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Modern Messaging: Saving Time with One Call Now


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Mass messaging is another evolution of communication helping to make it quicker to send a message to everyone at once. Learn more about the time-saving benefits of modern mass-messaging in our latest slideshare!

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Modern Messaging: Saving Time with One Call Now

  1. 1. MODERN MESSAGING Saving Time With One Call Now
  3. 3. TIME HAS VEXED HUMAN BEINGS SINCE, WELL, THE BEGINNING OF TIME. There are many sayings and expressions about time but perhaps Benjamin Franklin put it best:  Time is money.
  4. 4. EVERYONE CAN AGREE: TIME IS A VALUABLE ASSET Yet we have historically had little control over it But as technology advances our ability to be productive, it also advances expectations: People today are expected to accomplish more than ever in record time.
  5. 5. ARE THERE ENOUGH HOURS IN A DAY TO COMPLETE EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO DO? Whiletheworldhaschangedsincethedaysofsmoke signalsandpigeonpost,mostcommunication methods arenotuptospeed.  Are you ready to transform time from a liability into a resource?
  6. 6. YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO BEND TIME TO YOUR WILL When it comes to communicating with your group members we’ve got the next best thing.  One Call Now’s multimodal mass messaging system is a game-changer.
  7. 7. WHAT IS ONE CALL NOW? Simply put, One Call Now is America’s largest messaging notification provider.  But it’s more than that when applied to the real- world challenges faced by today’s schools, hospitals, businesses and other organizations. One Call Now offers an unprecedented way to optimize time while protecting, informing and engaging your constituents.
  8. 8. THE CHALLENGE: There are more channels of communication today than ever before, including: • Landlines • Mobile phones • Email • Text Messaging • Social Media • Television / Radio Broadcast Alerts How do you know the best way to reach your group members?
  9. 9. THE SOLUTION: One Call Now lets you communicate information to group members not only via their chosen channel, but also in the language of their choice! One Call Now also allows you to target communications directly to relevant recipients.
  10. 10. THE CHALLENGE: • Listening to radio broadcasts is inefficient. • Phone trees fail • How do you ensure that all group members receive urgent or time-sensitive information?
  11. 11. THE SOLUTION: OneCallNowoffersautomatedspontaneousmessaging.  From a handful to hundreds of group members So you save time while recipients benefit from real time access to essential information.
  12. 12. THE CHALLENGE:  It’s not always ideal to send messages at the time they are recorded. THE SOLUTION:  One Call Now lets you choose between spontaneous and times delivery options minimizing downtime and ensuring that group members gain access to information when they need it.
  13. 13. THE CHALLENGE:  Your message requires a response, but designating resources to manage this information can be inefficient. THE SOLUTION:  One Call Now lets users respond via instant touch- tone functionality or be transferred directly to staff if more information is required.
  14. 14. ONE CALL NOW OFFERS A NUMBER OF TIME-SAVING BENEFITS, INCLUDING: • Ease of use • Enhanced constituent protection and engagement • Instant delivery • Trackable delivery • 100% uptime guarantee • Affordable pricing • Simple set-up free of hardware and software • Increased satisfaction for both organizations and constituents • Increased contact rates without the need for more staff • Streamlines operations through the elimination of manual tasks
  15. 15. ONE CALL CAN BE USED TO IMPROVE COMMUNICATIONS AND SAVE TIME RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING: • Cancelations, delays and schedule changes • Inclement weather, natural disasters and emergencies • Public health threats, recent outbreaks and incidents • Meeting, training and appointment reminders • Procedural updates • Shift scheduling needs and updates
  16. 16. IF TIME IS MONEY AND WHO’S GOING TO ARGUE WITH BEN FRANKLIN? One Call Now’s multimodal mass messaging solution is the key to helping your organization save both.
  17. 17. MASS-MESSAGING IS THE MOST EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE WAY TO REACH EVERYONE AT ONCE. BLOG SERIES – EVOLUTION OF COMMUNICATION How on earth did any group survive before it? Find out in our evolution of communication blog where we discuss communication technology in the 19th and 20th century. View the blog post