What should we do about childhood obesity


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Want to be able to trust your kids around a full cookie jar?

Want your kids to say "no" to McDonald's and actually choose to eat something else?

Want your kid to be able to eat whatever they want without ever worrying about their weight?

With 'Food Ninjas: How to Raise Your Kids to be Lean, Mean, Eating Machines,' this reality is just a small step away.
In a world full of increasing paranoia about the food we eat and health-obsessed parents imposing more and more bizarre dietary restrictions on their children, 'Food Ninjas' provides the swift kick in the pants that many health fanatical parents need.

'Food Ninjas' is THE roadmap for raising your children to be the "lucky" ones who can eat whatever they want, whenever they want, and be lean and healthy as a result.
Think your kid needs to eat a bunch of vegetables?
Think your kid will become a raging diabetic if he is allowed to consume as much cake, candy, and Coca Cola as he desires?
Think your kid will be healthier if you raise her only on "whole foods?"

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

All creatures, humans included, come hardwired with powerful regulatory mechanisms with million-year track records of success. Children come programmed with all the instincts they could ever need to manage their body fat levels, energy levels, fluid intake, and much more--even while eating a modern diet. As a parent, the biggest mistake you can make is to INTERFERE.

'Food Ninjas' is about stepping out of the way and allowing a child to develop a healthy relationship with food, an optimal metabolic rate, and eat and drink based on internal, instinctual cues. Those internal cues can be trusted. Psychological interference about when, what, and how much to eat is what drowns out instinct and starts a lifelong neurotic tug of war between what we want to eat, and what we think we should eat.

After reading 'Food Ninjas,' you will no longer have to control, bribe, struggle, or fight your children to eat this or eat that. You can relax. They can relax. You can stop trying to force them to swallow that green juice and cod liver oil, and you can stop having to listen to them whine and beg to eat junk food despite your best efforts to get them excited about Brussels sprouts and grass-fed beef. And the whole family can put all that wasted time and effort towards something a lot more fulfilling.

'Food Ninjas' is not another idealistic book filled with tricks to make kids eat vegetables and delusional statements about how carrot sticks and hummus can be just as enjoyable as burgers and fries if you mold the hummus to look like a skateboard park or a Barbie bathtub. It is the answer for how kids and adults alike can eat in the most casual, intuitive, and carefree way as possible with excellent health to go along with it.

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  • We should listen to my upcoming episode on Womens Rradio (www.womensradio.com) to go 'Live' this Friday and especially the followup Part 2 on www.cpmfoundation.net which speaks explicitly to this issue and the problem stemming from infancy!
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  • Also, the way our food is being produced (including GMOs) and the use of chemicals in our foods is also playing a role in the obesty epidemic.
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  • alapnye cee
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  • I used to teach nutrition to kids and unfortunately if you are not teaching the parents as well then it won't make much of a difference. I like how your presentation is focusing on the parents.
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  • I grew up having an insatiable appetite. One of my earliest memories as a three year old was feeling like I couldn't stop eating when I was eating something delicious. I always ate more than other kids my age. Because of this, my parents limited my food intake as often as possible throughout my childhood, and I put myself on many diets as I got older. I remember making a rule for myself as a six year old to only eat three slices of pizza at a meal. That is so sad to have that mindset as a six year old. I always wondered why I liked to eat so much.... Knowing that my fat cell size and number were determined before birth explains a lot! My mom also is a very light eater and believes light eating and not cleaning your plate is a virtue. I have always been the exact opposite. Makes me wonder how much she obeyed her appetite when she was pregnant with me and how much this affected her not being in tune with how much food I really needed when I was a kid (she was always questioning me when I said I was hungry). I was always starving or stuffed to sickness as a kid, since I binged whenever I was in an unrestricted eating situation. I was never obese as a kid but always overweight from age 7 to age 22. For the past 9 years, I've been obese. I dieted myself to obesity. I sure wish I would have never dieted. I'd gladly take my high school weight, which I thought I was SO fat at.
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