25 february 2013 1 abct weekly newsletter


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This is our last weekly newsletter for February 2013.

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25 february 2013 1 abct weekly newsletter

  1. 1. 25 February 2013 1ABCT Weekly Newsletter: please pass along to Soldiers, Family and Friends of 1ABCT. You can always stay up to date with local events by going to 1st Infantry Division page at http://www.riley.army.mil/default.aspx or if you are having issues reading this you can click on this link to read the weekly news at http://www.riley.army.mil /UnitPage.aspx?unit=1bct. We are always up and posting new information on Facebook! Join us on the Official 1ABCT Facebook page at www.facebook.com/1HBCTDEVILBRIGADE?v=wall&ref-sgm.Fort Riley Current News Updates: This information has recently been updated, and is now available athttp://www.riley.army.mil/OurPost/CurrentNews.aspx. In addition to the Current News page there are Garrison Commander’sCommunity Corner articles at http://www.riley.army.mil/DocumentList.aspx?lib=GC-Corner**Just Added** EDGE! Lifeguard Training Certification; When: February 26, 2013 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pmRepeats: Weekly on Tuesday – Ends April 30th at Bldg 6940 Warren Rd, Call 239-9885 for additional information.**Just Added** Wood Class Projects; February 26, 2013 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm, Repeats: Weekly on Tuesday - forever Arts and craftscenter, Trooper Dr., Fee, varies based on class project, call 785-239-9205 for additional information.**Just Added** EDGE! Bowling; When: February 27, 2013 @ 4:15 pm - 5:45 pm Repeats: Weekly on Wednesday until February 28,2013 at Custer Hill Bowling Center. CYSS welcomes youth grades 6th-12th to come and participate in EDGE! Bowling. Youth must beregistered with CYSS and parents must sign participation permission slip. Register for EDGE! Bowling at Bldg 5800 or CER Bldg 6620.EDGE! Bowling is free to youth in grades 6th-12th. Minimum of seven (7) youth sign-ups is required to conduct EDGE! Bowling. Call 239-9885 for additional information.**Just Added** 10,000 Rounds of Summer: February 28, 2013 - September 29, 2013 (all-day) , Where: Custer Hill Golf Course . TheCuster Hill Golf Course presents 10,000 Rounds of Summer, with prizes to all of our customers for every 1,000 rounds of golf played in2013. One lucky player will receive a set of Golf Clubs (Driver, Woods, Irons, Wedges, Putter, Bag, and 2 DZ Golf Balls). We willannounce when each 1,000 rounds occurred, so that all of our customers can come in a celebrate with prizes. Prizes will beannounced after each 1,000 rounds is achieved. Annual Pass holders will receive double the prize except when annotated for thepromotion. For more information contact the Custer Hill Golf Course at 785-784-6000.**Just Added** BOSS Meeting Schedule: All meetings begin at 1500 hours at the Warrior Zone, the second and fourth Wednesdays ofevery month unless stated otherwise. Please see schedule below for the next meeting date.* For more information on other events go to http://rileymwr.com/main then scroll down to the view calendar tab, click on it and then viewthe various events going on within each week. You will find dates, times and the locations with contact information.* For other events and news updates you can visit http://www.manhattancvb.org/CurrentEvents.aspx?EID=4125 orhttp://www.riley.army.mil/UnitPage.aspx?unit=1bct.