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  • Hari Om!

    Nice photos of pools in different Hotels of the world. I really appreciate the work of architect who has designed these pools. But in designing such a pool, the Architect also uses the services of Technicians, Cost Accountant, Builder and Material supplier. All combine together put their effort to build different types of pools in different Hotels. Every pool is different from other.

    How about super Architect who does the entire thing alone in designing the Architect. He does the work of Technicians, Cost Accountant, Builder and Material supplier. Further he is the construction material also. He is the real super architect. Such is his creation that though build by him only; every one is different from other. Further he charges no fees. He never asks anything in return except to remember him.

    The Super Architect is the almighty and all pervading brahm (God). What is the base which makes every individual different from other. How every human are different in attitude. How they behave differently. The three Qualities (called Gunas in Sanskrit) is the main mixture which makes every individual different from other. This mixture is also his creation.

    There are three types of qualities (Gunas). They are Satwa , Rajas and Tamas. Satwa is the state where the mind is in the silence / joyful state. Rajas are the state where mind is in activity. Tamas is the state where the mind is inactive / inert.

    In satwa state you are neither active nor inactive. Understand that in Satwa state you are active, but your activity is effortless. The reason is when you do Satwic activity you are following the law of nature. You are trying to reach your actual nature. It covers all those activities you do to reach the state of bliss. When you enjoy all your works thoroughly then you are in Satwic state of mind.

    In Rajas state you are active. But your activity is directed by full of desires, attachment and anger. All work you do is having full of effort and directed with a desire of obtaining certain result. You do all the work for your personal gain. There is no law for achieving the result. You try to obtain the desired result by hook or crook. The goal is let other suffer, but you should not. Further after you have achieved the result you are in fear of loosing it. Accordingly you mind is always in disturbed state.

    In Tamas state you are inactive and inert. You are lazy. You want the result without any effort. You enjoy the suffering of others.

    Human is mixture of all these three qualities. He never remains in one state of mind in his life time. His attitude changes at different period of time and different stages of his life. Different human being is created by way of permutation and combination of different quantity of this mixture. Some have more of Satwa Guna and less of Rajas and Tamas. Some have more of Rajas and less of Satwa and Tamas. Some have more of Tamas and less of Rajas and Satwa.

    We have freedom to change our attitude. In order to increase our Satwa Guna we can involve more in such activity which increases our Satwa guna and decrease our Rajas and Tamas quality. Involving in Satsang, Japa and Meditation can increase our Satwa Guna which in turn can lead our mind to state of tranquility. The Creator can manifest in more enlightened way in such mind.

    However till we are under influence of all three Gunas we can not unfurl our true nature. The whole spiritual process is to become gunatit (beyond gunas). Its like removing the coloured glass so that the eyes can see the true colour of the world.

    Love and Om!
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  • Very attractive!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • nice info and nice hotels
    do u have any personal experience og going into any of these hotels?
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