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Negotiable instruments chapter 5-b.v.raghunandan


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Negotiable instruments chapter 5-b.v.raghunandan

  1. 1. Chapter 5-Negotiable Instruments
  2. 2. Negotiability Free Transferability Good Title free from the defective title of transferor Goodfaith Obtained for Value Holder need not prove the above-they are presumed to exist
  3. 3. Transferability &Negotiability Nature of Negotiable Instruments -Demand or Time Instruments -Order or Bearer Instruments
  4. 4. Types of NegotiableInstruments Negotiable by Law -Bill of Exchange -Cheque -Promissory Note Negotiable by Usage -Bank Draft -Dividend Warrant -Interest Warrant -Certificate of Deposit -Commercial paper
  5. 5.  Writing  Certain Drawee Order  Certain Amount Unconditional order  Payment of Money Signature of Maker  Nature of Instrument Bill of Exchange: Definition , Features &
  6. 6. Cheque: Definition , Features & Specimen Features of a Bill of Exchange  Other Features -writing, order to pay, payment of -drawn on a banker money, signature of maker, -payable only on certain amount, bearer or order demand
  7. 7. Differences Between a Bill of Exchangeand a Cheque  Drawee  Notice of Dishonour  Nature  Legal Bar  Form  Statutory Protection  Acceptance  Countermanding Payment  Days of Grace  Death-Insolvency of Drawer
  8. 8. Promissory Note  Definition  Essential Features  Specimen
  9. 9. Crossing of Cheques Meaning of Crossing  Account Payee Crossing Types of Crossing:  Not Negotiable Crossing General Crossing and  Persons Authorised to Special Crossing Cross Cheques Examples of Crossing  Cancellation of Crossing
  10. 10. Endorsement Meaning Types of Endorsement: Blank, Full, Restrictive, Conditional, Sans Recourse,Conditional,Facultative & Sans Frais Regularity of Endorsement
  11. 11. THANK YOU