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Narrative text


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narrative text

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Narrative text

  1. 1. Let’s learn narrative text
  2. 2. Narrative Text Narrative text is a kind of the text that retell the story in the past. The purpose or social function or communicative target is to entertain or to amuse the readers or listeners about the story.
  3. 3. Generic Structures of Narrative Text 1. Orientation = the recognition of the setting (background of the story) : figure, time, and place. 2. Complication = the conflict development of the story . 3. Resolution = the solving of the conflict. 4. Reorientation = This is a closing remark to the story and it is optional. It consists of a moral lesson, advice or teaching from the writer.
  4. 4. KINDS OF NARRATIVE TEXT 1. Fable 2. Legend (Latin, legend, "things to be read") 3. Ballad 4. Folktales 5. Fairy Tale 6. Science fiction 7. Modern fantasy
  5. 5. Kinds of narrative text 1. Fairy Tale : typically features such folkloric characters as fairies, goblins and trolls. Ex: Cinderella, Aladdin, Pinocchio
  6. 6. 2. Legend : legend is a narrative of human actions that are perceived both by teller and listeners to take place within human history. Ex: Malin kundang, Sangkuriang. 3. Fable : Fable is a story, often about animals, that points out some aspect of human behaviouor and often has a moral attached to it. Ex: Winny the Pooh, Ice age.
  7. 7. Grammar Used Narrative text, since it told a story, is dominantly constructed in the past tenses. It is logic because every story happened in the past time. Past Tense used: 1. Simple Past Tense 2. Past Continuous 3. Past Perfect 4. Past future continuous 5. Past perfect continuous