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Retail research on coconut shell products and product development

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Coconut craft

  1. 1. Retail Research on Coconut Shell CraftsKetaki Karkhanis | Prathima M | Harshita S K | Guide : Dr. Baral Coconut shell Craft : 1
  2. 2. Table of Contents Objective of the project Page 4 Reatil Aspects Page 60 Introduction Page 6 Retail Scenario Page 62 Origin & Distribution Page 8 Natural Habitat Page 9 New design development Page 64 Coconut Cultivation Page 10 New Designs Page 68 Coconut Craft Page 12 Bibliography Page 71 Data collection - Kerala Page 14 Craft Products Page 16 Craft Process Page 24 Data collection - Bangalore Page 42 Craft Products Page 44 Accessories Page 50 Craft Process Page 522 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 3
  3. 3. Objective of The projectTo create a design intervention, so that an Indian dying craft of coconut shellscould be revived and state of art could be increased.We as design students would be transformation agents by understanding thepulse of the trade. Intervention at the thought level ,strategic designing, marketpulse and the retail context. Looking to reach likes of home decoration , officestationary. Necklace made of coconut fibre Spoons made of coconut shell4 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 5
  4. 4. IntroductionThe coconut palm, Cocos nucifera, milk derived from it are commonlythe term coconut can refer to the used in cooking and frying; coconutentire coconut palm, the seed, or the oil is also widely used in soaps andfruit. The term is derived from 16th cosmetics. The clear liquid coconutcentury Portuguese and Spanish water within is a refreshing drink andcocos, meaning “grinning face”, from can be processed to create alcohol.the three small holes on the coconut The husks and leaves can be used asshell that resembles a human face. material to make a variety of productsFound across much of the tropics, for furnishing and decorating. It alsothe coconut is known for its great has cultural and religious significanceversatility as seen in the many in many societies that use it.domestic, commercial, and industrial One of the earliest mentions of theuses of its different parts. Coconuts coconut dates back to 545A.D orare part of the daily diet of many 1520 A.D referring to the Indian nut.people. Its endosperm is known as theedible “flesh” of the coconut; whendried it is called copra. The oil and (source: : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 7
  5. 5. Origin & Distribution Natural HabitatOrigin Natural habitatThe origin of the plant is the subject The coconut palm thrives on sandy soils and is highly tolerant of salinity. It prefersof debate. Many authorities suggest areas with abundant sunlight and regular rainfall (150 cm to 250 cm annually),an Indo-Pacific origin either around which makes colonizing shorelines of the tropics relatively straightforward.Melanesia and Malaysia or the Indian Coconuts also need high humidity (70–80%+) for optimum growth.Ocean, while others see the origin innorthwestern South America. The Coconut palms require warm conditions for successful growth, and areoldest fossils known of the modern intolerant of cold weather. The conditions required for coconut trees to growcoconut date from the Eocene period without any care are:from around 37 to 55 million years mean daily temperature above 12–13 °C every day of the yearago and were found in Australia and 50 year low temperature above freezingIndia. However, there are older palm mean yearly rainfall above 1000 mm (39.37”)fossils like some of nipa fruit that have no or very little overhead canopy, since even small trees require a lot of sunbeen found in the Americas. The main limiting factor is that most locations which satisfy the first three Source: requirements do not satisfy the fourth, except near the coast where the sandyDistribution soil and salt spray limit the growth of most other trees.The coconut has spread across muchof the tropics, probably aided in many India is the third largest producers of coconut, next to Philippines andcases by seafaring people. Coconut Indonesiafruit in the wild is light, buoyant andhighly water resistant, and evolvedto disperse significant distances viamarine currents.8 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 9
  6. 6. Coconut CultivationTraditional areas of coconut products like coconut water, copra,cultivation in India are the states of coconut oil, coconut cake (also calledKerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa, coconut meal, copra cake, or copraAndhra Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal, meal), coconut toddy, coconut shell-Pondicherry, Maharashtra and the based products, coconut wood-basedislands of Lakshadweep and Andaman products, coconut leaves, and coirand Nicobar. Four southern states pith.put together account for almost 92% The Southern Indian state of Keralaof the total production in the country: is named after the coconut tree.Kerala (45.22%), Tamil Nadu (26.56%), “Kera” = Coconut tree, “Alam” = Land:Karnataka (10.85%), and Andhra so “Land of Coconut Trees” VariousPradesh (8.93%).[36] Other states terms like Copra, Coir are derivedlike Goa, Maharashtra, Orissa, West from the native Malayalam language.Bengal, and those in the northeast In Kerala, coconut tree is called aslike Tripura and Assam account for “Kalpa Vriksham” which essentiallythe remaining 8.44%. Kerala, which means all parts of a Coconut tree ishas the largest number of coconut useful some way or other.trees, is famous for its coconut-based10 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 11
  7. 7. Coconut CraftCoconut shell craft has a long history plantation and other relatedand has master craftsman in the industries which provide raw materialfield. It is not a traditional craft / (shell) for the crafts.legacy, i.e. it is not passed on from ageneration to generations that have Thought lot families have been in thisa particular caste or family of the craft for long time, in recent timessociety practicing the craft. It being a with mechanizations of craft andcultivated or developed craft , person new generations inclined to currentwith the skill and access to the raw professions , only a few interestedmaterials have taken to the craft. people are found doing this craft.It is confined to the coastal areas Various handmade process have alsowhere there is abundant coconut been replaced by the machines.12 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 13
  8. 8. Data Collection KeralaHistorically the craft has mention in We had the opportunity to visitMalabar region where coconut shell JUPITER ENTERPRISES at cherthala.crafts have been used to make hookas, ( cherthala is located between cochinpatronized by the kings . These were and allapuzha.)also sent to the Arab kings . This was in a mini factory setup in theLocally this half cut shell of the premises of his house. With aroundcoconut have been the waste product 2 people working . The processof domestic use, as coconut is a major predominately was mechanized as hepart of the cooking recipes, it is almost been practicing this art /craft for lasta daily feature that this is used . 24 years.This half shell naturally has bowl His various products included coconutshape. Since this is a hard shell stem, shell, fibre. His house is standingunaffected by water or heat ,this as a testimony to what is possible withshape is conveniently used as glasses coconut wood and shells.or to drink something. Used for paintmixing or storage bowls in traditionalKerala murals. Mr. Chanchu in his workshop14 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 15
  9. 9. Craft Products Soap Tray Ice cream cup Puttu maker16 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 17
  10. 10. Craft Products Various sizes of coconut shell spoons Joining details Different Table spoons and fork18 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 19
  11. 11. Craft Products Soup Spoons Curry serving spoon Different sizes20 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 21
  12. 12. Craft Products Pen Stand Key Chains22 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 23
  13. 13. Craft ProcessThe process involved in sourcing the coconut shell to the finished product hasunder gone drastic changes. Initially hand tools were uses to carve , cut , finishthe edges.With advent of machines, there are lathe machines that have replaced all thehand tools. The process is much faster.24 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 25
  14. 14. Raw MaterialCoconut is dehusked and broken to procure the flesh/kernel for variouspurposes of domestic cooking, oil producing industries. As the purpose is servedthe shell becomes a waste product. This waste product is the raw material forthis craft process. These shells are sourced from these industries or nearbyhouses depending on requirements. This metal device is used to unhusk the coconut26 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 27
  15. 15. Selection of MaterialThe shells are hard and naturally resistant to termites and changes inatmospheric conditions, hence it does not require any kind of treatment orprocess after it is sourced. Coconut shell has a natural form of a bowl dueto its natural formation/growth. All products are developed because of thisinherent shape. A suitable shell is selected based on the products to develop.For example, a wide coconut can be used for making soup bowls or a narrowmouth can be used as wine glass. A skilled crafts man can see his finishedproduct in the raw shell that he selects. In general a shell with intent form andthick without any cracks or breakage is considered a good shell from which aproduct could be developed. Selected coconut shell28 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 29
  16. 16. Sanding ProcessAs the suitable shell is selected, next would be to clean the shell. Coconut fiberson shell have to be removed. In a traditional way it was removed by rubbingthe shell on a stone or any rough surface. Now since most of the processesare mechanized, a motor/lath turning machine is fitted with a sand paperdisc. This disc is in rotation, shell is held in the hand the concave surface/outer part is moved in an upward direction. This process removes fibers andany undulations on the shell surface. A skilled careful use of the disc gives thedesired smoothness and neat surface otherwise could lead to thinning of shell.It is the first stage of the process removes the fiber and exposes the browncolour of the shell. The coconut shell after sanding Sanding Process30 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 31
  17. 17. Cleaning ProcessAs the kernel/copra/flesh is removed, the inner surface has to be cleaned andfinished to make it useful. A circular metal brush fitted on to the lathe machineis used to clean the inner surface of any copra remains and undulations. The metal cleaning brush Cleaning Process32 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 33
  18. 18. Second SandingAfter sanding and cleaning the shell is fairly smooth from the raw material. Afiner sand disc is used to give a further uniform smoothness to the shell. Thisprocess removes any remains of finer fiber, fiber marks, or imperfect ions onthe surface . The coconut shell after second sanding Second Sanding Process34 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 35
  19. 19. Buffing ProcessWith all imperfection removed, the shell is nearing finish. To give sheen to theshell, no chemicals or finshes are applied. Instead a disc with cloth edges ismounted on the machine. When the outer surface of the shell is run againstthis disk, a very fine smooth finish, sheen and dark brown colour is achieved.This is the final process of the coconut shell that gives a finish close as applyingvarnish.Since no chemicals are applied to achieve the finish, the product as soup bowlsand ice cream bowls or cutlery items are completely natural and safe. The coconut shell after buffing Buffing process36 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 37
  20. 20. Cutting ProcessThere are other products spoons that do not require complete shell. Instead itis part of the curve is used. This shape of the spoon will have to be cut from themain shell selecting the particular place of curve. A table mounted saw is usedto cut the shape. The coconut shell after cutting cutting Process38 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 39
  21. 21. Using SpindleA table mounted rotating axis /spindle is table mounted, this helps to create aconcave shapes on the edges of the shell. The coconut shell after smoothening the curves Using the spindle for smoothening the curve’s40 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 41
  22. 22. Data Collection BangaloreBangalore is a metropolitan city, capital of Karnataka. , located almost in thecenter of the southern peninsula far way from the coastal regions. Hence thereare rarely any coconut plantations or related industries.It does not have an history of coconut shell craft practiced in large numbersbefore.RDTDC (regional design and technical development center) provides formaltraining for interested personals under nominal fee. Artisan employed with thiscenter provide the training.After the formal training there are few persons who have turned to this craftas their livelihood shifting from other professions . Though run on a small scale,they bring out different products that are in great demand in the city Mr .Ravi Shankar in his workshop42 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 43
  23. 23. Craft Products Designs created using the hacksaw44 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 45
  24. 24. Craft Products Wall clocks made of coconut shell Ear rings Tic Tak game made of coconut shells46 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 47
  25. 25. Craft Products Wine Glasses Bird Pendant Storage bowl48 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 49
  26. 26. Accessories & jewelleryCurrent trends and increased customer interest in fashion accessoriesspecially in a city like Bangalore have led to development of various jewelleryand accessories. A combination os coconut shell and brass to make a ear ring50 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 51
  27. 27. Design DevelopmentVarious designs are developed by an artist ,keeping in mind the current trends.Designs are based on the basic geometric forms of rectangle ,circle or triangle.It is then developed in to complex and intricate designs of birds , fishes , zodiacsigns, spirals, flowers or abstract shapes. These designs range from simple tointricately detailed shapes. Detailing on the ear rings52 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 53
  28. 28. Design TransferAs these designs are finalised,A suitable curve on the shell is identified and designs are transferred on to theouter surface of the shell by either sticking the paper or retracing the design.The amount of curvature is of prime importance as each designs on differentcurvatures will add to the final product of the accessory. Paper pasted on the coconut shell for cutting54 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 55
  29. 29. Drilling HoleFew small holes are drilled with a drilling machine to mark the starting points.These also points on design where the axe saw blade can pass through fromwhere the design can be carved out. This avoids cutting the shell from edgewhich could is time consuming. Small holes drilled in the coconut shells56 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 57
  30. 30. Cutting DesignFew small holes are drilled with a drilling machine to mark the starting points.These also points on design where the hacksaw blade can pass through fromwhere the design can be carved out. This avoids cutting the shell from edgewhich could is time consuming. Using a hacksaw to cut the coconut shell58 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 59
  31. 31. Retail AspectKerala BangaloreMr.Sanchu of Jupiter enterprises Bangalore being a metropolitan city,displays his crafts at exhibitions. lot more awareness and customer’sThese exhibitions create awareness, response towards the crafts.and generate sales. Pre orders are Chayanisarga being a small unit,the majority of work. Products are Mr.Ravishankar solely depends onalso manufactured based only on the series of exhibitions.orders. The Coconut board in Kerala Exhibitions are organized by variousplays a key role in organizing the Non Governmental organizations andexhibitions and bringing the crafts artist development and customers under one roof. Prices vary according to the different expenditures of exhibitions, also includes the profile of the customers. A temporary stall in a 6 day fare would results in a price of Rs 150/- for a pair of earrings. Whereas the same earrings in another exhibitions that is spread over a month, more than temporary stall-stocked earrings that were priced at Rs100/-. Mr. Ravishankar at the Dastakari exhibition60 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 61
  32. 32. Retail ScenarioBringing coconut craft into the main stream retail market.Coconut craft though going down to new materials but can be revived back bypossible following strategies.• Combing the coconut shell with other materials to increase its usage• Associate the crafts with eco friendly ideology:• Being a natural product and manufactured with a raw material that is waste by product. It is well a eco friendly product that is not going to affect the ozone, reduce the carbon foot print etc• Develop a range of products that would be used in large numbers. For example a lighting range of ceiling lights, wall mounted fixtures, table fixtures could be developed that will give an ethnic and rustic look. It can be projected for theme restaurants and houses along with scheme of interiors.• Range of products that are at hands reach, like office stationary products.• Promote in areas away from coastal areas.• Promoting it as an individual brand and not restrict to a handmade craft or hobby.62 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 63
  33. 33. New Design DevelopmentAs first semester design students we developed few designs from theunderstanding that we had from the craft. These designs were developedover a day which would be ideas that could be further developed into productranges that will bring coconut crafts into the retail market. Initial sketches of the coconut lamp64 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 65
  34. 34. New Designs Initial sketches of the coconut lamp Initial sketches of the office stationary66 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 67
  35. 35. New Designs Final coconut lamp68 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 69
  36. 36. New Designs Bibliography Mr. Chanchu Jupiter enterprises Box to store pins Chertala, Kerala. Mr .Ravi Shankar Mobile holder Incense dispenser Chayanisaga Bangalore RDTDC Yeshwantpur Bangalore National Institute of Design Bangalore Mobile stand Water dispenser70 : Coconut shell Craft Coconut shell Craft : 71
  37. 37. Design for Retail Experience72 : Coconut shell Craft