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Supercharging In Internal Combustion Engine


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Supercharging or/and Turbocharging is a method of increasing power output in internal combustion engine used in high speed engines.

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Supercharging In Internal Combustion Engine

  1. 1. Name:- SAGATHIYA NAISARG 1
  2. 2. Internal Combustion Engine SUPERCHARGING
  3. 3. The Power Output Of Naturally Aspirated Engine Depends On:- • Amount of air inducted into the cylinder • Extent utilization of the inducted air • The speed of the engine • Quantity of fuel admitted and its combustion characteristics • Thermal efficiency of engine 3
  4. 4. Concept Of Supercharging • The most preferred method for increasing the power output is by means of increasing mean effective pressure that is to supply air/fuel mixture at pressure higher than atm. Increase pressure Density increase Increase mass of air flow Increase oxygen content Better combustion high power output 4
  5. 5. Supercharging • The mathod of supplying air or fuel- air mixture higher than the pressure at which the engine naturally aspirates, by means of a boosting device is called the supercharging The more air and fuel that can be packed in a cylinder, the greater the density of the air–fuel charge. 5
  6. 6. Types Of Supercharger • Supercharger is a pressure boosting devise which supplies air at a higher pressure. • There are three types of supercharger (1)Centrifugal type (2)Root’s type (3)Vane type 6
  7. 7. Types Of Supercharger 7
  8. 8. Methods Of Supercharging • Independently driven compressor or blower , usually driven by an electric motor. • Ram effect. • Underpiston supercharging. • Kadenacy system. • Engine driven compressor or blower 8
  9. 9. Turbocharging • In turbocharging ,the supercharger is being driven by a gas turbine which uses the energy in the exhaust gases • there is no mechanical linkage between engin and supercharger 9
  10. 10. Advantages Of Supercharging • High power output • Better atomization of fuel • Better mixing of air & fuel • Better scavenging of products • Quicker acceleration of vehicle • More complete and smoother combustion • Reduced exhaust smoke • Reduced specific fuel consumption 10
  11. 11. Limitations Of Supercharging • Increased thermal stresses • Increased heat losses due to turbulence • Increased gas loading • Increased cooling requirements of piston and valves • Greater tendency to bum the piston crown and the seat and edges of the exhaust valves 11
  12. 12. Thank You 12