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Creating And Customizing Your Blackboard Class


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This PPT was created as a draft in preparation for the creation of "eClips" or small videos to introduce a concept or excite someone about a concept.

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Creating And Customizing Your Blackboard Class

  1. 1. Creating and Customizing Your Blackboard Class
  2. 2. I think I’ll put some stuff online!
  3. 3. I know that Blackboard is a storage place.
  4. 4. I’ll park my syllabus out there for the students.
  5. 5. And oh, my PowerPoints
  6. 6. …and a few other things
  7. 7. so they can print
  8. 8. I’ll create a course and put my stuff in the right place. Here?
  9. 9. Why live with Blackboard’s Default Buttons?
  10. 10. Why not provide meaningful links to content areas or tools? Unit 1 Readings Assignments Quiz
  11. 11. Instead of seeing
  12. 12. Why not change your class from this:
  13. 13. To something like this:
  14. 14. or this?
  15. 15. Create Logical Navigation and Organization
  16. 16. Consider opportunities for communication
  17. 17. And collaboration
  18. 18. Whatever you choose… <ul><li>Focus on your educational goals and desired outcomes </li></ul>