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SEO in 2019


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SEO 101 Updated for 2019! Tip and tricks to rank your website at the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing!

Published in: Marketing
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SEO in 2019

  1. 1. SEO in 2019 Tips, Tricks & Updates
  2. 2. Disclaimer
  3. 3. Overview Of Topics SEO 2019 On-Site SEO Technical SEO Local Search Social Media Integration Link Building
  4. 4. On-Site SEO On-Site SEO in 2019 META Headings Content Images CTAs
  5. 5. META Tag/Info One of the most important elements of SEO even in 2019 are your page’s META tags. META tags send information about your page to the search engine to be indexed and listed. Actions: Optimize each page of your website’s META tags. Title <title>insert page title here</title> Description <meta name="description" content="insert site description here” />
  6. 6. Headings In addition to your page title, search engines search your page’s heading titles to figure out the topic of each page. Adding relevant heading tags also makes it easier for your user to understand your website’s content. Actions: Optimize the Heading tags of each page on your website. H1 <h1>Main Heading Here</h1> By default in WordPress this is your page title. H2 <h2>Section Heading Here</h2> H3, etc <h3>Subsection Heading Here</h3>
  7. 7. Content Below your headings should be relevant content describing your company, product and/or services. Try to use your keywords in a way that people would search and in a variety of other ways including synonyms and common abbreviations. Actions: Use your target keyword/s in your page’s content. Also make sure to have sufficient amount of original text on each page (200+ words). Ex: keyword in Albuquerque, Albuquerque keyword, ABQ keyword, kywrd, searched words, etc
  8. 8. Images Images remain a key piece to any SEO campaign. Images stimulate users in a visual manner making for a better user experience while also allowing users to find you on social media and other image based searches. Actions: Optimize all your websites images and create image based content focused around your keywords and digital assets. Alt: Add alt text to images to send information about the image to search engines and screen readers. Title: Images titles can be view by a user hovering over an image and can be used to add information about the image. Caption: In WordPress a caption can be added which displays additional information below an image.
  9. 9. Calls to Action - CTAs Getting users the information they need right away is great but can sometimes send a negative signal to search engines. By adding actionable links, opt-ins, contact forms and clickable phone numbers on mobile you ensure you capture users’ information (leads!) and reduce the number of bounces (bad metric). Actions: Add CTAs on every page of your website in a place where the logical next step would be a contact or other action. Ex: Call Now, Read More, Learn More, View Product Description, View Gallery, Contact Us, Fill Out This Form, Sign Up For Our Newsletter, etc.
  10. 10. Technical SEO Technical SEO in 2019 Site Structure Technical Errors Speed Security Mobile Canonicals, Redirects & 404s
  11. 11. Site Structure Not much has changed in 2019. Home page should be set up as a hub linking to all main areas of interest (sections). The linked section pages act as sub hubs and link deeper to further sub pages. HOME >Section >Sub Section
  12. 12. Technical Errors Actions: All errors should be fixed! Check HTML Errors Check CSS Errors
  13. 13. Site Speed Google and other search engines are tracking site speed but more important is user experience (UX) which is also tracked and weighted! Actions: Fix all possible issues to get your speed score up. Google PageSpeed Insights GTmetrix
  14. 14. Security Security has become a major factor for search engines and user trust. Actions: No Malware, No Adware, Everything up-to-date (themes, plugins, widgets, etc), Delete not in use, and SSL Certificates. Got MLS : Lets Encrypt: Really Simple SSL:
  15. 15. Mobile Mobile first indexing has been in place for some time now and will only continue to be more relevant as search continues to move from desktop to tablet and mobile. Actions: Responsive websites built to adapt to all screen sizes and optimized for proper loading on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.
  16. 16. Canonicals, Redirects & 404s Canonicals should be on every page and consistently link to one page version. Actions: Add canonical links in header to each page. <link rel="canonical" href="" /> Redirects should be kept to minimal. Always use 301s unless not permanent. Always redirect to final destination. Actions: Fix all redirect loops. Old-Page>301-Redirect>New-Page NOT: Oldest-Page>301-Redirect>Old-Page>301-Redirect>New-Page 404 Page Not Found Errors should be tracked and limited. Actions: Fix all internal broken links, try to fix external links, 301 the rest!
  17. 17. Local Search Google Business Reviews Directories NAP MicroData Local Search in 2019
  18. 18. Google Business If you want to rank locally you need a google business page which has been setup and optimized for your industry and locality. Listings are ranked on proximity to search location, number of reviews, network of reviewers, listing relevance (keywords, services, etc) and traditional ranking factors such as links to domain. Actions: Create and/or optimize your listing on Google maps.
  19. 19. Reviews Reviews remain a top local ranking factor. Why? High Reviews Ratings = Customer Trust = Positive User Metrics Where? Google pulls reviews from most major review sites and local listings, however google reviews are best! How? Simply ask, email, call. Actions: Get more reviews!
  20. 20. Directories Getting listed in other local directories and review sites gives your site more chances of getting found (not just on Google). Google sometimes aggregates information from other directories such as contacts, images and reviews. Actions: Get listed in other local directories! Yahoo Bing YellowPages Yelp Facebook
  21. 21. NAP NAP = Name, Address, Phone Number Consistent NAP across all listings on the web will help site rankings and trust. Actions: Audit the web searching for all listings of your business, phone number and address fixing all listing to be consistent and correct. Company Name 123 Address NE City, ST 00000 (555) 505-1234
  22. 22. MicroData Microdata is used to send search engines additional information about your website and content by nesting META DATA into your website code. Actions: Add relevant MicroData markup where possible.
  23. 23. Social Media Integration Profile Links Shareable Links Social Proof Content Distribution Social AdsSocial Media for SEO in 2019
  24. 24. Profile Links Social Media profile links provide a high quality link that can be easily found and followed by fans of your business. Sometimes these Social Media profile pages rank higher for your Business Name when your website is new. Actions: Create profiles on all major and relevant social platforms. Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn
  25. 25. Shareable Links There has been a correlation between a link with many likes, shares, tweets, pins, etc and high ranks. Why? Google’s goal is to rank the best possible content and valuable content is often shared, liked, tweeted, pinned, etc. Social Media offers your site an easy platform for links to be shared! Actions: Share relevant content on your social media regularly and add social sharing buttons to your blog and digital assets.
  26. 26. Social Proof Social proof describes a psychological and social phenomenon where people copy the actions of others in an attempt to conform to their surrounds (fit in). Basically; people trust products brands services that their friends, family, colleagues use and like. Actions: Get reviews(Facebook), shares, likes, tweets, pins, and recommendations of your product. Each has value in social proof as well as content distribution.
  27. 27. Content Distribution The Power of Social Media On Average: 1 Like (Fan, Follower, etc) = Network of 100 This means that each person who interacts with your content has a potential to expand your distribution network by 100! Action: Encourage people to interact with your social content and focus (your time + money) on network growth. Ideas: Contests, Discounts, Growth Focused Ads
  28. 28. Social Ads Do Social Media Ads Help SEO? Getting traffic with positive user metrics is good. It may not directly cause better rankings but can lead to better rankings through other correlating factors. Actions: Dedicate a monthly marketing budget to a social ad spend. Ideas: Create ads that target your highest converting niche focusing on network growth, leads, email sign ups and sales.
  29. 29. Link Building Value of Links Algorithm Updates Link Architecture Link Building in 2019
  30. 30. Value of Links Links provide value for SEO in two main ways. First and foremost Google’s algorithm for ranking pages way originally based on and still uses PageRank, a system of grading websites on the number of inbound links. Secondly, good links send traffic to your website which is the original intention of ranking in the first place. Links should always be evaluated on their ability to send traffic to your website.
  31. 31. Algorithm Updates There have been many updates to Google’s ranking factors in the past years aimed at cutting down on internet spam by devaluing low quality links and links from low quality sources. Actions: Focus your link building efforts on high quality links that will send traffic and/or from High Authority domains and try to remove any low quality links. Ideas: Monitor site traffic and rankings, benchmarking any major updates.
  32. 32. Link Architecture Good Links Have Good Link Architecture! Links that pass high value are links from high quality domains with many links from other high quality domains. Basically site structure inverted… lol
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  34. 34. Thank You! Q & A You ask, I answer!