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  • Hari Om!

    France is beautiful country with a beautiful people.

    Recently Prime Minister of India was Chief Guest in Idependence day function of France. He was given very warn welcome. Really French people are very nice host.

    When we tallk of french, the following things comes to our mind:

    1) End of Roman Empire in 1500 AD was start of French origin people known as Frank.
    2) The French Revolution (1789–1799) which lead to the end of monarchy and start of constitutional government.
    3) 1886 - Gift of Statute of Liberty to Americans
    4) 1889- Construction of Eiffel Tower.

    French have a history of revolution, friendship and courage. So many changes took place which have changed the life of people upside down and had given birth to modern day France.

    We have motivation and courage to change our outer world. The histories provide a proof for it. From ages we are giving birth to revolution after revolution to make changes which are comfortable to our life. Still we are uncomfortable.

    Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda has coined very nice quote for this

    “Earlier we were uncomfortably unhappy and now we are comfortably unhappy”

    In order to be comfortably happy what we require is not the outer revolution but the inner revolution.

    Reading of knowledge scriptures, company of saints, meditation, visiting holy places, counting of rosary beads and chanting of lord’s name are some of means of inner revolution.

    People used to say “Guruji I do not have time to devote for all these purpose”. Guruji said “then be in the world of illusion and be always comfortably unhappy”. He also used to jokingly say “Graze the illusion that’s what you are made for”. If we do not have time to quash the fire which is burning our hair, then it means we are ignorant. We do not know about the fire. When we will come to know about it, we will do all possible thing to extinguish the fire.

    However there is no need to get dishearten. When we have so much courage to change the outer world, we can very well change the inner world. The obsctacle is ignorance. Turning inside require a bit of knowledge.

    The result is the guaranteed. Guarantee of freedom from Birth, Death, pains of Old age and all type of sorrow. Now why should not we try for it? Its worth trying. Give a small half an hour of your precious daily time and get that which you can never get by spending even the treasure of the world.

    Now is the time. Just a bit of knowledge and change the whole world inside.

    Love and Om!
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  • Good presentation!
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  • Very beautiful presentation la France!!!!
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  1. 1. 14 Jouillet 2009 Jour de la France Aniversaire du la LIBERTE FRATERNITE EGALITE
  2. 2. Monsieur le President Dr. Nicolás Sarkozy
  3. 4. Madame la President Carla Bruni du Sarkozy
  4. 6. Centre Pompidou
  5. 12. Pasarela de las Artes
  6. 13. Le Trocadero
  7. 16. Palais du Luxemburgo
  8. 17. Petit Palace Paris
  9. 18. Detalle del puente “ Alejandro 3°” Paris
  10. 20. Tout va tres bien
  11. 21. Cartier du la Defense - Paris
  12. 30. Grupo de maquetas de la construcción, ya iniciada del Nuevo París sobre ambas riveras del rio Sena hacia el Atlántico
  13. 36. Monmartre - Paris
  14. 37. Grand Horloge en Musee D'Orsay
  15. 40. Abbadia St.Michel, - Normandy
  16. 41. Chateau Chenonceaux, - Valle du la Loire
  17. 42. Condominio “ Troglodita” Amboise
  18. 43. Cannes
  19. 44. Fuente publica St.Paul, Provence
  20. 45. Les produits Du la mer
  21. 46. Cannes - Provence
  22. 48. Chateau Chambord - Valle du la Loire
  23. 49. Medieval Strasburg, Alsace
  24. 51. Hotel Dieu en Beanne - Burgundy
  25. 53. C’est la France
  26. 54. Au revoire a tous …!!! DEL MANZANA DEL MANZANA