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Attached is the first issue of the Victory Newsletter. The intent of this newsletter is to create a continuous message between the 1st Recruiting Brigade and battalions on pertinent items and issues. Inside this issue, you will find articles from different section of the brigade staff.

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Victory Newsletter - Vol1 issue1

  1. 1. Volume 1, Issue 1 1st Recruiting Brigade Victory Newsletter30 August 2011 Commander Sends Team, our mission in the Brigade is in operations. Social media is another example of lever- to recruit—with integrity—highly aging technology—reach out and communicate with the qualified men and women to meet potential Future Soldiers using their methods of commu- Army mission requirements, while nication. Leveraging technology is one of nine command developing and caring for all mem- imperatives for the Victory Brigade. These imperatives Leadership and bers of the command. In this first are in concert with my vision for the Brigade; an efficient learning are newsletter, I would like to address a organization operating in an environment conducive to indispensable to few questions in regards to the bri- balancing mission success with the wellness needs of all each other. gade mission and vision as I see it. Victory Brigade personnel. —John F. Kennedy What can a Recruiter do in his or her station to How can a station commander interact with the com- improve Future Soldier engagement? munity? Get to know your Future Soldiers—this includes The commanders provide examples of community In this issue: meeting and working with their influencers, whether it events, as well as Future Soldier events in their weekly is a teacher, parent or spouse. This also helps within updates. Future Soldiers can help with communityCommander Sends 1 the community. events—let them be a face of the Army. Engage your COIs and ensure contact is consistent. These are yourCSM Says 1 What does it mean for a Recruiter to leverage liaisons to the community. technology?DCO Corner 2 Recruiters should use the technology available to Why is it important for leaders to stressStation Commander 2 them—everything a Recruiter needs to accomplish continuous education and personal development?Insight the mission is at his or her fingertips. Processing an Those of us that have the experience should share it applicant to managing Future Soldiers… it’s all auto- with the younger generation of Soldiers—this way, theWellness 3 mated. There are a few key systems that, if lever- Army continues to be strong.MRTT 3 aged correctly, will increase efficiency and precisionDoD News 3Legal 4 CSM SaysA&PA 4 Team, in this first newsletter, I’d like What is one of the greatest challenges Recruiters to address the make-up of a great face? Purpose leader and Soldier. Simply put, themselves and overcoming ―no.‖ Hearing ―no‖ deals a mental blow and they need to not take itThe Victory Brigade is an adaptive What characteristics make up a personally. It goes back to persistence, self-motivationorganization, exemplifying Army great Recruiter? and resilience.Values and excellence in recruitingoperations, while simultaneously One of the things about a great Re-providing for the wellness of its cruiter that I find in common is self- What can a leader do to ensure there is account-Soldiers, Civilians and Families. motivation and being goal-oriented. They are persis- ability in his or her area?The intent of this newsletter is tocreate a continuous message be- tent, self-disciplined and resilient and they truly never Know everything about your subordinates… Family,tween the 1st Recruiting Brigade give up. Great Recruiters come off as being very sin- anniversaries, birthdays, what makes them tick. It isand battalions on pertinent items cere. If you line up 100 Recruiters, I can pick the Re- all important. You can’t do that by sitting behind aand issues. cruiters that are going to be great… they possess a desk or by email. You have got to be engaged andQuestions or concerns? Please certain energy, are very focused and those that are you have got to care about your Soldiers. Make sureemail really great make excellent teammates. the Soldier understands his job and then you can hold him accountable. Expect success—have an expecta- Do you have a motto that motivates you? tion that everyone wants to win and then show them I truly believe the phrase ―lead by example.‖ My par- how to win. ents are my role models and I strive to be an example for my children. Rank will be apparent if you do what What is one thing a Recruiter can do to better is required. I believe in taking care of Soldiers, himself/herself? Civilians and Families. The privilege to lead drives It’s a whole-person concept: spiritual, mental and me—it’s a great responsibility. physical fitness. Continue with self-development and create proper expectation. It’s a balance of Family, friends and self.
  2. 2. Victory NewsletterPage 2 DCO Corner In a recent reading of Benjamin Franklin’s Autobi- Justice. Wrong none by doing injuries, or omitting the benefits that ography, I came across his ―13 Virtues,‖ which fits are your duty. (In a society plagued with apathy, the world now nicely with most of our leadership traits and the needs, more than ever, people who will stand up for justice.) work ethic for which we strive in USAREC. Some Moderation. Avoid extremes; forbear resenting injuries so much as of the language is a bit dated and you may need a you think they deserve. (Society will tell you that ―more‖ is the an- dictionary to get the full meanings. swer, that more money, more stuff, and more pleasure are the keys to gaining satisfaction in life. In reality, the secret to a fulfilling life is Temperance. Eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation. (By con- moderation.) quering your primal urges for food and drink, you’ll have the confi- Cleanliness. Tolerate no uncleanliness in body, clothes, or habita- dence to start making improvements in other areas of your life.) tion. (The reality is that developing cleanliness develops attention to Silence. Speak not but what might benefit others or yourself; avoid detail, discipline and order.) trifling conversation. (A person must learn when and when not to Tranquility. Be not disturbed at trifles, or at accidents common or open the mouth.) unavoidable. (Controlling one’s anger is the mark of a cool and com- Order. Let all your things have their places; let each part of your posed person. There are many social and health benefits to control- business have its time. (Make small changes by rectifying each slip ling your anger.) into disorganization the moment it happens. Do it now.) Chastity. Rarely use venery but for health or offspring, never to dull- Resolution. Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail ness, weakness, or the injury of your own or another’s peace or repu- what you resolve. tation. (Of all the virtues, chastity is probably the least popular these Frugality. Make no expense but to do good to others or yourself; days. We live in a society which glamorizes and exploits sex. Sex is i.e., waste nothing. (Spend less than you earn, as an individual and everywhere – on the Internet, on T.V. and in our magazines. Don’t as an Army, don’t waste tax dollars.) ruin your career over a weak moment.) Industry. Lose no time. Be always employed in something useful. Humility. Imitate Jesus and Socrates. (Some of the greatest men in Cut off all unnecessary actions. (People today are looking for ―get- history have been the most humble. Humility isn’t weak, submissive rich-quick‖ schemes that will afford them a huge payout with mini- or self-abasing. Humility means having the quiet confidence to allow mum effort. In reality, honest work is a beneficial and refining en- your actions to speak for themselves.) deavor that should be embraced, not disdained.) Sincerity. Use no hurtful deceit; think innocently and justly, and, if All these may not apply to you but are definitely worth your consid- you speak, speak accordingly. (Gossip, sarcasm and lying can harm eration and thought. There is a lot of wisdom to be gained from gray- you and others.) beards. Let their mistakes and learning assist you before you take the same wrong path to error and failure. Station Commander Insight Families Important to Army’s Success these two Families are balanced correctly, morale of single and married Soldiers alike. By Staff Sgt. Nicholas J. Parsons the Sol-dier’s morale and job performance With the morale at a high, Soldiers can focus Ithaca Recruiting Station should be at its highest point. Through tech- on the mission at hand. The accomplishment nology, we are able to accomplish so much of the mission strengthens a unit’s success Army Families can have many positive effects more. A prime example of this is today’s and well-being. on the morale of all Soldiers and Families. social networking and Internet capabilities, They support the well-being and strength of allowing Soldiers to unite with loved ones Army Families are imperative to the growing our units. Army Families volunteer in many even while fighting on the battlefield. In re- needs of the Army. They provide support to different ways to play key roles in ensuring turn for our Soldiers’ strong bonds with their all Soldiers raising morale on and off the bat- our Soldiers are taken care of well. Family Families, the Soldier is willing and ready to tlefield. Without the FRG, our Family support Readiness Groups are essential to mission face any obstacle to accomplish the mission. for the mission would diminish, and our Sol- success and Soldier stability. Through sup- diers may not have the poise to complete the port, guidance and love, Army Families play a To build even stronger Families and increase mission. Without the Soldiers completing their vital role to mission success and are of the the morale of all Soldiers, we have the missions, our units would suffer severely. utmost importance to the Army team. FRGs. The FRG not only supports the well- Without Families bonded with the Army team, being of married Sol-diers but also supports we could face changes. This would be catas- A Soldier’s life on and off the battlefield mirror the well-being of single Soldiers. Through car trophic to the success of the United States of each other. In most cases, a Soldier who is washes, bake sales, and other events, the America and its ability to win wars. As we can going through tough times with his or her FRG provides services to all of the unit’s see, Families are of the utmost importance to Family may have trouble concentrating on the Soldiers. They help Families get established our nation’s success. They raise the morale mission. A strong Army Family, with a sense and support single Soldiers in many ways. of Soldiers and provide units with the strength of belonging, reflects directly on the service- They send cards and small gifts through the that is necessary to complete and dominate member. As a Soldier, you have two Families: holidays while Soldiers are deployed. Be- the mission together as an Army team. the Army Family and the home Family. When cause of this support, the FRG increases the
  3. 3. Victory NewsletterPage 3 Wellness—Chaplain Recruiting! What an awesome task. The hard work He is the heavenly commander of the Recruiters for that goes into the task of finding those to serve in the the Kingdom of God. He has directed those that are military can be daunting. During times when the His to go out and find those for the kingdom. God economy is hurting and so are peoples wallets, the knows those who will accept the invitation to join and military can be place of employment. With that piece He knows those who will not. Recruiters have no such comes the discernment to find those who are wanting luxury. He would want all to join and unlike the Army, to serve with honor and not just for a paycheck. He has no quota. The Recruiter suffers with the recruit’s Family when When a recruit considers the call to serve, he or she the Soldier goes into harm’s way and does not come must consider not only what he or she is taking on, back. The stress scenarios are endless. There are pressures from all sides, even the home front. but what might be given up. It not is an easy decision, but it is an important one. The Recruiter on the street God knows all that the Recruiter goes through and must keep this in mind. He cares very much. He Himself is a Recruiter. God Bless You. MRTT So you’re in your daily IPR and This part of the IPR not only helps drives this Soldier? What does he you’ve gotten to your favorite part, identify potential or impending or she value most amongst our“What drives this ―Mission Posture‖ but what hap- issues that could hinder mission Army Values? What personal Soldier? What pened waaaay back at performance, but may also pre- values does this Soldier have that ―Personnel‖? vent dangerous physical, emo- are different from your other Sol- personal values tional, financial and Family issues diers?does this Soldier It is vital that you treat the Person- before they take hold as real risk have that are nel portion of the IPR as the very factors. The next time you ask a question important part of the In-Process during an IPR about your Soldier’s different from Review and with the focus that it The Personnel portion can be a Family, weekend activities, or your other deserves. This is a chance to com- great leadership tool that can drive professional development, don’t municate with your Soldiers prior to mission and a Soldier’s effective- accept a shrug and a ―Not Soldiers?” mentioning or addressing mission. ness as well. This sort of commu- much‖…delve…dig…and dis- It should be a sincere leap into the nication with your Soldiers helps cover! personal and professional life of to identify what is truly important your subordinates. to our most valuable asset. What Department of Defense News Secretary of the Army John McHugh Announces To date, that task force has launched efforts to root Effort to Transform Army Management, Structure out overlap and redundancies in research and devel- opment, review temporary organizations and task Secretary of the Army John McHugh announced Au- forces to see if they are still needed, consolidate and gust 15 the creation of the Institutional Army Transfor- streamline the requirements process, reform installa- mation Commission, a panel charged with finding new tions management, optimize Army acquisitions, and ways to make the Army a more ―agile, cost-effective make changes in human capital management. organization.‖ ―This commission will implement changes already ―We’re not just asking people to change the way they identified through the short-term task force, assess budget,‖ McHugh said. ―We’re asking them to change and identify new opportunities, and continue to func- the way they think.‖ tion for the next three years,‖ McHugh said. Earlier this year, McHugh created a short-term task Since the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq began, the force to examine the Army’s organizations and busi- operational Army has experienced dramatic and ness practices to identify both short-term improve- continuous change, quickly adapting to changes in ments and long-term structural changes within the terrain, mission and the enemy it faces. But the insti- institutional Army -- the so-called Generating Force. tutional Army looks much the same, structurally, as it has since the early to mid-70s.
  4. 4. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 4LegalParticipation in charitable events official capacity, 5 CFR Part 2635 official and authorized recruiting personnel is directly and the JER (DoD Directivedependent upon what one’s status 5500.7-R) prohibits Government 3. Solicit in the workplace foris and who is expending funds or employees from: contributions (asking others in theresources. Its acceptable for Gov- Government workplace to sponsor “Its acceptableernment personnel to engage in 1. Endorsing or showing preferen- the team or make a donation).volunteer and personal charitable tial treatment to any Non-Federal for Governmentactivities off-duty, not in the work- Entity or charity (if they support For a more detailed discussion of personnel toplace, and not acting in an official Relay for Life, then Relay for any of the above, please contact engage incapacity. Although one can not Painted Ponies has valid grounds one of the Brigade Ethics Coun- volunteer anduse government funds to pay for to claim Government favoritism). selors, Mr. Ken Gornic or Cpt. personalentry fees, if a commander wants Joseph Beazley, at (301) 677- charitableto enter a team, that commander 2. Misusing Government re- 2787. We cannot serve as your activities off-duty,may pay for these expenses for sources in support of a charity personal attorney, but with the not in the work-the entire team out of his or her (e.g., utilizing the rock wall, buying facts you provide us can advise place, and notown pocket. the batons, paying team or individ- the Command as to how to best acting in an ual race fees). Government re- approach an actual or potential official capacity.”However, if they are acting in an sources may be used only for ethical minefieldAdvertising & Public AffairsUsing Social Media to Recruit Effective Recruiting Not only is using social media the ―cool way to reachStaff Sgt. William Partrea, a Recruiter in Mechanics- out,‖ Partrea said it also enables Recruiters to beville, Va., said his morning routine begins with open- more effective at their jobs. He said he can talk toing e-mail and his work Facebook account. Face- more prospective recruits and then keep in touchbook, Twitter, MySpace — all of these tools are ways once the recruit enters basic stay in touch with people, but nowRecruiters can leverage them to reach out to poten- ―I can talk to three or four interested people at onetial servicemembers, as well. time (through chat boxes), instead of talking to one possibly uninterested person on the phone,‖ Partrea―Facebook is now a work essential tool,‖ Partrea said. said.Tool For Connection Creating a NetworkThe majority of high school students communicate Partrea and Lucero said social media has allowedvia text messages and Facebook because of the other Future Soldiers to reach out to them, having “The majority ofspeed. Staff Sgt. Mark Lucero, the 1st Brigade band heard about them from their friends.Recruiter, said once someone becomes a fan, not high schoolonly can the Recruiter check out the prospective Partrea said social media gives him a chance to talk studentsSoldier’s page but the individual can also check out to more students, noting that access to Facebook communicatethe Recruiter’s page. opens up referrals. via text messages and―The biggest thing for them is to see that we’re real,‖ On the flip side, social media supplies more informa- FacebookLucero said. ―It’s more personal for them to see our tion for recruits. Army Facebook sites (recruitingphotos and read our background.‖ Partrea added station,, USAREC) allow individuals to because of thethere are elements of honesty and candidness with connect with other recruits, ask questions and re- speed. ByFacebook. ceive an immediate response and click through pho- realizing this, tos and videos. Recruiters canBy leveraging social media tools, Recruiters can stay leverage theup-to-speed with current trends and events in the Here to Staycommunity, as well as stay in touch with a recruit. simplicity and By using social media tools, Recruiters can reachPartrea said he has had past recruits stay in touch out to more prospective recruits, individuals who immediacy ofwith him and ask about reenlistment opportunities. have already shown interest in the Army. Social Facebook.” media connects Recruiters to a network of potential―We can see the big games coming up, and that’s a Future Soldiers.great way to connect to the kids,‖ Partrea said. ―We can use it to work smarter,‖ Partrea said.