November and December 2013 1ABCT Monthly Newsletter


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November and December 2013 1ABCT Monthly Newsletter

  1. 1. AMERICA’S FIRST BRIGADE EST 1917 DEVILS 1st ABCT, 1st infantry division November /December 2013 edition Poc: Chaplain Don Carrothers 785-239-9313
  2. 2. December 2013 2 ThE DEvIl’S CoRnER 1st ABCT, 1st infantry division AMERICA’S FIRST CoMMAnD TEAM COL John Reynolds CSM Mark Kiefer “America’s First—Devils” The Holidays are upon us! We started the celebration in grand and historic tradition in the Devil’s Den Dining Facility for a great Thanksgiving event as seen on the cover picture. Soldiers were in period customs that spanned several generations of BRO tradition. We enjoyed superb food and had a great Army family time together. We soon will be on our holiday half day schedule and many of you will take leave to be with family over the holidays. We are reminded as we gather with family of the high cost of serving our nation. The Army sends us places far away from home with the purpose of defending our freedoms as American citizens. Thank you for all you do in keeping our nation free and strong. Enjoy your time off, keep up the PT and come back refreshed and energized to serve as and in America’s First! No mission too difficult. No sacrifice too great. duty first.
  3. 3. December 2013 ThE DEvIl’S CoRnER ChAplAIn’S CoRnER De-Stress Your Holidays! What a rush of time from Thanksgiving to the new year . We find not only major holidays during this time but the opportunity to spend a little more time with family and friends. For some spending time with extended family is relaxing and enjoyable. For others it is stressful and intense. The Mayo Clinic offers ten things you can do to reduce the stress that may come from the holidays: 1 Acknowledge your feelings. The holidays almost always brings out bouts of sadness due to family and friends who have passed away. It is OK to take time to cry, don’t force yourself to be happy. 2. Reach out. That the initiative if you are lonely. Volunteer your time. 3. Be realistic. No holiday celebration will be perfect—nor does it need to be. 4. Set aside differences. Accept your family members and friends as they are without trying to change them. 5. Stick to a budget. Before you spend plan, plan, plan! It is not about the gift—it is about the time together. 6. Plan Ahead. Plan your shopping days, cooking day, and plan for days to have nothing on the calendar. 7. Learn to say “no”-Saying yes when you should say no can leave you feeling resentful and overwhelmed. Friends will understand. 8. 9. Keep up your Healthy Habits. Don’t let the holidays become a free for all—enjoy but don’t over enjoy! Take a breather. Carve some time out for you. As little as 15 minutes alone, without distractions can refresh your attitude. 10. Seek help if you need it. HHC BDE & 1st BSTB CH (MAJ) Don Carrothers Kapaun Chapel Office Phone: 239-9313 Cell Phone: 785-307-0514 SSG Greg Gober Kapaun Chapel Office Phone: 239-4818 Cell Phone: 785-307-3478 PVT Melissa Smith 1st BSTB 240-6836 1-16 IN & 101st BSB CH (CPT) Jacob Davis 239-1172 Gov Cell: 785-307-4445 SGT Aaron Madasz 101st BSB 239-9530 4-4 CAV & 1-5 FA CH (CPT) Josh Remy 240-4644 Cell: 530-312-3185 SGT Edward Morris 4-4 CAV 240-4644 PVT Tradarius Ringo 1-5 FA 239-4818 1 EN & 2-34 AR CH (CPT) Russell Sanders ( 1 EN) 307-9333 SGT Luis Moro 2-34 AR 239-5057 Fort Riley Duty Chaplain Hotline 24/7 785-239-help (4357) 3
  4. 4. December 2013 ThE DEvIl’S CoRnER 4 Public affairs office ‘Pale Riders’ honor fallen Soldier By Staff Sgt. Bernhard Lashleyleidner, 1st ABCT Public Affairs Soldiers with the 4th Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division honored the memory of Spc. Chazray Clark with a memorial competition Oct. 25 on Fort Riley. The purpose of the event was to mentally and physically challenge Soldiers, while honoring Clark, a fallen combat engineer Soldier from the squadron. Clark of Ecorse, Mich., died Sept. 18 2011, in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, of injuries suffered when insurgents attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device. “I enjoyed the physical challenge, but I did it for all the Soldiers who cannot do it anymore, and for my brothers in arms who have given their lives,” said Spc. Kiefer Marsh, Troop C, 4th Sqdn., 4th Cav. Regt., 1st ABCT. The squadron hosts physical training events for every fallen Soldier to honor his or her memory, said Command Sgt. Maj. Roosevelt Whetstone, senior noncommissioned officer, 4th Sqdn., 4th Cav. Regt. A wall in the squadron’s headquarters is home to photos of nine Soldiers, Whetstone said. The unit has conducted memorial PT events for four of the Soldiers and has five more to go before the squadron commander, Lt. Col. Scott Woodward, departs in early 2014. The Oct. 25 competition consisted of a 1,000-meter swim relay at Long Fitness Center, a one-mile run to the squadron motor pool, wheelbarrow race, bridge-building event using wooden pallets and two sand bags, and a 200-meter tire-flip competition. Competitors from troops A, B, C, and Headquarters and Headquarters Troop battled it out through the five events. Troop B won the competition with a time of 1:19:42 and was presented the Operation Clark guidon streamer. “This is not an event that you do and forget about because we honor each fallen Soldier with a streamer,” Whetstone said. “Every time you see that guidon streamer, it reminds us of our fallen Solders.” Sgt. Gary Stephens (left rear) Spc. Jeremy Dubois, (left front), Pfc. Anahuac Ortiz (center rear), and Spc. Jacob May all Cavalry scout Soldiers 4th Sqdn., 4th Cav. Regt, 1st ABCT, 1st Inf., battle it out in the wheel barrow race during the memorial competition Oct. 25, on Fort Riley.
  5. 5. december 2013 ThE DEvIl’S CoRnER 5 Public affairs office ‘Devils,’ Airmen collaborate for training exercise By Sgt. Michael Leverton, 1st Inf. Div. Public Affairs MANHATTAN - Soldiers with the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division and a C-17 Globemaster crew with the 21st Airlift Squadron, 60th Operations Group, out of Travis Air Force Base, Calif., combined forces to carry out an Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise Nov. 13 at Manhattan Regional Airport. The joint collaboration tested and trained both Soldiers and Airmen in the areas of loading and securing vehicles, and equipment for rapid deployment. “We are going back to a worldwide deployment Army. And training like this is necessary for both Army and Air Force,” said Chief Warrant Officer 3 Terry F. Throm, 1st Inf. Div., mobility warrant officer. “Soldiers are getting back to taking what they need and not relying on a contractor being on the ground and setting up a (Forward Operating Base) before they get there.” Aside from the valuable training, the movements had another upside - the cost, he said. “What we tried to do was incorporate using military aircraft that are available and relatively cheap to train with,” Throm said. “The pilots need hours to stay current, so they are going to fly anyway. Why not land in Manhattan, and we can get staticload training, and they can get the opportunity to go hands-on tanks, which they rarely get to do.” The Airmen agreed with Throm’s sentiments. “This is a big win-win for both Army and Air Force,” said Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Pickens, load master, 21st Airlift Squadron, 60th OG. “We don’t load large vehicles like tanks very often on a C-17. My guys are getting training they normally wouldn’t.” For both forces, working hand-in-hand with each other, didn’t seem to be a problem. Trying to figure out the technical side of loading a hefty vehicle, like an M1A2 Abrams tank, was the challenging part of the exercise. “This is the first time I have seen a tank on this type of aircraft,” said Airman 1st Class Devin Volker, 21st Airlift Squadron, 60th OG. “ We Trying to figure out exactly where it was going to sit on the plane and how many chains it would take to secure it, that was a little nerve racking.” With the Army drawing down and less Soldiers need in Iraq and Afghanistan, the division is conducting training focused on rapid readiness, including the possibility of scheduling the possibility of scheduling more joint training with other branches of service, like the Air Force. “It was a great success,” Throm said. “The Air Force (Airmen) told me that same thing, and they would like to train with the 1st Inf. Div., again.” Soldiers from the 1st ABCT, 1st Inf. Div., and Airmen from the 21st Aircraft Sqdn., 60th OG, Travis Air Force Base, Calif., carefully back a Paladin Artillery System on to a C-17 Globemaster Nov. 13 at Manhattan Regional Airport, Manhattan. The exercise trained both Soldiers and Airmen on joint loading procedures for rapid deployment readiness.
  6. 6. December 2013 ThE DEvIl’S CoRnER 7 1-16 IN Iron rangers battalion The soldiers of 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team strengthened their bonds with the local community this month, by participating in several local community Veterans Day celebrations. Iron Ranger from Delta 1-16th IN provided the official color guard for the first ever Topeka Veterans Day parade while Echo and HHC supported VFW Post 112 out of Wichita KS by assisting in the assembly of the posts parade float, and walking with local vets in the Parade. 1-16th IN also participated in a partnership with the KSU Inline Hockey Clubs first tournament held at their new inline rink inside the K-State Recreation Center. LTC Roger A. Crombie III 1-16th IN Battalion Commander was able to drop the ceremonial first puck and wished good luck to both teams A Delta (Wolfpack), 1-16th IN M1A2 Abrams engages targets at the CATF as part of the Offense Lane during the Company Situational Training Exercise (STX) 18 November13. The Iron Rangers continued to train hard throughout November honing their soldier’s skills through the execution of a Company Situation Training Exercise (STX) that was executed over 9 days. The Battalion conducted Offensive and defensive operations while task organized into company mechanized/armor teams. The first four days of the STX included each line company planning, rehearsing and executing an Area Defense; improving the Battalions ability to employ combat power by mastering the Fundamentals of Defense operations. The last four days Companies conducted combined arms maneuver operations executing movement to contact, deliberate attack while employing direct and indirect fire. 116th IN with support from Charlie Company 1-1 BSTB conducted Breaching Operations in conjunction with the Offense Lane. The training focused on Mine Breaching fundamentals and the Echo Company (Easy Red) 1-16th IN led by Captain Erik Anthes and 1SG importance of bringing all the elements; suppress, Robert Craft is awarded the Red Saber Streamer by Maj. Gen. Paul Funk, commanding general for Fort Riley 12 NOV 13. obscure, secure, reduce, assault (SOSRA) together. Additionally the Battalion exercised mission command on the move utilizing the Battalion TAC. The Battalion incorporated ISR and scout assets throughout the intense 9 day training event. Battalion medics participated in a mass casualty, and casualty evacuation training which tested individual medic’s ability to perform a wide range of critical medical skills.
  7. 7. December 2013 ThE DEvIl’S CoRnER 7 1-16 IN Iron rangers battalion IN A HMMWV in the Scout Platoon 1-16th IN scans the battlefield with an LRAS during the defense lane during Company Situation Training Exercise.16 NOV 13. The Battalion ended the month of November by celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday with friends and family. In December the Battalion shifted its focus from collective training to leader training. The Iron Ranger Lieutenants Academy focused on providing the Battalions 1st and 2nd Lieutenants a better understanding of the Army Profession and what it means to be a professional officer. Additional classes focused on the fundamentals of Mission Command, Army ethics and how they apply to junior leaders. All these training events helps the Battalion maintain combat power by mastering the fundamentals and further developing soldiers while preparing them for January Gunnery. “Iron Rangers” Semper Paratus (always ready) POC for this article and all other news from 1-16th IN is 1LT James Liebrenz at (785) 240-2983 or
  8. 8. December 2013 ThE DEvIl’S CoRnER 8 2-34 AR dreadnaughts battalion Dreadnaughts Proudly Assume SECDEF Designated Mission In 1966, then 1st Infantry Division Commander, Major General William DePuy, aptly nicknamed the 2nd Battalion, 34th Armor Regiment the “DREADNAUGHT” battalion because the unit feared nothing and could accomplish the impossible. Forty seven years later, the Dreadnaught Battalion continues to live up to their storied name; they have earned a position as the battalion of choice for the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division. On 22 November 2013 the Dreadnaught Battalion proudly assumed the role of the Rapid Reaction Force (RRF), a tasking directed by the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) designed to enhance the Nation’s ability to respond quickly to a varied range of contingencies within the Continental United States (CONUS). The Dreadnaught Battalion will maintain a force of 110 Soldiers from a multitude of disciplines across the unit in support of the RRF mission. The RRF mission requires these Dreadnaught Soldiers to be on call and prepared to deploy anywhere in the United States within 48 hours. As a result, Soldiers will have to give up a period of their upcoming holiday block leave in order to maintain the manning requirements for this demanding and incredibly significant mission. “The rapid reaction force is an important mission to support our nation through any contingency from natural disasters to any threat against our country. Soldiers are sacrificing Holiday leave periods to be on call for the Nation” said CPT James Cerrone, A/2-34AR Commander. As the RRF could be called upon at anytime for any number of reasons, the Soldiers assigned to the RRF have received additional training not typical for the average Combined Arms Battalion Soldier. In order to prepare for the RRF mission, the Dreadnaught Battalion completed initial special skills and schools training required to deploy and accomplish homeland contingency operations. This training included non-lethal capability set training, civil disturbance/hostile crowd control training, and non-lethal weapons ranges. The Soldiers assigned to this mission feel confident that they are prepared to face any challenge that would require the activation of the RRF. 1LT Aaron Momber, the Officer-in-Charge of the RRF training requirements for HHC/2-34AR said the “training conducted by 2-34AR will do nothing but set our Battalion up for success should the call to activate the RRF arise. America can sleep safely knowing that the Dreadnaughts are on guard!” Whether or not those Soldiers assigned to the RRF will be activated remains unforeseen, but for now the Dreadnaught Battalion is trained, prepared, and standing ready to fight and win should the Nation call. “It is always an honor and privilege to be chosen as a member of a contingency like this. To stand ready and react in order to help in a critical situation should be looked upon with great regard. If the opportunity exists in which we will have to deploy in support of this mission, we as a team are ready and willing” said SSG Jeffrey Kirk, HHC/2-34AR Medical Platoon Sergeant. FEAR GOD…DREADNAUGHT! POC for this article and all other news from 2-34AR is 1st Lt. Ryan Sheffield at (785) 240-2080 or
  9. 9. December 2013 ThE DEvIl’S CoRnER 8 4-4 CAV Pale riders squadron Change of Responsibility 06NOV. SGM Whetstone relinquishes responsibility as the Squadron Command Sergeant Major. The Troopers of 4-4 CAV welcomed CSM Frakenberg as their new Squadron Command Sergeant Major. To the Friends, Families, and Troopers of the Pale Riders, The Squadron has been hard at work this past month. We began the month by welcoming CSM Patrick Frankenberg from the 5th Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment from Fort Wainwright, AK. SGM Whetstone moved to the S3 shop to become the OPS SGM for our Squadron, he did a fantastic job as the CSM for the last 3 months. All the leadership of the Squadron traveled to the outskirts of Penokee, Kansas to study the first recorded battle of our Squadron’s lineage, the 1857 battle of Solomon’s Fork. The 1st US Cavalry Regiment (redesignated the 4th US Cavalry in 1861) was 2 and a half months into a 4 month long campaign on the plains of KS, NE and CO when they fought the Cheyenne Indians along the South Fork of the Solomon River. We walked the actual ground the battle took place on and discussed the campaign, tactics used, leadership challenges, and how some things are very similar still in today’s Army. It was a great experience that brought us back to our unit’s beginning. After the Veteran’s Day break, our Squadron hit the ground running with the Brigade Company STX exercise. Each Troop conducted Zone Recon and Screen missions for the Brigade to facilitate victory for the Combined Arms Battalions. HHT did a great job setting up and running the operations center, the medics were phenomenal in evacuating simulated casualties from the battlefield and Dakota TRP kept us in the fight logistically and mechanically. Everyone should be very proud of themselves for making the Squadron better. The month of December has a Live Fire Exercise for our Mortar Sections to keep them live fire certified and later this month we will enjoy a block leave before we start next year with Gunnery Table II early next year. Have a great holiday with your families and enjoy the well deserved time off! Upcoming Events – Squadron Spur Ride 11-12 December. The Spur Holders of 4-4 CAV will test the Scout knowledge, and endurance of our Troopers in hopes that they’ll earn their Silver Spurs. Block Leave- 14DEC-04JAN. Our Troopers will enjoy ½ day scheduling and a chance to take leave during the Holiday Seasons. Squadron Ruck March – 09JAN. All Troopers of 4-4 CAV will conduct a 20 mile ruck march to test their endurance. Squadron Capture the Flag – 10JAN. The Troops will create teams to duke it out at the Combined Arms Combat Training Facility (CACTF) by playing Capture the Flag with UTM Simulation Rounds.
  10. 10. december 2013 ThE DEvIl’S CoRnER 9 4-4 CAV Pale riders squadron CASEVAC Inject 15NOV. Medics of 4-4 CAV load a Trooper during a Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC) simulation during Troop STX. The CASEVAC Simulation tested the readiness and knowledge of our Medics for real life emergencies. Dug in Bradley. A Comanche Troop Bradley dug in a fighting position for a Troop Screen during Troop STX this November. The crews preformed to standard during the exercise and provided to be a useful asset to the entire Brigade as they prepare for NTC. MAJ Dempsey talking with the senior leaders at the battle site of the Battle of Solomon’s Fork. The Senior Leaders went on a Staff Ride to the battle site where the 1st US Cavalry Regiment had their first recorded battle.
  11. 11. December 2013 ThE DEvIl’S CoRnER 6 Hamilton's own Great November Battalion FTX! During those 8 straight days in the field, we conducted Platoon through Battery LFX and tactical employment of our vehicles in preparation for our National Training Center rotation April. We stressed our logisticians in Golf Company who provided outstanding support and maintenance operations throughout the exercise. This exercise was challenging for our Soldiers indeed! On 23 Nov, we celebrated our St Barbara’s Ball at the Junction City Marriott. Everyone enjoyed this great event, and Tiffani and I especially enjoyed seeing everyone in their best attire. We celebrated the completion of our field training and also enjoyed great camaraderie. We have a Battalion four day weekend planned 5-8 Dec and Block Leave from 14 Dec – 05 Jan, so plan to enjoy these planned training holidays with family. During the month of December, take advantage of the time you have with family. Next year at this time we will be deployed so cherish this time we have here at Ft Riley with your loved ones. The cold weather is here! Winter is upon us which means snow at Ft Riley. Be safe as you travel this holiday season and slow down while driving in inclement weather. On December 12th, Barbara Stanley, 1-5 FA FRSA will depart after 6 years of service to the Families of Hamilton’s Own. We wish her the best of luck in the future, and Tiffani and I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for our families. We will miss you Barbara! Stay Brave, Responsible, and On point! Keep up the great teamwork! I want to thank all Soldiers and families for all you do every day for this great battalion. Hamilton’s Own! --LTC Scott P. Nolan, 1-5 FA Battalion Commander Greetings Hellfighter Families, SGT Ashbury & PFC Aguilar setting up the ConferYour Soldiers have performed flawlessly in preparing and ence Room into a “Morgue” during our Halloween executing our BN gunnery in November. I would like to say Party. 30OCT13. that you should be proud of your Soldiers. They have worked hard in making sure our Battery completes all missions and tasks to standard. The holiday season is one of the best times to spend quality time with your loved ones. December 14th through January 5th is the designated time for block is time to relax, re-charge, and reconnect with families and friends. Also, remember to be safe during whatever you do to celebrate the Dear Family and Friends of A Battery 1-5 FA, A Ba tt er y, 1s t Ba tt ali on, 5t h FA C PT Wi lli am Ivi ns, A r ch a ng el 6 With the weather turning colder, it’s time for the Soldiers to go to the field for training. A week of shooting artillery in November (including a weekend) is always fun. In addition to the training exercises, we also had a spouse social on the 16th which was really fun. On Monday the 25th we are having a Thanksgiving pot luck lunch at the Battery that all families are invited to. Turkey, ham, pie, etc will be served. Finally the Saint Barbara’s Day Ball is on Saturday 23 November at the Junction City Marriot. Sincerely, Captain William E. Ivins PFC Gautney prepares his gear for “Archangel 6” the November gunnery . Delta Battery, 1st Battalion, 5th Field Artillery—CPT A.J. Burr, Dog 6 Families and Friends of Delta Battery: November was a busy time for all of the soldiers in Delta Battery. We had many taskings that caused soldiers to be spread out for the first few weeks of the month but we all came back together to deploy to the field to have a great time and shooting Artillery and showing the BDE that Delta Battery is the King of Battle. In November some of our soldiers had the opportunity to do some EDRE load training. Our rail load team did an exceptional job loading a M109A6 Paladin in the belly of a C17 Jet. The Soldiers were commended by DIV on their professionalism and knowledge during the exercise! Again I sincerely thank all of our Delta Battery Family for all of the support that they’ve shown over this month. December is a great time to spend quality time with each other. Take this opportunity and make the best of it. Have a great Holiday Season and as always stay safe and look out for one another! Sincerely, A.J. Burr Captain Greetings Gladiator Family and Friends of Golf Company, as November pushed forward through training and Thanksgiving, several from Golf Company enjoyed being in Manhattan’s Veteran’s Day Parade walking behind Golf’s community outreach partnership, Eisenhower Middle School. With the excellent performance from all in Golf supporting 1-5 FA in last month’s Field Exercise, December will bring much needed time off to everyone in Golf from the scheduled DONSAs to the Half Day schedule It will be a month for Golf to relax, celebrate the Holiday season, and look forward to the New Year. Sincerely, CPT Croft– Gladiator 6
  12. 12. Operation Santa Clause—Hamilton's Own Soldiers raised $1,890 to help with the Operation Santa Clause. 1-5 FA Executive Officer, Major David Ward, serves BRO Soldiers beverages during the Thanksgiving meal at Devil’s Den DFAC on 26 NOV 2013 Hamiliton’s Own Command Team, LTC Scott Nolan and CSM Gabriel Espinosa serving Soldiers their Thanksgiving meal in the Devil’s Den DFAC on 26 NOV 2013
  13. 13. december 2013 ThE DEvIl’S CoRnER 12 101st BSB Guardians battalion Training Units and Developing Leaders The 101st BSB’s focus for the month of November was supporting the Devil Brigade from 13-21 November during Operation LUCIA. We demonstrated hard work and performance as a cohesive team during all phases of operations execution: preparation, training, and recovery. FTX preparations consisted of vehicle and equipment maintenance, loading vehicles in accordance with load plans, and executing pre-combat checks and inspections. The Guardian Battalion Command, Staff, and FSC Commanders participated in the Brigade Sustainment Rehearsal validating resources to requirements throughout all phases of operation. Soldiers carried the burden by completing all this in parallel to red cycle taskings and two change of command inventories. The FTX commenced with movement by tactical convoy to Maneuver Area N where 101st BSB established Brigade Support Area (BSA) Shiloh, the nucleus of continuous logistical and medical support to the Devil Brigade’s Operation LUCIA. Highlights include Avalanche’s Refuel on the Move (ROM) operations and Cyclone’s MASCAL support through use of an Ambulance Exchange Point (AXP) to their medical facility. The ROM provides rapid fuel resupply forward to maximize the FSC’s on hand quantity as the CAB moves forward to engage the enemy. Soldiers worked to improve the BSA’s defenses as simulated enemy forces known as “Cherubians” probed the perimeter in an effort to breach the BSA. Six Cherubian persons of interest were detained for posing various threats against the BSA and direct support operations. Military Police from 1-1 BSTB assisted in detainee operations conducted at the BSA’s holding area. For the first time in over a decade, the 101st BSB jumped the BSA from Maneuver Area N to Training Area 12 where we established BSA Shiloh II. The Guardian Battalion continued to provide uncompromised logistical and medical support to the Devil Brigade during Operation Lucia. Highlights included a second MASCAL, sling load operations with an actual CH-47, a second ROM operation, ISR synchronization, detainee operations, and multiple perimeter breach engagements. We successfully repelled a squad of enemy dismounts accompanied by a Bradley fighting vehicle as they attempted to target high value targets within our perimeter. 101st BSB concluded a successful FTX by conducting a final tactical displacement to Guardian City to begin recovery tasks to include weapons, vehicle, and equipment maintenance, as well as inventorying personal equipment to account for losses while in the field. Soldiers also conducted a DUI Safety Standdown Day to receive training on responsible drinking, DUI prevention, and the new Brigade Command Policy Letter on DUI administrative separation/elimination proceedings. Guardians closed out November with a special Thanksgiving meal at Devil’s Den and a safe Thanksgiving holiday. December has been a full month so far as we prepare to begin the Managed Leave/Half Day Schedule. Guardians participated in the Combat Lifesaver Course, JCR Academy, Driver’s Training, COIST Academy, and Gates I & II of Convoy Protection Platform Gunnery. Gate I consisted of the ranges for the M2, M249, M240B, and MK 19. During Gate II Soldiers trained together in their gun truck crews for a week of convoy simulations at the Mission Training Complex (MTC). Remember, for information on all the great Family and Solider friendly events in the Flint Hills area and on Fort Riley, don’t forget to check out (and please ‘Like’) the GUARDIAN and DEVIL Brigade Facebook pages at: http:// (Guardians) and https:// (Devil Brigade). Happy holidays and be safe. Remember to practice solid Force Protection, secure yourself and Family first and continue to be BRAVE; Be RESPONSIBLE and Be ON POINT (BRO- Big Red One) for our nation. Thanks for all you do to Carry the Burden and provide uncompromised support to the Devil Brigade. GUARDIANS! Guardian 6 POC for this article is 1LT Brent Niedergall at 785-239-5418 or with 101st BSB. .
  14. 14. december 2013 ThE DEvIl’S CoRnER Guardians battalion A Company executed a Refuel on the Move (ROM) during the FTX that provided refuel capabilities to eight Abrams or Bradley fighting vehicles simultaneously at a rate of 35 gallons per minute. Guardians cleared and marked the BSA Shiloh II landing zone (LZ) prior to calling and signaling down the CH-47. The rigged CL II and CL IX supplies were then hooked up to the bird for air lift during sling load operations. 13
  15. 15. December 2013 ThE DEvIl’S CoRnER 14 1st BSTB defiant battalion ““Damn Good…And Getting Better” – warm by the spirit of the season, unit pride and ca- Team Defiant was on point in November, starting maraderie, Defiant Soldiers filled over two giant the month in support of the Manhattan Veteran’s boxes of donated toys ranging from Barbie dolls to Day Parade, with numerous Soldiers attending and Tonka trucks. marching with their children, before quickly transitioning into two weeks of BDE Company STX training and multiple red-cycle taskings in support of the installation. In addition to providing America’s First its critical enabler capabilities, ensuring mission command and integrated multi-echelon training for each of the each of its maneuver battalions, Defiant successfully executed its first ever live In keeping with military tradition, leaders from MICLIC training, certifying two teams for NTC live across the Brigade and Battalion once again donned -fire. dress uniforms in order to honor and serve the Soldiers a traditional Thanksgiving meal at the Devil’s Den Team Defiant concluded November as part of the Brigade run. During this busy month, the Battalion also executed a MK-19 range, while continuing to employ, exercise and improve BN TOC operations and all of its Entering into December, Defiant shifted its focus digital systems. Under the threat of ice and snow, onto Company STX recovery and final preparations and despite single-digit temperatures, Defiant con- ahead of Avenger and Blackjack company changes tinued its support of community by officially wel- of command. In the battalion’s effort to continually coming in the “Season of Giving” with a 10k foot build and strengthen trust and teamwork within its march in support of Operation Santa Claus. Kept ranks, the officers seized a moment to conduct a
  16. 16. December 2013 ThE DEvIl’S CoRnER 1st BSTB defiant battalion friendly game of kickball followed by an OPD focused on Army force structure changes and “Knowing the Environment”. With half-day schedule and holiday block leave rapidly approaching, Defiant Soldiers took time to reflect upon and celebrate their many “firsts” and multitude of successes throughout the year conducted a very cold, but motivating, Battalion run before a Battalion Holiday Ball that was thoroughly enjoyed by over 300 in attendance. "Don't just do things well, do them better. Be daring, be first, be Defiant!" 15
  17. 17. December 2013 1st Engineer Battalion “Always First! DIEHARD” The Diehard Soldiers have been hard at work conducting training and keeping their skills sharp as two of the Diehard companies are set for follow-on deployments in 2014. and dedication can be seen as the Soldiers complete their final task before Christmas leave. They will welcome the new year with GRF mission assumption. The 72nd Mobility Augmentation Company demonstrated a tremendous amount of self sacrifice as they volunteered to run weapons ranges for the rest of the Diehard companies. The 72nd understand the meaning of team work as they lift some of the burden of training to ensure their teammates within the battalion are fit to fight and trained to meet mission requirements. The 111th Sapper Company conducting zero/qualification range. The 111th Sapper Company has been slated for a Global Response Force mission to kick off at the start of 2014. The Soldiers have been diligently working toward mission readiness to ensure they will be prepared when the time comes. The 111th Sapper Company focused on individual and collective training over the past several months and concluded its preparation with a level 1, level 2 EDRE, and rehearsals of load out procedures during the month of December. Their hard work Soldiers from 72nd MAC conduct Weapons ranges for their sister compa- The 41st Engineer Company is preparing for another Deployment to Afghanistan in August of 2014. These Soldiers recently redeployed in June of this year after an arduous 9 month deployment conducting route clearance operations in RCEast Afghanistan. They have been focused on RESET and utilizing the virtual trainers to keep their Soldiers immersed in the activities and training they mastered over the last deployment. Knowing the training required to meet the challenges of the upcoming deployment, the 41st is always sure to qualify as many Soldiers as possible in various areas to create a high level of proficiency in their organization. 41st conducting CLS training. With two companies scheduled for NTC and JRTC rotation in the spring, the 1st Engineer Battalion has been putting in long hours planning and coordinating activities and events to ensure the successful execution of both rotations. With the holidays in our midst, the leadership of the battalion has done an excellent job balancing family and mission requirements showing the true meaning of leadership. As the unsung heroes of the 1st Engineer Battalion, Forward Support Company continues to maintain lines of communication to the line companies conducting training; always keeping them supplied, and quick to react to the ever-changing training environment. FSC brings the finishing touch to a successful training exercise. “Always First!”
  18. 18. december 2013 17 ThE DEvIl’S CoRnER Frsa / frg POC Mrs. Day, Helen: 785-240-4818 MWR Website Health Care Irwin Army Community Hospital (IACH) Information Line 785-239-7000 IACH Appointment Line 785-239-3627 (DOCS) IACH Nurse Advice Line 785-239-3627 (DOCS) IACH Patient Representative 785-239-7739 / 7103 IACH Chaplain 785-239-7872 / 7871 Dental Care United Concordia Dental Clinic (IACH) 785-239-7955 Dental Command Human Resource 785-239-7226 Immunization Clinic 785-239-7972 Family Advocacy Program in IACH 785-239-7060 Mental Health 785-239-7291 Social Work Services (SWS) 785-240-7471 / 7472 Alcohol Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) 785-239-7311 TRICARE 1-888-874-9378 (TRIWEST) 1st ID Website Emergency Post Operator 785-239-3911 Fire Department 911 785-239-4257 Military Police 785-239-6767 Newcomers Sponsorship Newcomers/Sponsorship.aspx Pets Veterinary Needs 785-239-3868 / 2732 Animal Poison Control Center 1-888-426-4435 Legal Victim Advocate Page 24 Hour Response 785-307-1373 Legal Assistance 785-239-3117 American Red Cross 785-239-1887 1-877-272-7337 Staff Judge Advocate 785-239-2217 Suicide & Crisis Hotline 1-800-784-2433 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) Immigration and Naturalization 785-239-3117 Poison Control 1-800-222-1222 Claims 785-239-3830 / 2633 Abuse / Neglect Sexual Assault Prevention / Response 785-239-2991 / 6086 / 9435 Kansas Social and Rehabilitation Services (SRS) Junction City 785-762-5445 Manhattan 785-776-7722 Basic Needs DEERS ID Cards and AG ID Cards 785-239-3654 Administration 785-239-2217 Financial Army Emergency Relief (AER) 785-239-9450 Financial Questions ACS 785-239-5775 Financial Resilience Education Enrichment Program 785-239-5744 Finance Office 785-239-6189 Thrift Savings Plan FAQ 1-877-968-3778
  19. 19. October 2013 18 ThE DEvIl’S CoRnER FRSA / FRg STAy ConnECTED wITh AMERICA’S BEST CAll youR unIT FRG’S AnD S-1’S 1ABCT S-1 1ABCT FRSA Helen Day 785-240-4818 1-1 BSTB FRSA Helen Day 785-240-4818 1-1 BSTB S-1 CPT Deters, Heather SFC Austin, Derek 785-240-5440 101st BSB FRSA Helen Day 785-240-4818 101st BSB S-1 CPT Burdin, Mianah SFC Say, Adrian 785-240-9046 / 6057 1-16 IN FRSA Helen Day 785-240-4818 1-16 IN S-1 CPT Leverett, David SSG Figueroa, Teresa 785-239-6827 / 4566 101st BSB FRSA Helen Day 785-240-4818 785-239-6827 / 6833 1-5 FA FRSA Helen Day 785-240-4818 2-34 AR FRSA Helen Day 785-240-4818 4-4 CAV FRSA Helen Day 785-240-4818 1st ENG S-1 CPT Tipado, Rose SSG Commander, Verner 785-240-3250 /239-8753 1-5 FA S-1 CPT Nuusa, Solomona SSG Garza, Eduardo 785-240-1079 / 6184 2-34 AR S-1 CPT Williams, Danella SFC Mejia, Iliana 785-240-1642 / 1789 4-4 CAV S-1 CPT Woolery, Timothy SFC Rever, Bryan 785-240-6671 / 2431