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Renaissance timeline


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Renaissance timeline

  1. 1. RenaissancetimelineBy: angus
  2. 2. Henry the 8th made a new churchNow the Christian church is split up into different parts withCatholics ,Protestants Anglicans and more. Now people arefree to get a divorce but stay Christian this also no doubttook away a lot of the power of the church and startedrevolutions causing more free will across Europe. Now wearen’t forced into Christianity and have more power of freewill.Henry the 8th
  3. 3. Galileo discovered the earth orbited the sun.This changed the way scientists looked at the worldalthough not everybody believed him. Scientists later oncould wonder about his theory then test it out his theory tofind out if he was correct and learn more about the universe.Galileo Galilee
  4. 4. Leonardo da Vinci invented so many things that weren’tused until centuries later.There are very many books and movies about Mona Lisathat wouldn’t be here today without. art societies are stillconfused today about why he made the smile and how heused so many different textures. He invented the tank whichwasnt used until it was reinvented in ww1 he also dreamedof flying machinesLeonardo da Vinci
  5. 5. He wrote the prince a book about power this influenced theworld through WW 2 and terrorism. Through one book hekilled millions of people causing wars and death all over theworld. This affected us by hurting thousands of families allover the world from one simple book that teaches how to bea good leader perhaps the leaders are to blame for readingthe book wrong or maybe Machiavelli wanted this tohappen.Machiavelli
  6. 6. He invented the printing pressThe printing press lead to the wide spread word so everyonecan know everything that is going on around the world allthe books and newspapers in the world are because of hisone invention that sparked the wide spread use of genius sothat everybody could know the same things as each other.Johannes Guttenberg
  7. 7. He invented lutherism a new form of ChristianityAlong with henry the 8th he overthrew the power of thepope which has lead to a lot more free will and large stepsforwards in all areas of science, history and other subjects.Martin Luther
  8. 8. He wrote a poem about hell scaring people intoMartin Luther and henry the 8th took away some of thepopes power but Dante got a lot more people intoChristianity by scaring with the evils of hell and makingthem worship the pope and give him money to not go tothese layers of hell when they heard about themDante
  9. 9. He made sculptures that are symbolized and rememberedthroughout history. His sculptures are remembered all overthe world today as an inspiration to creativity and freedomwith lots of his paintings and sculptures were religiousmaking churches look beautiful and amazing to look at likethe 7 wonders of the world. He was the only rival toLeonardo da Vinci.Michelangelo
  10. 10. He wrote brilliant plays. People still remember Shakespeareplays to this day with tons of remakes, movies and booksabout them. He brought back the theatre from the Greek andRoman ages and taught people a lot of new techniques thatwe know now like how to write a tragedy or a love story.Shakespeare
  11. 11. He started Colonizing the Americas. Although he wasn’t thefirst European to reach America but he was the first tosuccessfully colonize America, this has affected us withmovies books inventions that we wouldn’t have with outhim as well as other inspiring people like Steve Jobs or Billgates.Columbus