Develop Repeat Prescription Habit of Doctors


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Develop Repeat Prescription Habit of Doctors

  1. 1. ‘Develop Repeat Rx Habit’ Presented By Masum Chowdhury Manager, SBMD Asiatic Laboratories Ltd.
  2. 2. Habit is one of the most compelling forcesthat determine human and animal behavior.
  3. 3. Habit is a repetitive behavior or actionperformed without conscious thought and ismainly controlled by the sub consciousmind, which works many times faster.
  4. 4. Would you like to exploit the powerful ‘Forceof Habit’ to boost your sales and career?
  5. 5. Habits are deeply ingrained and determineour behavior and actions……
  6. 6. For example:
  7. 7. Do you stay at the same hotel when you aretouring?
  8. 8. Do you sleep at the same spot in yourhouse?
  9. 9. Does your family buy the grocery mainlyfrom ONE shop?
  10. 10. If the answer is yes, to all the abovequestions, you would have realized what‘Force of Habit’ is all about.
  11. 11. You were under no obligation to treat inrepetitive behavior or actions. But you werecompelled by the ‘Force of Habit’.
  12. 12. Rx Habit Formation
  13. 13. A Doctor is on the path of developing an RxHabit when he starts prescribing your brand.Repeat Rx reinforces the process of habitformation.
  14. 14. The time span for developing a permanent habitcould vary from weeks to months. When theprescribing habit is deeply established in the mind ofthe Doctor, the prescription is a ‘Reflex’ action of theDoctor and Rx as an abbreviation is indeed veryappropriate.
  15. 15. 7 Essential Steps for Repeat Rx
  16. 16. (1) Focus on one product (Antison Tablet)at a time. This ensures that messages getanchored in the mind of the Doctor andyour product position keeps moving up theladder of preferences.
  17. 17. (2) Start your detailing with the main prescribedproduct to reinforce your earlier efforts andclearly indicate that the brand is CONSISTENTLYyour priority. The Doctor must know your priority.This enhances ‘Top of the mind’ recall as wellaction in the form of Rx.
  18. 18. (3) Treat each call as a continuation ofprevious visits and maintain a record ofcritical information like queries andcomments of the Doctor. You may get somevery vital clues there.
  19. 19. (4) Acknowledge and express gratitude forRx received and subtly let the Doctor knowthat you are quantitatively tracking the Rxand that you really value his contribution.
  20. 20. (4) The Doctor needs to know that you aresincere and com-mitted. Your actions willspeak louder than words.
  21. 21. (5) Use ‘Situational Detailing’ and hold theDoctors attention with some new aspect or proof.Create a pleasant setting for interaction. Itensures that messages are received andprocessed.
  22. 22. (7) Develop your information network totrack frequency, quantity and regularityof Rx for your products and yourcompetitors as well.
  23. 23. (7) When you have greater than 51% Rxshare or if you get Rx on a daily basis forover 3 months, you may conclude that anRx Habit has been established.
  24. 24. Avoid Rx Habit Destruction
  25. 25. You may be part of an Rx Habit destructionssquad including your First Line Managers andother Managers. The ‘destructionbehaviors’ are due to a ‘wonderful state ofignorance’ about the product, its availabilityand the competitors activities.
  26. 26. It is also fuelled by quantitative work norms anddirectives from Corporate. You may be armed witha 3 kg Visual Aid for 24 products with 3-4 specialtywise ‘Standard Detailing’ versions. You have torecognize that each Doctor is a unique individualand use your discretion while applying commondirectives.
  27. 27. Author: Prabhakar ShettyAssoc. Director at Parke Davis.
  28. 28. Thanks
  29. 29. Prepared By Masum Chowdhury Manager,Strategic Brand Management Department Asiatic Laboratories Ltd., +880-0171-7642874, +880-0193 7990014