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Danielle edit


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Danielle edit

  1. 1. Every year around the beginning of October, my Dad and Ialways go apple picking at Sholan Farms. We always get 3 full bags ofapples so we can make apple crisp. One time when we went applepicking we were walking back to are car with all the bags. Then therewas a hole in the grass and I accidently stepped in it and I rolled myankle. Plus all the apples fell out of the bags!
  2. 2. My brother and I always watch the Bruins whenever they play.Hockey is our favorite sport because its fast and there are a lot of fightsthat are fun to watch, and everyone in my family plays hockey. When wewere younger we use to go to the games with my Dad. But since thisyear they had a lockout, so we couldn’t watch them play. So hopefullythe lockout ends soon, so we can start watching the bruins again! MyMom’s and I favorite player is Tyler Sequin because we think he is thecutest player on the Bruins. My Dad promised my brother and me that hewill try and buy tickets for next year to see the Bruins!
  3. 3. Almost every night in the summer I go to Cherry Hill for icecream. Its my favorite place for ice cream because they have myfavorite flavor which is butterscotch. But one time when I was like 10I was running and fell and cut open my knee on one of the rocksgoing up the drive way to Cherry Hill. It hurt really bad and it wasbleeding a lot. I also sometimes go to Cherry Hill in the winter forsledding because there are some big hills to go down.
  4. 4. I have been dancing since I was 4 years old at the same studio Iam now. I take ballet, tap, pointe, lyrical, hip hop, and jazz. My studiostopped doing competitions so all we do is recitals now. Last year Iwanted to go to another studio to start doing competitions again but Idecided to stay because there like family to me. For recitals, my danceteacher likes to do Disney themed movies so we did Toy Story, SleepingBeauty, Ice Age, Cinderella, and things like that. But next year I’m notdancing anymore because I’m playing lacrosse and deck hockey.
  5. 5. Some of my favorite shows are Dance Moms, Teen Mom, and theBachelor. Whenever I get home all I do is watch movies and tv. So myfavorite movies are Pitch Perfect, Mean Girls, and Miracle. My mom and Iare always recording the shows we watch so are DVR is almost full. Alsomy friend Taylor and I watch this show called Duck Dynasty whenever Igo over her house because her brother watches it all the time.
  6. 6. My friends are everything to me. They are always there for mewhenever I need help. My best friend is Taylor. I have known hersince I was 8, when we met at our brothers’ hockey game. Mysecond best friend is Jill. We met in the 5th grade and were still bestfriends till now. Almost everyday I am with my friends, especially inthe summer when there are a lot of parties, and when we go to thebeach like once every week.
  7. 7. My Grammy passed away in June of 2010. I miss her more andmore everyday. Without her here, it isn’t the same. On holidays she isn’tthere with us, and on are birthdays giving us big hugs and presents. Onher birthday we always go to the cemetery and bring her cards andflowers. She was in a nursing home so I didn’t get to see her that muchbefore she passed. Here we were celebrating are birthday.
  8. 8. I have lived in the same home since I was born that is on 19Saddlebred Drive. When I was little all the kids in my neighborhoodwould go out and play in the street. But now since were all older andthey are in college we don’t hang out anymore. In my backyard I have apool and a swing set. Now that my brother and I are older we don’t use itany more, but this is my home.
  9. 9. Almost every single night I have ice cream! My favorite flavor iscoffee ice cream but I make it a special way. So first I get a big cup andfill 4 scoops of coffee ice cream with it. Next I put the cup with the icecream in the microwave for 1 minute. After it’s been in the microwave Istir up the ice cream so it’s like a shake. Then finally I put whippedcream until it fills to the top. It’s really good and I have it almost everynight if we have coffee ice cream!This is coffee ice cream when you stir it up!
  10. 10. One of my best friends is Jill. We have known each other sincethe 4th grade, but we became really close in the 5th grade when we hadthe same teacher. Jill and I hangout all the time, and we havesleepovers at least once a week. She is always there for me no matter,and even though we fight sometimes we would never stay mad at eachother. Jill helps me with everything and if I’m in a bad mood she tries tomake me happy. She is the funniest person I met and when weretogether were both crazy. But she is my best friend.
  11. 11. 2 summers ago my friend Taylor and I went on a vacation toMaine. We stayed at a house on lake that led out to an ocean. Almosteveryday we were down at the water swimming, but on the last day wewent kayaking for like an hour. It was my first time kayaking so I gotkind of tired after a while. But it was really fun because her brother andhis friend didn’t let us use the kayaks at all until the last day so it wascool to try it. This is Taylor and I kayaking.
  12. 12. I have lived in Leominster my whole life. Even though I wouldlike to move some were warmer like Florida I love it here. On Fridaynights everyone goes to football games at Doyle if there is a game.Whenever I ask people if there going to move away after college theyalways say yes. They also say they hate it here but I kind of like it. It’s asmall town so there is not a lot of people here which is good. And I cantimagine living any where else since I have lived here my whole life!After the football game, we all went to Hannah’s house with Chris, Lucas and Devin.
  13. 13. I love my mom with all my heart. She does almost everything forme like clean my clothes, make my bed, and she buys me stuff Idon’t need like more clothes. My mom tries her best to make sure mybrother and I have everything we need. Even though I can be meanand “ disrespectful” to her I still love her and everything she does tomake me happy. Sometimes I don’t show how much I appreciate her butI do, and I love her!
  14. 14. November is one of my favorite months for a couple of reasons.One reason why is because Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving for onlyone thing because of all the food there is. Also in the month of Novemberin school, we have a lot of days off and half days! Also every year beforeThanksgiving break, my friend Jill always comes over after school andsleeps over. The next day I always sleep at her house so we can go tothe Thanksgiving game together.Before the game we went over areFriend Liv’s house.
  15. 15. Olivia is my older cousin. She is a freshman in college at WPI,and she is my favorite cousin! Liv always drives me around andonce she took me to a party her friend was having. It was really cool!She’s really funny, outgoing and nice. Since she is in college now Idon’t get to see her as often. But whenever she comes home shepicks me up and brings me anywhere I want. This summer we haveto go to Canada for a family reunion so she promised me we wouldroom together. Liv helps me with everything and I love her!
  16. 16. During the summer almost everyday I go swimming with myfriends. My friend Taylor’s aunt has an in ground pool so we can do flipsoff the diving board. One time is was like 1:30 in the morning and mefriend Taylor were really bored so we snuck out with her older brotherand her friends to her neighbors house to go swimming. But we had to bequiet because her neighbors were mean. This is my brother, my neighbors Kaylee and Casidy, and me in the pool.
  17. 17. Quotes “ A journey of a Thousand Miles Must Begin with a Single Step.”That is my favorite quote because it is saying if you don’t try you wont goany where. But if you start with one step it can lead you somewhere,were you didn’t know you could be. Some of my other favorite quotes are“ Live life to it’s fullest” because if you do the things you like and want todo you make yourself happy and not others.
  18. 18. On Friday nights my friends and I always go to the movies. Andsome times there are R-rated movie we want to see. So most of time wejust sneak in to them like Project X and Sinister. But one time Hannahand I really wanted to see Paranormal Activity 4, so her mom had to buyus tickets. But most of time we sneak in but one time my friend Julia gotup to go the bathroom. Then the guy from the movies saw and asked tosee her ticket and she didn’t have one, so we all got kicked out and hadto go to McDonalds.
  19. 19. September is my number one most favorite month for one reason,in September I was born! On September 16 1998, at 10:29 I was born inthe Leominster Hospital. I always have a birthday party each year withmy family. But since I am older now all I get is money, gift cards, andsome clothes. But I still love my birthday!This was me when I was first born.
  20. 20. Everyone has a best friend and mine is Taylor. We met at ourbrothers’ hockey game when we were just 6 years old. At all the hockeygames we would run around the rink but when the game ended we hadto say bye. The first time we hung out was at her house after I got out ofcamp. Now we hangout at least once a week! Tay is always there for meand Im always there for her. Her family is my family, they call me theirdaughter whenever someone asks who I am when we go out. Well she ismy best friend and I love her with all my heart(:
  21. 21. Universal Studios When I was 7, my family and I went to Universal Studios withmy cousins. It was really cool because they had all these big rides likethe Hulk and Spiderman. But since I was only 7 all my cousin and I rodewere the little rides like the Dr. Suez carousal. We only went toUniversal for one day because we were staying in Disney for vacation.This is my cousin Victoria and in Universal.
  22. 22. Every year on my Nana’s birthday we always go to thisrestaurant called Val’s. It’s really good there, they have all kinds of foodlike pasta, hamburgers, fish, and stuff like that! Every time I go there Ialways get the same thing, the pasta scampi. One time on my birthdaymy parents brought me there and they told the people it was mybirthday. So after we ate the waitresses came over and gave me a cakeand sang a song.That is Val’s. I always get this when I go there.
  23. 23. A lot of people have wishes and these are some of mine! Onewish I have always had was to have a huskie puppy. But my mom isallergic so we couldn’t get that kind of dog. Another wish I have is tomeet Taylor Swift because she is my idol and I love her music! I alsowish to win a million dollars but that probably wont happen. Hopefullyone day all of my of these wishes and my other wishes come true, but Iwill have to wait! :/
  24. 24. In the 4th grade I was playing on the Johnny Appleseed playground with my friend Hannah and Arianna. We were playing onclimbing thing that had 4 sides to it. When my mom came to pick me up Ijumped from the way top and fell straight on my wrist. I started cryingand ran to my mom’s car. The next day she took me to the doctors to getan X-ray. I sprained my wrist so I had to wear one of those bandagewraps for a couple weeks, until it got better.The climbing thing looked like this but a little taller. This is an x ray of a sprained wrist.
  25. 25. Almost every day I go on You tube. There are a lot of funnyvideos and my favorite is Jenna Marbles because she is so funny and Iwatched like every one of her videos. My favorite video of her isLandShark because it is wicked funny! I also like Greatest Freak OutEver because his brother gets angry over everything and he video tapeshim. Also You Tube can help you with things. Like one time my friendwanted to know how to do this cup thing from a movie so she looked howto do it on You Tube! LandShark Greatest Freak Out Ever
  26. 26. When I was younger I loved going to the zoo. My mom and dadalways took my brother and I to the Rhode Island Zoo. When we had afieldtrip at the camp I went to we went to zoo once a year. I love seeingthe animals, especially the monkeys! One time when we went to the zoowith my camp, there was this monkey that acted crazy. Wheneversomeone walked by it would scream and jump everywhere! Sometimesthe monkey would bang its head against the cage. It was really funny!This is my Dad, my brother and me at the zoo.