB and only If you are eligible for the Post 9/11 GI graduate, public tuition for each indi- erwise eligible and is taking at least have a few months of entitlement Bill and other GI Bill benefits such as the vidual state. How much is this amount one course on campus (i.e. classroom- remaining; can I use the Post 9-11 GI Montgomery GI Bill you will be required in PA? based). Bill? to make an irrevocable choice of which The highest costing public institution in Once you use up all MGIB benefits you benefit you wish to receive. There are PA is Penn State University. The maxi- Q3: I understand that Future Soldiers can get up to 12 months of benefits un- other circumstances that would make mum allowance in PA for school year have the choice of enrolling in the der the Post-9/11 GI Bill. sense not to convert. The following are 2009-2010 is $886 per credit hour and MGIB or Post 9-11 GI Bill. How should some things to consider: $6,391 in fees per term. I advise my FS? Q: My Montgomery GI Bill benefits o In some locations the costs of col- o For Regular Army Soldiers who ac- can pay for on-the-job training, ap- lege and housing (which you would Q: What family members are eligible to cepted the Student Loan Repayment prenticeship training, correspon- receive payment for under the Post- receive my Post 9-11 GI Bill benefits? Program incentive when they enlist- dence courses, flight training, prepa- 9/11 GI Bill) are less than the payment An individual approved to transfer an en- ed, the first three years of their active ratory courses, and national exams. If you would receive under the Mont- titlement to educational assistance under duty don’t count toward Post-9/11 I convert from MGIB to the Post-9/11 gomery GI Bill. this section may transfer the individual’s GI Bill eligibility. But active duty after GI Bill, can I use it for these things? o In some states veterans do not have entitlement to: those first three years does count. Yes, but only if you convert from MGIB to to pay tuition at selected state col- o The individual’s spouse o Soldiers unsure of their education- the Post-9/11 GI Bill. leges. The Post-9/11 GI Bill may then o One or more of the individual’s al goals should consider first signing Here’s what the Post-9/11 GI Bill funds: pay only the housing benefit and the children up for the Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) o Attendance at an institution of book stipend. (Since you have no tu- o Any combination of spouse and program. It offers great advantages higher learning ition costs the Post-9/11 GI Bill will not child and down the road you can convert o Only one certification exam/test pay the college any tuition.) Your pay- to the Post 9/11 GI Bill. o The Post 9/11 GI Bill does NOT pay ments under other GI Bill programs Q: How do I apply for transfer of my o There are no Army College Fund for the following: such as the Active-Duty GI Bill may be Post 9-11 GI Bill benefits to my eligible “kickers” with the Post 9/11 GI Bill, o On-the-job training higher in these cases. dependents? but kickers may be available, for cer- o Apprenticeship training o Individuals eligible for a college All applications will be submitted through tain military jobs, for Soldiers who o Correspondence courses fund under other GI Bill programs will the Transferability of Educational Benefits sign up for the Montgomery GI Bill o Flight training continue to receive their college fund (TEB) website, located at https://www. (MGIB). o Prep courses as before, unless they are attending o MGIB Army College Fund “kickers” o Multiple certification exams/ classes at ½ time or less. do convert should you switch from tests, such as the bar exam for o If you participated in the $600 buy- Q: I understand that the Post 9-11 GI the MGIB to the Post-9/11 GI Bill, and prospective lawyers up under the Montgomery GI Bill or Bill housing allowance is based on the you’ll get kicker payments plus Post REAP you will not receive that addi- rate for E-5 with dependents for the 9/11 GI Bill money. NOTE: Soldiers are eligible to get ben- tional benefit under the Post 9/11 GI zip code where the school is located. efits for these things if they are eligible Bill. Where can I find out how much the o Confused about which education AUG/SEPT 2009 • 7
  8. 8. COMPANY CORNER This Just in... 39th Annual LoCk Haven Regatta New Company Commanders Story and Photos by Bill Irwin Public Affairs Specialist Photo by Bill Irwin, A&PA Photo by Staciby Staci Cretue, A&PA Lock haven once again played host to its 39th annual Regatta. The three day festival officially began at 10 a.m., Sept. 5 and ran through Sept. 7th. Along with the vendors on the Water Street midway the Photo Cretu, A&PA Lock Haven Recruiting Station established an Army Zone at the en- trace and right next to the performance stage. “This area is perfect for our operations,” said Sgt.1st Class Brandon Donahay, “We are the first thing people experience when they enter Clarion Company Commander the midway.” In addition to Donahay, Station Commander Staff Sgt. ARMY VALUES Vitautas Bucevicius enlisted the aid of some Reserve Soldiers as well Harrisburg Company Capt. Jason Shick, Clarion as some of their Future Soldiers to work the event. Change of Command Company commander, may “With more than 50,000 people expected to turn out for this event Lieutenant Colonel Stephen be new to the challenges we need all the help we can get to man our area,” Bucevicius said, Lockridge, battalion that recruiting offers but he “While we are working the rockwall the other Soldiers can engage at commander, left, passes the is not new to a challenge. the HUMVEE or the push up mat. We want to make sure that everyone Harrisburg Company Shick, a graduate of Virginia is greeted by a Soldier.” guidon to Capt. Eric Sutton, Tech, holds a Bachelor of in a Change of Command Arts in political science and ceremony, Aug. 18. A native has served some of his four Taking Over the Island at Pottsville’s Riverfest of Colquitt, Ga., Sutton’s pre- years in the Army with the By Bill Irwin, Public Affairs Specialist vious assignment was with 2/69 Armor Battalion. the 1st Sustainment Brigade, What does a small community do in the middle of August for com- Shick’s awards and decora- munity fun? If it’s Pottsville, they take over the island in the river and Fort Riley, Kan. Sutton holds tions include the Bronze hold Riverfest. For the third year in a row the Pottsville Recruiting Sta- a Bachelor of Science degree Star and Purple Heart. tion was asked to participate, noteably it is the only service that has in management from Albany been asked. State University. He has 16 “We are pleased that the community keeps asking us to partici- years of active duty service. pate,” said Staff Sgt. David McCray, the station’s commander, “We re- ally try to create an atmosphere in the community that makes us ap- proachable, and this isn’t the only event we’re asked to either.” According to festival officials, the celebration continues to grow Promotions Discipline with each year attracting families from several surrounding communities. “This year in addition to the battalion assets we signed out we Barry Wagner, Pittsburgh MEPS to Master Sergeant. asked the local Reserve unit, the 365th Engineers to set up some of their vehicles. Between their massive vehicles and our rockwall we Carlisle Company Commander Bill Hammac and Jim Thorpe could be seen from any spot on the island,” said McCray. Company Commander Mike McMaster promoted to Major. In addition to the free space at the festival officials made arrange- ments for the Pottsville recruiters to be included in some live remote radio spots on two local radio stations. HARRISBURG COMPANY MEGA FUNCTION By Capt. Eric D. Sutton Commander Harrisburg Company The Harrisburg Recruiting Company hosted a Future Soldier mega function Sep 12, at the Defense Distribution Center at New Cumberland. FSs from all stations partici- pated in the pre Basic Training Army Physical Fitness Test, and ended the event with food and drinks. Despite drizzling showers, recruiters of the Harrisburg Company were highly motivated and that enthusiasm was passed on to the FSs. overall, Palacios. Best male push-up, One FS commented on his excitement to participate again Dietrich Gehron; sit-up, David Karaba- in drill and ceremony thanks to Staff Sgt. Ormond Wilson’s ich; run and overall Jason Donbach. motivation. Top FS performers included: best female push- Great event for the recruiters and FSs up and sit-up, Vanessa Palacios; run, Janessa King; and of the Harrisburg Company. 8•
  9. 9. COMPANY CORNER C The Steel Soldiers of the Pittsburgh Recruiting Company have establish their first facebook page which can be GettiNG iNVOLVeD found at OUNTY FAIRS Soldiers/119829804073 this site links friends, families and alumni’s of the Pittsburgh Recruiting Company worldwide. FUTURE SOLDIER TRAINING By Capt. Terry Redd FORT INDIANTOWN GAP Commander Pre-Initial Entry Training Greensburg Company By Maj. Bill Hammac Commander County Fairs are a unique American tradi- Carlisle Company tion that allows for the celebration of many traditions for communities. Fairs allow re- At 8 a.m. Aug. 29, a rainy drizzly day, 48 cruiters to meet and inform a broad cross- Future Soldiers of the Carlisle Recruiting section of our target market as well as see Company arrived at Fort Indiantown Gap and experience many of the nuances of our for a training experience they will never for- communities. get. of the Red Lion Recruiting Station received Greensburg Company supported five Six drill sergeants from C Company, the station recognition and trophy. county fairs over the last few weeks. This is 1/417th BCT/MP (OSUT), led by 1st Sgt. After the ceremonies ended, many FSs a daunting and often tiresome task because Andrew Brown, quickly barked out “fall in” talked with the drill sergeants on what to of the long coordination hours and late days to the FSs. Ensuring the FSs were properly expect at basic training. When the Carlisle supporting table setups along with assisting formed in the special way that drill ser- Company leadership team talked with the with USAREC level assets, such as the Orange geants do, they conducted physical train- drill sergeants, many of the FSs asked for County Chopper, the Interactive Semi, and ing. One part showing the proper tech- more training. Plans are to use the Janu- the Marksmanship Trainer. niques, two parts physical training, the FSs ary 2010 drill weekend to conduct another Often during a period with back- to- back quickly learned what they needed to do mega FS function. fairs we also see a drop in processing due to and ended with a loud, “yes, drill sergeant!” Sgt. 1st Class Rebecca Gerber, Hanover the long hours supporting the events. Some Brown, wearing his “brown round,” watched Recruiting Station recruiter said, “On the ride Soldiers and leaders might say this is a costly over his drill sergeants and enforced the back to the station, I didn’t talk, the Future price to pay; however, Soldiers and leaders training standards. Soldiers raved the entire trip back about the need to remember that these events are an The entire day focused on physical train- training and talked about the various things inexpensive way to reach a large portion of ing, basic Soldier tasks, and drill and cer- they did.” the communities we live in and recruit from. emony. After a long day of training, there Future Soldier Jeremy Garrison, an Offi- The pay off, or return on investment from the was a contest cer Candidate School applicant shipping in event, comes weeks and sometimes months for the best October, stated, “This was great. I only know down the road. This is not something that individual drill what the recruiters tell me about basic, now we can be comfortable with because we are and ceremony. I see it first hand and I am less nervous.” always focused on the mission and the con- The top two Overall, this was a huge success and we tracts we need right now. were awarded will continue to use the Reserve drill ser- It is important for all of us to remember trophies for geant team. A few FSs expressed interest in that a house is built one brick at a time and their accom- attending the State College Pre-IET training that the foundation, the most important part plishments. with this same team tentatively scheduled of a house, takes the longest and requires a Future Soldiers for Oct. 24. lot of work. We are building our foundations when we support events such as fairs. By put- ting in this hard work up front we are build- ing a solid foundation of leads and eventually contracts for the new fiscal year. So the next time fair season rolls around get a good plan together and take advantage of this unique American event to show the public the great opportunities the Army provides. WOLFPACK! COLDSTEEL! AUG/SEPT 2009 • 9
  10. 10. ARMY NeWS Army Releases August F lu Shots Photo by Sgt. Angela Gilmore Suicide Data Soldiers and families can expect to get two By Wayne V. Hall flu shots this year. OCPA Media Relations Spc. Laurie Choate, health care WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Army released suicide data for specialist, U.S. Army, Pacific Special the month of August today. Among active-duty Soldiers, there Troops Battalion, immunizes were 11 potential suicides, all of which are pending determi- Sgt. Micha Starnes, USARPAC STB, nation of the manner of death. In July, the Army reported no Army News Service against influenza. confirmed suicides and eight potential suicides among active- duty Soldiers. However, since the release of the July report, an In addition to the conventional flu shot administered each fall, the additional four potential suicides have been reported, each of H1N1 or “Swine Flu” vaccine should be available by mid-October, said which is pending determination of the manner of death. As a result, for the month of July, there were 12 potential suicides. Col. Deborah Knickerbocker, chief of Emergency Preparedness and Communicate and Enforce Standards Two of those have been confirmed as suicides and 10 remain Response, the Office of the Surgeon General and Army Medical Com- under investigation. mand. There were 110 reported active-duty Army suicides from Jan- Knickerbocker spoke during the Army Emergency Management uary 2009 through August 2009. Of those, 71 have been con- Conference, Sept. 1, at the Pentagon. The conference coincided with firmed, and 39 are pending determination of manner of death. the start of National Preparedness Month. For the same period in 2008, there were 89 suicides among Getting flu shots, in addition to taking measures to prevent expo- active-duty Soldiers. sure to the virus or spreading the virus is part of preparedness, Knick- During August 2009, among reserve component Soldiers erbocker said. And it is important to maintaining mission readiness. who were not serving on active duty, there were six potential suicides. Among that same group, from January 2009 through “When Soldiers and family members take care of themselves and August 2009, there were 20 confirmed suicides. Thirty-four po- prepare, they not only help the Army be more resilient, they help the tential suicides are currently under investigation to determine local communities they are in be more resilient,” she said. the manner of death. For the same period in 2008, there were “There’s going to be vaccine, and there’s going to be enough to go 36 suicides among reserve Soldiers who were not serving on around,” Knickerbocker said. “Everybody is going to get their shots.” active duty. Knickerbocker said the H1N1 vaccine will be distributed to Sol- “Effective suicide prevention programs and resources that diers, families and other beneficiaries mostly through primary care are accessible to our Soldiers and Families are a crucial part of providers. our effort, and we’re making progress in these areas,” said Gen. “They’ll get their seasonal shots, and the H1N1 shot, as soon as Peter W. Chiarelli, Army Vice Chief of Staff. “We recognize that the crucial link in preventing suicides is caring, concerned, and they become available,” Knickerbocker said. decisive small-unit leadership. There will never be a substitute Along with the vaccinations, Knickerbocker recommends a num- for noncommissioned officers who know their Soldiers, know ber of common-sense measures to prevent the spread of H1N1. when a Soldier is suffering, and have the moral courage to act “Just teaching people about how easy it is to prevent disease by and get that Soldier the help that they need.” washing our hands, and cough- and sneeze-hygiene and etiquette, Since publishing the Army Campaign Plan for Health Promo- it’s pretty simple,” she said. “Part of what we need to do is instill in the tion, Risk Reduction, and Suicide Prevention on April 16, 2009, culture of the military -- which does(Continued on pg. 11) not really usually think this way the Army has implemented numerous improvements to its -- to stay home when you are sick. If you go to work sick, you’ll make suicide prevention programs. Among those improvements are office mates sick, or squad mates.” Army-wide guidance for delivering health promotion, risk re- duction, and suicide prevention programs and services directly The H1N1 virus has made headlines because it’s a “novel” virus, to Soldiers and their families at the installation level. Knickerbocker said. Soldiers and Families in need of crisis assistance should con- “We haven’t seen the virus before. And when we have a virus that tact Military OneSource or the Defense Center of Excellence people have not been exposed to before, we have no immunity to it,” (DCOE) for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury Out- Knickerbocker said. reach Center. Trained consultants are available from both orga- Many of the deaths from H1N1 occurred in Mexico, and in those nizations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. already immuno-compromised, so the virus gained notoriety, Knick- The Military OneSource toll-free number for those residing in erbocker said. But the effects of the virus have not been what was the continental U.S. is 1-800-342-9647, their Web site address is expected -- not even as bad as seasonal flu. Overseas personnel should refer to the Military OneSource Web site for dialing instructions for “The message has been sent out there that this particular virus is their specific location. not as virulent as we had been planning for with the H5N1, not as vir- ulent as the seasonal flu,” she said. “And seasonal influenza kills about The DCOE Outreach Center can be contacted at 36,000 in this country each year.” 1-866-966-1020 via electronic mail at Knickerbocker said that while Soldiers can expect to get vaccinat- and at ed for both the seasonal flu and the H1N1 flu virus, the Army does not expect the H1N1 to have damaging effects on the Army. The Army’s most current suicide prevention information is “I don’t think the Army is worried about this particular H1N1 virus. located at If it stays at the level of severity that it is now, which it is mild, it should have no more effect on operations than the seasonal flu does,” she said. “But we have to take care during flu season to try to prevent get- ting ill and staying home if we are ill, to prevent operational impact.” 10 •
  11. 11. BATTALION NeWS BlACK DAGGeRS Lancaster Air Show Story and photo by Bill Irwin Public Affairs Specialsit Photo by Bill Irwin In addition to the NHRA nationals at Maple Grove the week- end of Aug. 21-22, Harrisburg Company was also manning an ex- hibit at Lancaster’s Community Day Air Show. The reason Station Commander Sgt. 1st. Class Stephanie Pinkney decided to split forces and participate in both events was fairly simple “The NHRA Selected recruiters from across the battalion assembled at battalion this year was a great event for COIs but I wanted something for headquarters on Sept. 3 and 4 to compete in the battalion level Annual my Future Soldiers, and the Air Show provided that outlet,” said Awards Board. Board winners will represent the battalion at the brigade Pinkney. level awards board. One of the lead performance groups at this year’s air show was the Special Operations Command parachute demonstration Annual Awards Board team. The Assistant Team Leader Staff Sgt. Dewey Vinaya worked with the battalion TAIR coordinator for several years when he was a First Seargeant of the Year USAR ReCruiter of the Year member of the 101st Screaming Eagles parachute demonstration 1st Sgt. Marcos Munozramos Staff Sgt. Seth Moore yeam. “When I received the schedule for this year’s performances and saw Lancaster I had to contact the battalion staff. The last time Station Commander of the Year RA ReCruiter of the Year I jumped in the battalion area was at a Barnstormers game in Lan- Sgt. 1st Class Scoot Cassidy Staff Sgt. John Kortz caster and I was anxious to connect again,” said Vinaya. While Saturday’s performance was cancelled due to adverse NonCommisioned OffiCer of the Year Top New RA ReCruiter weather conditions, the team still spent the afternoon at Lan- Staff Sgt. Ormond Wilson Sgt. Carly Williams caster station’s table display, talking to Future Soldiers, signing autographs and posing for photos with visitors. The air show of- Top New USAR ReCruiter ficials made announcements all afternoon directing people to the Staff Sgt. James Taulbee display to meet with the recruiters and the team. “The day worked out great for my Future Soldiers,” Pinkney 1st Brigade Level Runner-ups said, “the team spoke to each one of them and answered all their 1st Sgt. Marcos Munozramos questions, it really gave my Soldiers another perspective of the Staff Sgt. Seth Moore Army Story. And to top it off the team let me pull ground control for their jump on Sunday. That is like icing on the cake especially since I’m 82nd Airborne. Lasting Imprpressions (Continued from pg. 5) a college degree and wanted to do something with his degree. NHra 2009 “Blose has gone above and “He wanted to serve his country. Story and photo by Staci Cretu beyond on many occasions to He is very motivated and will do Chief, A&PA help me along the way,” Roth well and go far, “ Blose said. said. On the day of Roth’s board Roth said he never felt pushed With more than 20 categories of competition, NHRA thrives on interview at the battalion, he left by Blose and was never asked unique competitors accomplishing unique achievements. Only a his shirt tie somewhere in the about “Plan B.” “Furthermore, great team can keep vehicles like these running smoothly — and battalion. Roth called Blose, who he never asked if I was willing great teams are made of talented individuals. Army teams work to- turned around and came back to to enlist if my waivers were de- gether in the field just like the ones on the racetrack. The U.S. Army the battalion to look for Roth’s tie. nied. I could have walked away Top Fuel Team kept their dragster rocketing down the track at NHRA After finding it, he called Roth to after months of work and Blose in Reading, Pa. on Aug. 23. tell him that he had found it. “I would have had nothing to show Each year, the Army and NHRA partner to honor some of the most think this is a shining example of for it, but that never seemed to courageous Army Soldiers by inviting them to to the racetrack. Cho- this Soldier’s level of commitment concern him. He was selflessly sen for his exceptional bravery and service, Staff Sgt. Todd A. Meckley to providing personalized service performing his duty and working Sr., has served in a variety of assignments since 1992 when he first to his recruits,” Roth added. with my best interest in mind,” he enlisted. Meckley’s awards include over 20 awards and badges to in- “Blose seemed as motivated added. clude the Purple Heart and Combat Infantry Badge. as me to get an OCS contract, Although Blose has numerous “It was a great opportunity to get Army visibility and greet the even though the time invest- thank you notes on his desk from community with a recruiter smile. The Maple Grove Speedway in ment on his part was probably enlistees and their parents, he Reading, Pa. hosted the Army’s Strength In Action Zone, designed to much greater than a standard was surprised when he learned give USAREC an advantage to identify applicants with high propensity enlistment,” Roth said. that Roth had sent this letter to to enlist. Our recruiters were able to build COI relationships and work According to Blose, Roth had the battalion commander. with them for future enlistments.” Capt. Sutton, Harrisburg Company. AUG/SEPT 2009 • 11