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Wordpress SEO


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Wordpress SEO by 1 Internet Marketing

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Wordpress SEO

  1. 1. By 1 Internet Marketing
  2. 2. Overview  URL Structure  Page & Post URLs  Images  On-site Optimization – Plugins  Q & A - Discussion
  3. 3. URLs Single Category (Blog) Multi Category Remove www. to shorten URL
  4. 4. Page & Post URLs Slug and Page/Post Title should be your keyword NOTE: While this title will auto render as Page/Post Meta Title you can and should override this with a more desirable Meta Title. (later slides will cover) Use parent pages if possible
  5. 5. Images Title will auto render as alt text so set for SEO Keywords Naming images desired keyword help save time Don’t link to image file unless using as a gallery By default link to “Attachment Page” Or use as button, link to “Custom”
  6. 6. Onsite - Plugins Yoast SEO – Easy to use with helpful suggestions for beginners. SEO Ultimate – Powerful features for large sites and more advanced users.
  7. 7. Q&A Questions and Answers! Then Open discussion. Thank You! for slides