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This issue includes a holiday letter from COL Emerson and CSM Craig, and an article on loyalty from COL Sullivan, as well as input from the staff sections.

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Victory Newsletter

  1. 1. Volume 1, Issue 4 1st Recruiting Brigade Victory Newsletter 1 December 2011 Enjoy the Season, Celebrate Safely Col. Ricky N. Emerson Command. Sgt. Major Gregory O. Craig“I am the first believerleaders must have the quiet confidence, the certainty, of professional Team, preparation and personal conviction The holiday season is upon us! During this season, take a moment to realize the impact you have that the task can and on the Army. Every day, we all make a decision to serve the nation and put our mission first. We will be done.” would like to thank you all for your dedication and service to the country. - Vince Lombardi The holidays are a time to spend with our Families, a time when we can all reflect and give thanks In this issue: for the freedoms we enjoy. This is the perfect time to reflect and be thankful for the Family mem- bers that have supported you and the Army. Our Families are responsible for our successes – and in turn, the success of the brigade – through their continued support and we need to remember thisCommander Sends 1 as we give thanks for our accomplishments.CSM Says 1 While the holidays are a time to relax, remember to celebrate safely and responsibly. The brigadeDCO Corner 2 emphasizes the importance of the buddy system – take the time to check in with your teammates,MRTT 3 even if it’s something as simple as wishing them a happy holiday. If a teammate has no plans forWellness 3 the holidays, consider extending an invitation to celebrate with your Family. Every Soldier in this brigade should have a place to relax during the holidays.DoD News 3Legal 4 Remember, even during the holidays and when on leave, you are a representative of the Army and the Victory Brigade. Carry yourself accordingly and uphold the Army Values in everything you do. Purpose We would like to thank all of you for your hard work and commitment. We are proud to serve withThe Victory Brigade is an adaptive you all of you and wish you all a happy and safe holiday season.organization, exemplifying ArmyValues and excellence in recruitingoperations, while simultaneouslyproviding for the wellness of itsSoldiers, Civilians and Families. Army Strong!The intent of this newsletter is tocreate a continuous message be-tween the 1st Recruiting Brigadeand battalions on pertinent itemsand issues. Ricky N. Emerson Gregory O. CraigQuestions or concerns? Please COL, MI CSM, USAemail Commanding
  2. 2. Victory NewsletterPage 2 DCO Corner Misplaced Loyalty Lopez stated that Watts did not show any professional courtesy; Col. Kenneth Sullivan rather, with gun drawn, she screamed at Lopez, handcuffed him and tossed him in the back of her squad car. He was later In the past several months the news wires have charged with dangerous driving. been full of college coaches losing their jobs due to implicit support of wrongful action, explicit But the story does not end there. Many officers are critical of support of wrongful action, or ignoring the action Watts, saying once she realized Lopez was a cop, she should hoping it will go away. Not to cast dispersion, but to the observant have shown some respect. leader, it is obvious that glory or potential accolades of victory drove their decision process from the easy right to the harder Various opinions of the incident emerged. ―I felt the gun should wrong. have been put away and I don’t think she should have made the physical arrest,‖ Francis ―Bucky‖ Greene, a former Miami-Dade In the spring of 2011, the well respected coach of the Ohio State sergeant and retired police trainer, told the Miami Herald. ―If she Buckeyes lost his job in conjunction with the actions of several called a supervisor to come to the scene, I think the guy would players over the selling of game memorabilia. Whether the selling have his [city-owned] car taken away on the spot.‖ Another officer of these trinkets is important or not is irrelevant. However, when said Watts made much ado about nothing. ―This is not police the action was not immediately corrected by the coach and was corruption,’’ said retired North Miami Police Maj. Bob Lynch. potentially covered by either he or his staff, he crossed the line. ―These are not criminal offenses, but traffic violations.‖ How could a person making over three million a year to coach be captured by a bunch of still-wet-behind-the-ears young men and Should the loyalty of policeman their self-inflicted drama? be to other policeman or to the “Regardless of law? Now this may not be as In this case no one died or was injured but I am sure that the newsworthy as the two major personal opinion, coach with the red sweater vest will be paying a lot less on his college coaches losing their job, having a badge or income taxes this year. All these life changes grew from a sense but they all deal with misplaced of misplaced loyalty – was it worth it? loyalty. wearing of a uniform does not In the fall of 2011, we again visit this scenario with a storied pro- Regardless of personal opinion, gram and a venerable coach. We have lately been inundated having a badge or wearing of a give you special with stories of the actions (or inactions) of various coaches, ad- uniform does not give you spe- privilege.” ministrators and legal officials that brought shame on the whole cial privilege. We are still ex- organization, resulting in the untimely demise of several distin- pected to be loyal to the entity that we represent. guished careers. The lawsuit dilemma in this case will go on for years. In our world of recruiting, a few have lost the bubble on this con- cept and have paid the price, in some cases with their career. I From the news reports (and we all how reliable that is), various know things are going to occur beyond our control but how many people were notified of the incidents, on the campus and some in of these recruiter incidents had preemptory clues? How many of judicial authority; however, the follow-through was not completed. the ―battle buddies‖ of these Troopers had a clue or even fully The central figure in this drama was allowed continued access to knew what was occurring-and did nothing? Misplaced loyalty! the college program, through loyalty, ignorance or apathy. The great career of Coach Paterno will forever be associated with this Our loyalty as Soldiers is to the Constitution of the United States terrible incident. All these life changes came from a sense of and to the proud organization of the US Army. When loyalty to misplaced loyalty – was it worth it? our fellow Soldiers outweighs our loyalty to the Army and the Constitution, we fail. We fail not only the ―battle buddy‖ we are Recently in Florida, the story of a Florida State Trooper arresting charged protect, but also the greater organization, the Army. a Miami cop made big news. It instantly became topic number one among police officers all over the country, two cops in Flor- As these tragic events occur, usually the name of the perpetrator ida, with one of them arresting another one. On October 11, Flor- quickly disappears like a mist, but we all, as Soldiers, are ida State Trooper Donna Watts saw a Miami unmarked police car grouped with the negative, long lasting impact. Stand for the speeding on a highway. Thinking the vehicle might have been right, even if you lose a temporary friend. Protect our organiza- stolen, Watts gave chase -- at speeds of up to 120 miles an hour. tion and its dignity so that we can all conduct our mission with Instead of a car thief, Miami police officer Fausto Lopez was be- pride. Mission First! hind the wheel. He explained he was speeding to an off-duty job.
  3. 3. Victory NewsletterPage 3 MRTT Greetings from the 1 BDE MRTT! MSG Poindexter, MSG Rid- and Influencers will be ―extra‖ distracted by the exciting and dervold, SFC Tourville, SFC Mileski, SFC Ross and SFC Muise stressful time period. would like wish you all a great holiday season. Similarly, PS applicants who are making hard decision of whether Major training and assessment events can sometimes divert our to leave families may be hesitant to make that decision during the attention away from what is truly important during this-and the Holiday season. It is for this reason that we must maintain those upcoming-holiday seasons. strict follow-ups with our applicants and prospects. A good TTP is to make it a point to contact each and every one of your current As you prepare for, or ―wipe the dust‖, for this year’s installment and past, applicants, prospects, Future Soldiers and even their of the Critical Skills Assessment Test it is important that we stay families. Keep the Army in the forefront of their mind and show proficient and focused on our skills even amongst the holidays. them that you truly care! You may find that during this time of year our recruiting skills must be especially honed and sharpened. Applicants, Prospects Happy Holidays and truly enjoy your time off! Wellness The Wellness Team wish all a wonderful holiday season. For those who dont foresee that being in their forecast, what BUT… what about the down and discouraged? can be done for them? Thankful hearts are supposed to be the order of the day, but for  Take a moment to ensure that they will not be left alone during the holiday. some of us cheerfulness can be a tall order. For some it is all they can do pretend to be content. Many are bearing a heavy  Invite them out to lunch, over for dinner, or even invite load and they do what they can to not be a burden to anyone them home for Thanksgiving. else. There are times, especially during these merry holidays  If they are into football invite yourself over with a bag of where those who are bearing a lighter load should come to the chips or other snack and make it a party. aid of their countryman.  If they dont want to partake, call them sometime during the holiday and check up on them and maybe in the When a sorrowful heart is detected, maybe we should ask "How middle of a boring, quiet evening they will change their can I help?" Giving someone the time of day might lift a spirit and mind. soothe an ache. If someone who is needing a comforting hand  Send them a card or other small gift. received one it might even a spare a life. There are many who will have a joyous and happy holiday season and of course that There is always someone worse off and a little love and concern is wished for everyone. can go a long way. DoD News Veterans get boost as Obama signs tax credits into law "While weve added more than 350,000 private-sector jobs over the last three months, weve got 850,000 veterans who cant find President Barack Obama delivered a clear message today when work," the president said. "And even though the overall unem- he signed two new tax credits into law to increase the hiring of ployment rate came down just a little bit last month, unemploy- military veterans and wounded warriors. ment for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan continued to rise." "For businesses out there, if you are hiring, hire a veteran," he "They are some of the most highly trained, highly educated, said. "Its the right thing to do for you, its the right thing to do for highly skilled workers that we have," he said. "If they can save them, and its the right thing to do for our economy." lives on the battlefield, then they can save a life in an ambu- lance. In August, Obama called on Congress to enact tax credits, in- cluded in the American Jobs Act, that will help to get unemployed For the complete story, visit veterans back to work. Veterans_get_boost_as_Obama_signs_tax_credits_into_law/
  4. 4. Volume 1, Issue 4 Page 4LegalBelow is the Recruiter Misconduct Report from the 3rd Quarter.If you have any legal questions , please do not hesitate to contacteither the BJA at 301-677-2788 or your chain of command.RANK OFFENSE PUNISHMENTSSG Misconduct in violation of Articles 91 and 92, by being disrespectful  Issued Company Grade Article 15 and being derelict in the performance of his duties.  Forfeiture of $744  Suspended for 6 monthsSSG Misconduct in violation of Articles 92 and 107, by wrongfully allowing  Issued Field Grade Article 15 an applicant to drive his GOV and lying about it.  Written reprimandSSG Misconduct in violation of Article 92, by wrongfully having unofficial  Issued Field Grade Article 15 personal contact with an applicant, misusing GOV cell.  Forfeiture of $500 per month (2 months)  Oral admonitionSGT Misconduct in violation of Article 92, by wrongfully misusing GOV.  Issues Field Grade Article 15  Forfeiture of $1,777 per month (2 months)  Suspended for 6 monthsSFC Misconduct in violation of Article 92, by wrongfully leaving his gov-  Issued BDE Field Grade Article 15 ernment-issued computer in his POV—computer was stolen.  Forfeiture of $500SGT Misconduct in violation of Article 92, for wrongfully having inappropri-  Issued Field Grade Article 15 ate contact with applicant.  Forfeiture of $200 per month (2 months)  Reduction to SPC  Suspended for 6 monthsSSG Misconduct in violation of Article 92, by wrongfully having an unau-  Issued GO Field Grade Article 15 thorized relationship with a prospect.  Reduction to SGT  Forfeiture of $1,482 per month (2 months)SFC Misconduct in violation of Articles 92, 107 and 134, by wrongfully  Issued Field Grade Article 15 having inappropriate sexual contact with 2 applicants, making false  Forfeiture of $2,012 per month (2 months) official statement to CID; and committing adultery.SGT Misconduct in violation of Article 92, by wrongfully misusing his gov-  Issued Field Grade Article 15 ernment-issued cell phone to text an applicant and having unofficial  Reduction to SPC personal contact.  Oral reprimandSFC Misconduct in violation of Article 92, by wrongfully misusing his  Issued Field Grade Article 15 GOV.  Forfeiture of $400 per month (2 months)SSG Misconduct in violation of Article 92, by wrongfully violating the  Issued Field Grade Article 15 Buddy System (being along with an applicant) and having unofficial  Reduction to SGT personal contact with applicant.