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Atkins is the UKs faced an IT enterprise management challenge. 1E helped the successful engineering firm to fast-track a new SMS
2003 system that makes software licensing, patching and distribution far easier and more efficient. The result for the
business is an updated, secure and legislation-compliant infrastructure – and, for the IT team, free time to concentrate on
more interesting things.

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Atkins case study

  1. 1. Case Study - Systems Management Services 1E Helps Atkins Patch 12,000 PCs In A DayAtkins faced an IT enterprise management challenge. 1E helped the successful engineering firm to fast-track a new SMS2003 system that makes software licensing, patching and distribution far easier and more efficient. The result for thebusiness is an updated, secure and legislation-compliant infrastructure – and, for the IT team, free time to concentrate onmore interesting things.Customer profileWith a turnover of £1.2 billion, Atkins is the UK’s largest Solutions Overviewengineering consultancy and the world’s seventh largest designfirm. The company plans, designs and enables complex capital Project Requirementsprojects in the public and private sectors. Atkins required an enterprise management system to keep its infrastructure updated, secure and legislation-The challenge compliant:The Atkins IT team was doing an exceptional job maintaining its • Automated management of 12,000 machines across12,000 computers. But aspects of the overall management of the 90 branchesestate were causing concern. “Essentially, we had a big hole in the • Rapid application distributionenterprise management arena,” says Atkins Windows Architect,Brad Smith. • Successful and faster patch management • Minimize system downtimeWorking with 1E, Atkins identified three main challenges: • Save administration costs Software licensing In a company of Atkins’s size, software costs run into millions. Solution Summary It’s vital to be able to see that licenses are being fully utilized, and never breached. Atkins chose SMS 2003 for software licensing compliance, patch management and application distribution, selecting Software patching 1E specifically for: If you cannot apply critical software patches promptly, across multiple sites and teams, systems become non-secure. In the • Technology expertise worst case scenario, that means sending staff home. • Site design ability Application distribution • Development and implementation skills With no automatic distribution method, application • Solutions that reduce extra hardware requirements distribution is another major headache for system managers. Manually copying applications around the network was eating Services delivered man hours. • Six-week project planWith all these challenges, it was clear Atkins needed a new, more • Full delivery - two days earlyautomated approach to enterprise management. • Complete skills upgrade of internal Atkins staff • Full project documentation for future referenceThe solution1E and Atkins identified SMS 2003 as the software best placed Key Benefitsto answer these challenges. Deployed properly according to atailored design, SMS would provide automated, transparent and • Guaranteed software license compliancetime-saving answers to each of the problem areas identified. • Improved corporate asset managementThe consulting team’s first step was to focus on developing a • Decreased patch deployment effort from two weeksconcise, high-level design, followed rapidly by a detailed plan. to a dayThe team was then able to define business processes to make best • Automated application distribution and deploymentuse of SMS, and set up the system in compliance with Atkins’s • Substantial cost savingsdemanding internal standards.
  2. 2. Case Study - Systems Management ServicesThe benefitsThe benefits of the new system are already clear.System downtime greatly reduced. Patches and updates are now applied in a more timely fashion, allowing employees to workmore of the time. “Under our old system, we took around a week to develop the means to deploy a patch, then a further week toactually deploy it to all the client systems,” says Brad. “The new system allows us to develop patches in minutes, and deploy themwithin one day.”More efficient application deployment. “We used to manually copy applications around the network, and we had two or threepeople pretty much doing that full time. The system 1E put together distributes applications for us, freeing time for more interestingand useful tasks.”Maintenance costs down. “Our system maintenance costs have gone down significantly because we patch much more rapidly, we’veautomated application distribution, and the SMS reporting console has enabled a medium-sized team of around eight people toactually analyze the information rather than spending their entire time collecting the data.”Beyond the briefWhile the initial brief was largely to do with the SMS installation, Brad feels Atkins has benefited just as much from 1E’s expertisewith MOM and general security issues. “Having someone who can multitask in the way our 1E consultants have is great. What’smore, their overall expertise has made it easy for them to spot and solve problems that are common to different aspects of our ITsystem. It’s the clear view from outside the organization.”The general experience of the 1E consultants also proved a boon when the project definition changed midway through. Having builtin flexibility from the start, the 1E team was able quickly to adapt the original design, without needing to make any major changes.Why 1E was chosenAtkins had worked with 1E on a previous project, creating goodwill between the companies. Add in a recommendation fromMicrosoft and 1E’s SMS extended solution set for SMS, and 1E was the natural choice.“The implementation of SMS 2003 by 1E has enabled Atkins to continue using its computer system as a secure, sustainable andmanaged framework. SMS has provided a great technical solution, and 1E has proved an excellent technical enabler, ensuring wemake full and rational use of the facilities of SMS. The two together have given us an excellent solution.” Brad Smith, WindowsArchitect, Atkins1E – Empowering Efficient IT For more information:We believe every one of our customers should expect more from their IT. Founded in 1997, 1E pioneered USA/Canada Toll Free +1 866 592 4214advanced PC power management with the release of ground-breaking solutions like NightWatchman® and UK/Europe +44 208 326 3880WakeUp™. That innovative approach has continued with the development of revolutionary concepts like Australasia +61 39885 4877Useful Work™, Drowsy Server® and Computer Health™ as part of a unique range of industry-leading solutions.Headquartered in London and New York and with 14 million licenses deployed world-wide, over 1100 India +91 120 402 4000organisations in 42 countries have trusted us to help them to work effectively, productively and sustainably. Email info@1e.comTo date, we have helped our customers save in excess of $530m in energy costs alone, cutting CO2 emissions by4.3 million tons. We have many imitators, but there is only one 1E. Web AL LI A N C E T O SAVE ENERGY Creating an Energ -Efficient World © Copyright 2010 1E. All rights reserved. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. 1E shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. 1E, the 1E logo, NightWatchman, Nomad Branch and Drowsy Server are registered trademarks of 1E. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. CSATK001/0710/US Printed on recycled paper