The uttarakhand tragedy.2013.....By- Pratiksha Yadav


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The disaster that shook the Indian state of Uttarakhand.....the file consists of the full case study of that tragedy... showing the roles of each and every person...i hope that this presentation will make u understand that disaster more closely.,,,,,,which took so many lives.

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The uttarakhand tragedy.2013.....By- Pratiksha Yadav

  1. 1. Introduction Uttrakhand has a total area of 53,484 km² of which 93% is mountainous and 64% is covered by forests. .  Two of India’s largest rivers – the Ganges and the Yamuna, originate in the glaciers of Uttrakhand.  Most of the Uttrakhand part of the state is covered by high Himalayan peaks and glaciers. 
  2. 2. these two pilgrimage, Badrinath and Kedarnath form the chota char dham lies in Uttrakhand.  it’s well known as ‘land of gods’.  Uttrakhand is well known for it’s chota char dham: Kedarnath  Badrinath  Yamunotri  Gangotri  Uttrakhand is considered as one of the most beautiful state. 
  3. 3. Badrinath temple Kedarnath temple
  4. 4. Yamunotri temple Gangotri temple
  5. 5.  From 14 to 17 June 2013 , Indian state of Uttrakhand and near by area received heavy rainfall.  The rainfall was above the benchmark which is above 375 percent.  A multi- day cloud burst , centred on the state of Uttrakhand , caused devastating floods and landslides.
  6. 6.  Due to continuous rainfall the chorabari glacier melted and this triggered the flooding of the Mandakini river.  which led to heavy floods near Gobindghat, Kedar dome , Rudraprayag district , Uttarakhand.
  7. 7. IS ONLY NATURE FAULTY.........?
  8. 8.  The Uttarakhand disaster has been officially termed as a natural calamity caused cloudburst and unprecedented heavy monsoon rainfall.  However the true cause of the epic tragedy is the growth of tourism , unchecked rapid increase of roads , hotels, shops and multi-storey housing in ecologically fragile areas and unplanned construction are the reasons for landslide.
  9. 9.  Also rapid growth of hydroelectricity dams that disrupt water balances and this also triggered the action of disaster .
  10. 10.  More than 220 power and mining projects are running in 14 river valleys in Uttarakhand.  Several rivers are being diverted through tunnels for these projects leading to major disasters in the state.
  11. 11. tDeforestation is also one of the most important factor in the Uttarakhand disaster ,which cause frequent landslide.
  12. 12. The army, air -force, navy, Indo-Tibetan border police , Border security force, National disaster response force, Public work department and local administration worked together for quick rescue operation.
  13. 13. Several thousand soldiers were deployed for the rescue missions.
  14. 14. Helicopters were used to rescue people. Helicopters were used to rescue people.
  15. 15. ITBP Jawans distribute medicines to stranded pilgrims during Uttarakhand rescue operation.
  16. 16.  By 21 June 2013 , the army had deployed 10,000 soldiers and 11 helicopters.  The navy had sent 45 naval divers and the air force had deployed 43 aircrafts including 33 helicopters.
  17. 17. Prime Minister of India undertook an aerial survey of the affected areas and announced 1000 crore (US $160 million) aid package.
  18. 18. Several state govt. Also announced financial assistance: Uttar Pradesh Government - 25 crore  The government of Haryana, Maharashtra and Delhi 10 crore each.  The government of Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Gujarat 5 crore each.
  19. 19.      822 deaths occurred in floods (official details) 1800 were missing persons. 2232 has fully damaged houses. 154 bridges got damaged. 1520 roads got damaged.