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Who is Ray Peat

Dr. Ray Peat is an eccentric yet brilliant health researcher. While his ideas can seem strange taken out of context, a general overview of his work reveals conclusions that are quite reasonable and not too far off from what mainstream health institutions and universities are now concluding, such as the idea that free radical oxidation, stress, inflammation, and a reduced metabolic rate are the primary hallmarks of aging and degeneration.
Peat has been talking about these things for decades now, with little respect from the scientific community other than an occasional sneer or mention of the word “quack,” treatment that hardly seems fair for a man so deeply scientific, credentialed, and well-studied.
Yet, elsewhere, the internet abounds with crazy fasts, fads, pills, potions, and more without raising as many eyebrows as Peat and his body of work.
In this slideshow series, I hope to show that Ray Peat is not someone to be quickly brushed aside, but that the comprehensive overview of his ideas deserve attention, further investigation, and respect. Studies are not science, it’s how science and knowledge in general can be looked at and woven together into a working model of proper function that’s useful for real, living, breathing individuals that counts.
In that department, Ray Peat shines. You NEED to know Ray Peat.