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1 up presentation-043012-inv


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1 up presentation-043012-inv

  1. 1. Mobile Competitive Athletics
  2. 2. CONCEPTGive athletes a way to showcase theirperformance directly to players, fans, peers andtalent scoutsMix-in competitive game dynamics + crowd-sourcing to encourage participation, make it funand grow a large, sustainable niche network
  3. 3. iOS APPCapturevideo of athletic performancewherever it’s happeningShareyour videos with people in the1UP networkCompeteagainst other 1UP members,earn the most votes anddominate the network
  4. 4. 1UP THE NETWORK1. Shoot video2. Challenge other videos3. Win challenges with member votes hnson Jeffrey Jo David J ones L Mobile, A , 2011 Tempe, :21 s hot Aug 4 :19 sho AZ t Mar 1 6, 2012 VS
  5. 5. Football, basketball,cycling, baseball, soccer,AUDIENCEMMA, hockey, tennis,skateboarding,snowboarding,m o t o c r o s s , p a r k o u r,dunks, combine, crossfit,climbing, kayaking, golf,Anyone with an iPhone + Facebookparasailing, skiing,account who thinks they can one-upmountain biking, trackand field, archery, tough-challengers with their ability.mudder, cricket, surfing,horseback, volleyball,gymnastics, car racing,lacrosse, bowling,fencing, karate, frisbee,shooting, handball/raquetball, rugby, sailing,softball, paintball,swimming, hang gliding,ping pong, beer pong,
  6. 6. MARKETSSports Mobile100 million people actively 500 million monthly users ofparticipate in mainstream Facebook’s mobile productssports and recreationalactivities 1UP 83 million monthly mobile Facebook users$422 billion dollar industry $29.5 billion is projected to beBoard sports market worth spent on mobile apps in 2012more than $17.5 billion
  7. 7. LAUNCH STRATEGYLeverage relationships with professional athletes andtrainers to promote the app to their fans + followersFootball MMA Zach Miller Ryan Bader NFL Tight End UFC, TapouT Twitter followers: 7,052 Twitter followers: 76,962 Facebook fans: 34,512MMA Skateboarding Cain Velasquez Marty Murawski UFC, DeThrone, BSN Blueprint Skateboards, DVS, Matix Twitter followers: 115,200 Twitter followers: 1,831 (35k w/ Facebook fans: 35,763 sponsors) Facebook fans (sponsors): 100k+
  8. 8. MONETIZATIONApp sales, free vs. ad-free versions ($.99 - $1.99 SRP)Sponsorships/Advertising (a la Pandora, Internet TV)In-app purchasing (credits, special challenges/exclusiverematches)Licensing of network content
  9. 9. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPEAll lack a gaming dynamicThey are general, not niched around an interestStyle and subject matter varies greatly between apps
  10. 10. COMPANY STATUSJMediaVentures, Inc. is a Delaware Company and alicensed Apple DeveloperCompany has been self-funded to date, primarilyfocused on building its beta product slated to hitApple’s App Store mid-July 2012Beta testing to take place May 30 - June 30 with selectgroups of users prior to public launch
  11. 11. INVESTMENT ASK$400,000 in private investment under a convertiblenote, $50,000 minimum investment ACQUIRE USERS QUICKLY - Execute early user adoption activities APP/PLATFORM ENHANCEMENT - Staff/contractors needed to expand app/platform development EXECUTE MARKETING - Create sustainable pipeline/funnel to drive users/partners and kick-start monetization