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The Harrisburg Recruiting Battalion\'s April/May Newsletter.

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Apr May 2010newsletter

  1. 1. The Official Publication of Harrisburg Recruiting Battalion APR/MAY 2010 Vol 1, Issue 5 “I had a great time at the ‘Our Community Salutes’ event. It was an honor to be recognized in front of my mother and peers. I also had a lot of fun meeting and talking with other future soldiers joining the Army. It felt awesome to know that the people around us care enough to have created this day for high school seniors joining the military. It’s really great to know that we have the support of those around us as we embark on our new adventures in the military.” ~ Pvt. Brittany Garber Army Enlistee Enlistee Joint Operation page 6 STAND PROUD. STAND UNITED. STAND ARMY STRONG
  2. 2. CONTENTS APR/MAY 2010 Vol 1, Issue 5 LEADERSHIP CORNER Departments 3 LEADERSHIP CORNER GoinG “Old SchOOl” 4 BATTALION NEWS G reetings Steel Battalion! Once again we are entering that critical time of year which requires each leader to go “Old School” by refocusing their efforts and energy toward executing the battalion school plan. As you are aware, the Blue Ribbon Battalion earned its reputation as one dedicated to provide high 8 COLD STEEL FAMILY quality men and women to our force. In order to continue this tradition and achieve victory in our high schools, we must accomplish four fundamental tasks from our school plan with absolute integrity, dignity, 9 EDUCATION and purpose: 1. Obtain Student Directory Information at High Schools and Colleges - EARLY Commander 10 COMPANY CORNER Lt. Col. Stephen B. Lockridge 2. Achieve USAREC Contact Milestone Standards – Prospect Daily Lt. Col. Stephen B. Lockridge 12 ARMY NEWS 6 Battalion Commander Command Sgt. Major 3. Establish Positive School and COI Relations – Foster Long Term Relationships Command Sgt. Maj. Reginald K. Washington 4. Develop Partnerships with Senior and Junior ROTC Programs. Harrisburg Battalion Vision Chief of Advertising & Harrisburg Battalion is committed to deliver excellence from recruiting with integrity and providing In addition to executing these tasks with integrity and dignity, I ask each of you to dedicate yourself toward achieving excellence. As with Public Affairs quality service members as the strength of our all-volunteer Army. We strive to consistently achieve mis- any other unit in the Army, excellence in our battalion is measured by consistently exceeding the standard, not by merely achieving the mis- Staci Cretu sion and inspire Americans to proudly serve within the profession of arms in support of their Nation. sion. Consequently, we must establish training and prospecting standards that ensure mission accomplishment while taking care of Soldiers and Families. These practices enable our Army to win our nation’s wars in any environment and will ensure that we consistently meet our Public Affairs Specialist, Harrisburg Battalion Mission recruiting mission requirements. Associate Editor With integrity and selfless service, the Harrisburg Recruiting Battalion provides strength to the Army, It continues to be a distinct pleasure to serve with you as we meet the challenges to provide the strength for our Army. Stay safe and Army Bill Irwin cares for the Soldiers, civilians, and families and develops community support for the military. Strong! Administrative Assistant, Steel 6 Layout Design Angela D. Walter The Battalion Newsletter is authorized by 1st Brigade Mission Victory Brigade prospects, processes, and sustains future soldiers to achieve its FY10 precision mission 100 Days of summer afety S AR360-1 for members of the U.S. Army. Con- requirements within the DA quality marks and resources allocated while simultaneously expanding “Are we there yet”? tents of this publication are not necessarily the both its market and number of partners; executes specified training and Command initiatives though official views, or endorsement by the U.S. Gov- discipline and adhering to standards in accordance with Army Values and Ethos all the while ensuring ernment, Department of Defense, Department the quality of life of its Soldiers, Civilians, and Family members. “Ah, my leave is approved, the vehicle and bags are packed, and we have been hydrated prior to of the Army, or the U.S. Army Recruiting Com- are on our way at sunrise! I’ve packed lots of soda and movies for the departure; the appropriate mand. kids’ enjoyment and mom packed the trunks and bathing suits for the sunscreen would have been beach. I just don’t understand why the oldest is complaining of head- packed and applied for the The Newsletter is published bi-monthly by the aches after an hour on the beach; the youngest looks like a lobster and planned weather exposed Advertising and Public Affairs (A&PA) Office, U.S. the resort security says the grill is too close to the bungalow without an events. Don’t sell your fam- Recruiting Battalion - Harrisburg. extinguisher?” said Command Sgt. Maj. Washington. ily short when “Assessing the Please mail or e-mai submissions and Hazards” of your vacation T Command Sgt. Maj. Reginald K. Washington letters to: he agony of summer fun has begun, and we thought we learned or “Developing Controls & Battalion Command Sgt. Major A&PA U.S. Army Recruiting from last summer’s escape from disaster. Safety which is part of our Making Decisions”. While Battalion - Harrisburg, recurring operations of fun, adventure, and excitement, seems to elude “Implementing Controls”, take into account personal and detailed 54 M Ave., Suite 11 the savviest senior Officer, experienced non-commissioned Officer, and knowledge of each individual family member while “Supervising & New Cumberland, PA 17070 the civilian cornerstone of our organizations. Evaluating” those controls. COMM: (717) 770-6721 After a winter solstice in Pa., we request time for leave or pass, dust Finally, the U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center website FAX: (717) 770-2707 off the Harley hiding in the garage, clean out the camper, confirm (https://safety.army.mil/portals/multimedia/CAMPAIGNSINITIATIVES/ E-mail: 1ebn-apa@usarec.army.mil amusement park reservations, and ask our closest friend or neighbor SummerSafety2010/tabid/1838/Default.aspx) is a great source of infor- The Newsletter is currently distributed electron- to watch the fort until our return from vacation. The temperature is 20 mation to familiarize your unit, and family on POV, Motorcycle, Boating, ically and will be sent to everyone on the bat- degrees greater than our home of record, it’s been two years since the and ATV safety measures. talion distribution list and to those who request last service on the Harley, and the kids are having so much fun on the Please, I would be amiss if I did give notice to our expert BBQ grillers, a copy. beach that consumption of water is an afterthought. who surely knows that more lighter fluid is not the answer to a tasty However, we must still apply and use the Composite Risk Manage- burger or steak (“now that’s a fire”)! Have a great 100 days of summer Deadline submissions for Jun/Jul. ment Process as Soldiers when we plan our summer fun. If the first fun and we look forward to your attendance at Oktoberfest... edition is Jul. 15. process is “Identifying the Hazard” the Harley tires would have been Cold Steel, Victory, and Army Strong! checked for dry rout during the winter, the family members would 2• APR/MAY 2010 • 3
  3. 3. BATTALION NEWS BATTALION NEWS strength In actIon Zone’s SPOTLIGHT School challenge SIGNIFICANT EVENTS CG’s Four Pilars: Teamwork, Quality of Life, Army Values, and Standards JUNE 3 Newcomer’s Orientation 5 5-6 Millcreek Adventure Race - 1E4 Army Strong Tour - PA Passing League West B h was a Ig It 11 New Recruiter Board Story and photo by Bill Irwin 13 Legion Headquarters Community Covenant Public Affairs Specialist o Courtesy Phot Signing - 1E2 14 Flag Day - Army Birthday 14-18 East West All Star Game Jessica Owen T 15 Army Birthday at PNC Park he new Strength In Action Zone Battalion Secretary 17 Jubilee Day - 1E2 (SIAZ) received Army Strong high marks during its’ recent visit through 24-27 Thunder in the Valley - 1E7 (L-R) Will Freeman, Army One Source, Capt. Eric Sutton, Harrisburg Company Commander, Q: Where did you grow up? Lt. Col. L. McHugh ,PA ARNG, Lt. Col. Robert Trayers USAF, Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson Harrisburg Battalion, it visited four 26 Gilmore/Henne All Star Weekend - 1E3 ,Capt. Chris Vitt ,USN, Lt. Col. Adrienne Eckstein, Dickinson ROTC, Lt. Col. Chris Cleaver PA ANG. Students at Cedar Cliff High School attempt the team push up schools and made a stop-over at Sign Harrisburg’s Community Covenant proclaiming the cities support during Armed Forces challenge at the Strength In Action Zone school challenge visit. Harrisburg City Island to set up for the York, PA 27-30 Battalion Educators Tour - Fort Lee, Va. Week celebration. Armed Forces Day celebration. Each stop offered a glimpse of different Q: What’s your background? How did you Story and photo by Bill Irwin equipment carried on the mobile asset ranging from the push up competition to the aviation end up with the Harrisburg Battalion? JULY Public Affairs Specialist simulator. City Island even experienced the EOD pacbot in operation, which was highlighted 2-10 Freedom Fest - 1E4 during a live television remote where the pacbot held the microphone during one interview I was born and raised in York, Pa. until moving 3 Juniata River Fest - 1E7 H arrisburg battalion’s efforts to garner community support for Soldiers and Future Soldiers marches on with more Community Covenant signings in our footprint. with Harrisburg Assistant Station Commander Staff Sgt. James Slough. Visitors through the school zone were put through team competitions that pitted them to Ft. Drum, NY in 2000. After settling, I started working at Guthrie Health Clinic for the Specialty 4 Independence Day Clinic. In 2006, my daughter and I moved to Ft. Last quarter covenants were signed with the Gettysburg Notre Dame Club, against time and challenged their team work and analytical skills as well as their fitness level. 8 New Recruiter Board the City of Harrisburg and WHP580 and BOB 94.9 radio stations. Each of these Soldiers from local ROTC units were on hand at each outing guiding individuals through Bragg, NC where I worked at Robinson Health signings brings something different to the table. leadership challenges and presenting opportunities available through on campus ROTC Clinic for the 82nd Airborne. Prior to starting 9 Newcomer’s Orientation The Notre Dame Club, comprised of local Notre Dame Graduates, has programs. at Harrisburg Battalion, I worked on the Carlisle 18 Country Music Show - 1E1 promised Carlisle Company Commander Maj. Bill Hammac, and Hanover Station While the school visits generated more than 200 leads, many of the student registrations Barracks. Commander Sgt. 1st Class Gregory Koskey a closer working relationship with appeared to be from students already engaged with our recruiters through JROTC or gym 24 Army Strong Tour - PA Passing League East the recruiting station and Delone Catholic High School, a school they work Q: What has been your most memorable 16-17 American Legion State Convention -1E3 classes that have climbed the battalion rock wall. On the other hand the City Island event extensively with. The club also expressed a desire to create a bond with the moment working with the U.S. Army? Gettysburg High School JROTC and school counselor’s office. These overtures that typically is a bust for our recruiters turned into a bonanza as the SIAZ was billed as the were welcomed by Lt. Col. Michael Wertz, JROTC Commander. feature event on the island. Radio stations WHP580 and BOB 94.9 asked for a covenant to be drafted This combined with excellent weather brought central Pennsylvania residents to the Working at the Specialty clinic in Fort Drum. AUGUST island to say thanks to those currently serving and produced more than 2,200 registered and signed during their annual “Support the Troops Rally” held on the capitol 6 New Recruiter Board steps in Harrisburg. This covenant paired the radio stations with companies leads. Staci Cretu, Chief Advertising and Public Affairs even witnesed a line of Navy recruits and organizations that provide support to military service-members and their waiting in line for the aviation simulator. 13 Battalion Organization Day families, organizations and companies like Giant Foods, the USO, and State The best comments gleaned from the after action reports are,” The Commanders from the American Legion, VFW and Sons of the American SIAZ made us a lot more competitive with the other branches,” and,“This Legion. The day also offered an opportunity for Battalion Commander Lt. is the best asset that I have been able to use.” Col. Stephen Lockridge to address more than 800 participants at the rally and introduce them to William Freeman, the regional coordinator for Army One Source. At the end of the rally we asked would be supporters to sign a larger Right - Visitors to City Island gather than life “Peoples Covenant” which produced more than 100 signatures. waiting for opening ceremonies The City of Harrisburg also signed a Covenant with representatives from all during the May 15 Armed Forces Day the services and the Army One Source Coordinator. This signing was indicative celebration. Estimates place 7,000 on of the type of support the city has shown every year is physically expressed at the island at the one day celebration. the Armed Forces day celebration held on Harrisburg’s City Island every year. The City also continues to be an active PaYS partner. Left - Harrisburg Assistant Station While the Covenant program continues to seek the support of local Commander, Staff Sgt. James Slough, communities and organizations it is important that all of the battalion’s explains the EOD pacbot to WHP TV 21 companies and stations that have had a covenant signing continue to reporter during a live interview at City maintain and grow the relationship with the centers of Influence that have Island’s Armed Forces day celebration extended their hand and offered to partner with us and help. on May 15. The Community Covenant is a formal affirmation of support by state and local communities to Service members and their Families –Active, Guard and Reserve. 4• APR/MAY 2010 • 5
  4. 4. BATTALION NEWS BATTALION NEWS General l. Colin Powell ServiCe award winner harrIsBurg BattalIon conDucts week-long enlIstee JoInt operatIon Story and photos by Staci Cretu Chief, A&PA TEAMWORK is key to continued success. W hat began in New Jersey as a dinner to recognize high school students who have chosen military service after graduation evolved into a weeklong celebration honoring all military past, present Left - Capt. Ivan Castro, blind runner and Lt. Col. Fred honored at the ceremony. “As member of this family you are L. to. R.: Capt. Terry Redd, Greensburg Recruiting Company joining the ranks of millions of young and future in western Pennysylvania. Dummar, finish the men and woman from all walks of life Commander; Zeb Jansante, Bethel Park Principal, Mark Render, “Our Community Salutes of Pittsburgh” in support of National 2010DicksSporting Colin L. Powell Winner, Brig. Gen. Mark Bellini, USAREUR, Sgt. 1st who will shape the future and some of Military Appreciation Month, has given Western Pa. residents and Goods Pittsburgh Class Will Foy, Uniontown Recruiting Company Commander. Marathon on May 2 you one day will become officers, our schools a greater reason to give recognition to our armed forces future leaders.” Army Brig. Gen. Arnold tethered. through a weeklong celebration at key events throughout Pittsburgh Gordon-Bray, Deputy Commanding the first week of May. D General, U. S. Army Cadet Command. uring the Our Community Salutes tribute to future These recognition efforts started two years ago when former Cherry As these future service members service members, Mark Render, a Bethel Park High Hill, NJ. school director, Dr. Ken Hartman asked what his school district stepped on stage, some of them School educator was presented with the “General L. Colin did to recognize graduates opting for military service. Realizing that receiving this great thank you for L to R: Brig. Gen. Bellini, Lt. Gen. William “Gus” Pagonis Powell Service Award” honoring an educator, administrator, very little was being done, Hartman founded Our Community Salutes Right - Castro wears a shirt indicating the first time, their senior service (Ret.), Mrs. Terrie Suica-Reed, Lt. Col. Stephen Lockridge, counselor or coach who best represents, and presents career of South Jersey, a non-profit organization, to honor graduating seniors on the back that he’s a blind runner, representative presented each a Col. Frank Hall, Maj. Gen. Joseph Martz, Brig. Gen. (military and civilian) opportunities, not only to the student (and their parents) who plan to serve after graduation. With support along with a phrase from the Soldiers proclamation on behalf of Governor Michael Garrett at PNC Park. Creed, “I’ll never quit.” Guide, friend body, but also at a district wide level. from the Mid-Atlantic Battalion, Our Community Salutes – South Rendell, Senator Sean Logan, and the and boss, Dummar’s shirt indicates “Educators have a strong tradition of service to their Jersey held a recognition dinner in June 2009, honoring 54 students PA Auditor General in honor of their he’s a guide, along with the phrase, students and community,” said Suica-Reed, “These educators with 230 in attendance. self-less commitment. “I’ll never leave a fallen comrade have a direct part in molding our future leaders and heroes Hartman said he was hoping that “two or three years from now “During the ceremony we’ve behind.” who have selected to join the military. This award is but a we’ll have a couple of dozen of these groups doing these all across honored a group of individuals very token of our appreciation to them.” the country.” The Pittsburgh community, led by Terrie Suica-Reed, different than other high school Render received this coveted award due to his exemplary President and CEO of PHASE 4 Learning Centers, and the Harrisburg genuine focus was on raduating high school students (and their graduates. These kids are making efforts in supporting Army programs within his school Battalion Advisory Board, took this military recognition program a step parents) who plan to serve. a critical commitment to serve our district. Over the past year, Render has provided access to a further. “Our Community Salutes of Pittsburgh” recognized veterans, On May 4, more than 180 Future Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and country.” said Suica-Reed. school that, in the past, was very limited to recruiting efforts. current servicemembers and soon-to-be enlistees from all branches Marines—all high school seniors, representing both active and reserve “Walking into the Soldiers and His commitment to Army programs started one year ago of the service during its weeklong celebration, May 2-6, 2010. components stepped out on the field of PNC Park during a Pirates Sailors Memorial on May 6 was when he and Principal, Zeb Jansante attended the educator Events included the Pittsburgh Marathon, an on-field swear-in game to be sworn in by retired Lt. Gen. William Pagonis. “These are exciting for me but the reason that tour. This opportunity provided both with the knowledge ceremony at a Pittsburgh Pirates game, and a formal ceremony and the kinds of celebrations they should be doing,” Kimberly Dunkovich, I was there was even more inspiring. of Army programs in which they never knew before. “He put banquet recognizing future enlistees at historic Soldiers and Sailors watching as her son lined up with fellow service members to walk It was an honor to be recognized in his reputation on the line with the school administrators the Memorial Hall. onto the field, “they are making a conscious effort to improve various front of my mother and peers. It’s Students taking their seats during the Our Community Army’s behalf when he approached them about conducting “Recognizing these selfless men and women and their choice to parts of their lives.” really great to know that we have Salutes ceremony and banquet on May 6. ASVAB which resulted in over 400 students tested and serve their country is just so important. We need to do this,” said Suica- “High school graduation is a milestone that brings mixed the support of those around us as we contributed to Pittsburgh MEPS reaching its testing goal in Reed. emotions to every student and their family. To add to the emotions of 2009,” said Sgt. 1st Class Will Foy, Uniontown Recruiting Station Our Community Salutes of Pittsburgh kicked off at 6:00 A.M. on graduating are the emotions of joining the military. The truth also is embark on our new adventures in the Commander. Render works as a liaison between the Army May 2 at the Pittsburgh Marathon when Brig. Gen. Peter Talleri, U.S. that sometimes individuals need something to make a big change in military. I felt a great amount of pride and the school; utilizing Army Values as a teaching tool. Marine Corps, Commander Defense Distribution, New Cumberland, their life to get them started.” said Suica-Reed. seeing the majority of the seniors there Without programs such as the educator tour and educator welcomed all military personnel. Approximately thirty active duty Concluding the week-long celebration, was the formal banquet at were joining the Army. As I entered the support like Renders, the Army’s recruiting efforts and personnel from the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum on the campus of the stage, as usual, I started to get a small relationship within the schools would not be what they National Guard ran the race, with more than 100 military volunteers University of Pittsburgh honoring more than 300 high school seniors case of stage fright, and I wanted to are today. “The program is a great way to recognize those staffing the marathon. from 13 Western Pennsylvania counties and 211 school districts. The run back down to my seat. But then, educators who stand out in supporting young men and Among these 16,000 participants from 47 states and 12 countries, organization raised more than $40,000 to provide this event at no cost I remembered why I was standing up women’s choice to serve their nation upon graduation, as two stood out, Capt. Ivan Castro and Lt. Col. Dummar of the Special to all participants. there and, once again, felt pride as I well as to affirm their decisions to become part of the military Operations Recruiting Battalion. Brothers-in-arms, Castro, blind and “By stepping on this stage today you are making a step in the was able to shake Brig. Gen. Bellini’s team. Having the community and educators involved by Dummar guide and eyes in the race, completed the 26.2 miles tethered right direction, you are joining a select group that have served or Our Community Salutes Military Planning hand. All of the young men and women showing support at the beginning of the decision will go a together with a shoe string. Sept. 2006, Castro, while serving during are currently serving in the military and our Nation with distinction; Committee were there to jump-start their lives by long way for the morale of the individuals during training.” Operation Iraqi Freedom, was severely injured resulting in loss of sight. you are now part of something larger than what you were before, L to R: Army Lt. Col Stephen Lockridge; Marine Capt. joining the military and I have to admit, Justin Nickola; Army Lt. Gen. William “Gus” Pagonis stated Sgt. 1st Class Will Foy who nominated Mr. Render for Castro and Dummar have completed eleven marathons together but congratulations and welcome. HOOAH, Army Strong!” said Brig. Gen. I’m very privileged to be among them.” (Ret.); Chairperson, Mrs. Terrie Suica-Reed; Navy the award. this was the first they were there to support a bigger initiative and a Mark Bellini, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4,U.S. Army Europe and Seventh explained Brittany Garber, Bethel Park larger celebration, Our Community Salutes of Pittsburgh. Comdr. Louis Lazzara; Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Army, and alumnus of Bethel Park High School which had six enlistees Force Michael Gasparetto, Coast Guard Chief Petty senior of the banquet. Throughout the week all military members were honored but the Officer Ben Blackwood 6• APR/MAY 2010 • 7