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Eli @ Paragon 2006


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A selected number of projects I worked on while at Paragon Architects during three years 2003-2006.
Paragon is a diverse, multi-functional company that acts as a Studio for Architectural Design Achievements- led by eager and driven management – the firm has grown to be amongst the leading firms in South Africa

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Eli @ Paragon 2006

  1. 1. Eli Cramer Johannesburg, South Africa Photos and Images of work from last 3 years at Paragon Architects
  2. 2. House Patel Barclays Bank Retail Alliance Française Media Library Residential and Interior Work as Team Leader
  3. 3. DEAT Entry design FCB Head office Competition Design Participation A&G Head office Tiber Rosebank
  4. 4. Discovery Health Head Office Commercial Work: Execution as Team Member Bowman Gilfillan Head Office
  5. 5. GROUP 5 Head Office Commercial Work: Execution as Team Leader NASHUA Head Office