5 Components of a Profitable Online Business


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5 Components of a Profitable Online Business

  1. 1. ==== ====If your interested in making money online ,here are some great tips.http://www.profitingonlineinfo.com/==== ====When properly run, an online business is the most profitable form of enterprise you can ever thinkof. It can give you a life of freedom, financial independence, and the means to enjoy the betterthings of life.However, to attain these desirable benefits, there are several things you need to know in order toestablish your very own profitable online business.The "gurus" say that the 3 key factors for success online are Traffic, Traffic and more Traffic."They" say that to be a success online you need a really high volume of traffic on your websitebecause the normal conversion rates of hits to eventual sales lies between 2-4%, in other words,only 2-4 visitors out of every 100 who come to your website will eventually purchase somethingfrom you or through you.Do you know that there are some online businesses which post conversion rates of 10-20%? Whatif you could attain this kind of conversion rates? Imagine how much more profitable your onlinebusiness would be (between 2.5-10 times more profitable!).Whats the key to such high conversion rates? ... Content!Pay attention: "The truth about success online is that traffic is attracted to content!" Therefore"content, content and even more content" is the true mantra for success online.Why is this so?Because people come online in search of information! They come online in search of solutions totheir problems.The magic process for succeeding online, for achieving conversion rates of 10-20%+ is C-T-P-M!What is C-T-P-M? C_T-P-M is a process expressed like this... "High quality Content attractshordes of eager Traffic, which is Presold on overdelivered information turning them into warm andwilling buyers so you can Monetize these hits in various ways!"Ok, file this info away in your mind as we examine the 5 components of a profitable onlinebusiness.1) The starting point...What you know: Everybody knows something of value to someone else!What have you done well lately? What problems or difficulties have you overcome? A lot of peopleworldwide are going thought he same situation and they can profit from your experiences (and so
  2. 2. can you!).This really is the starting point for establishing a profitable online business...what you know!Why is this so important?Because what you know gives you the benefit of authority, it taps into your passions and intereststo unleash the creativity that lies within you so you can turn your experiences into great content.2) Creating quality Content: The next step is to create quality content.What is content anyway? Content is just information. Right?Wrong!Content isnt just information, content is valuable, quality information that youve compiled,thought over and "re-presented in your own voice!Quality content comes from within YOU! "Youve" researched and compiled it, "youve" thoughtover it and added your own unique insights and experiences, and "youve" re-presented it in yourown voice.This is the key to high quality content - content which attracts hordes of eager traffic - the only kindof content that counts!3) Attracting and retaining Traffic: Ok, youve taken what you know and used it to create qualitycontent for your website, now its time to attract hordes of eager traffic to your website.How is traffic attracted to a content rich website? Theres a 2 step process involved;i) You need a Search Engine Optimized website.Why is this important?Because only a SE optimized website with high quality content will possess a sufficiently highplacement in the Search Engine rankings (within the first 20 ranks or the first 2 result pages) whichis necessary to attract hordes of free, qualified traffic (people who are looking for you!).I believe youll agree with me that free qualified traffic is much better than traffic you pay forthrough advertising!ii) The Look and Feel (L&F) of your website has to be just right for your target market. its nouse attracting hordes of traffic to your site and having them leave almost instantly because yoursite looks and feels like a high tech nightmare.Think about the most highly trafficked websites online... google.com, yahoo.com, ebay.com,amazon.com and so on. What do they look and feel like? Regardless of the site and target market,these sites look and feel simple, neat, attractive and welcoming.
  3. 3. The L&F of your website will ensure that your visitors have a memorable stay and it setsthem up for the next step.4) Presell your Services and Products by overdelivering content: Who would you rather buy from...a high pressure salesman urging you to buy now, or a trusted friend making a friendlyrecommendation? Easy isnt it? Youd buy from your friend everytime!Preselling is a warm intimate process of overdelivering content which enlightens your visitors,helps them to see how your services and products help them to solve their problems, and thenallows them to sell themselves on your worthiness so they deliver your Most Wanted Response(MWR).The truth is simple; offline as well as online, business is about establishing trust and creatingrelationships. Thats exactly what you achieve when you Presell to your visitors.You convert curious but cautious visitors into thoughtful, friendly "i-think-i-could-use-this" friends.Preselling is the vital key that allows you to attain conversion rates of 10-20%.Even if they dont purchase immediately, theyd have had a rewarding visit to your site and youcan bet theyll tell all their friends, and there is no form of advertising more potent than word ofmouth recommendation!When Preselling is done properly, it always sets up your now friendly and warm friends for thenext step... a high (10-20%) monetization conversion rate!5) Monetizing your visitors: Lets see... youve started an online business based on what you knowby creating high quality content for your website which attracts and retains hordes of eager trafficto your website, from which you Presell you products and services by overdelivering relevantcontent.The next step in the process is monetization.Most online businesses have only one form of monetization...buy this from me now! Howmundane!Often times buy this from me now is the wrong approach. Monetizing your visitors is a multistage,multi approach system of getting the most value from your visitors and your efforts.An example: you could offer them subscription to your ezine in which you recommend productsand services of which you are an affiliate, you could recommend your own products and services,offer them membership in your own affiliate program... and dont forget revenue from googleadsense.Monetization is a wonderful way of getting the most from your visitors (after youve given themyour best of course).For a deeper understanding of the concepts covered in this article, send a blank email to
  4. 4. spencernokachi@freeautobot.com for your free report entitled "How to create a profitable onlinebusiness"To recap the points covered in this article... the 5 components of a profitable online businesswhich incorporates the C-T-P-M process are:1) Start with what you know.2) Create quality Content.3) Attract hordes of eager Traffic.4) Presell your products and services by overdelivering content.5) Monetize your visitors.Spencer Nokachi is the C.E.O of NO BULL Publications, a Personal Success Mentoring companydedicated to providing you with Simple, Practical NO BULL solutions to help you make a successof your life. For a deeper understanding of the concepts covered in this article, send an email tospencernokachi@freeautobot.com to acquire your free copy of a special report entitled "How tocreate a profitable online business"Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Spencer_Nokachi==== ====If your interested in making money online ,here are some great tips.http://www.profitingonlineinfo.com/==== ====