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This is my science project

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  • Science project

    1. 1. The DigestiveRc C a k r ie rce s System Kento Shirotsuka
    2. 2. WHY DID I PICK THIS FOOD?I picked this food because rice crackers have additionalflavors to it and it might effect the result of the science experiment. I tried to picksomething interesting and will be a little different to the others because the salt and the sauce around the crackermight effect how much fat and protein is in the cracker.
    3. 3. ` HOW MUCH AMOUNT DID I USE I used a piece of a rice cracker and I smashed the cracker into little pieces and make it look likepowder. Then I used all of the powder and inserted the powder into the test tube.
    4. 4. How I got the result First, I would get some test tubes. Then I will grind the food up intoreally small bits. Then I will put thegrind up rice crackers into the test tubes Then I would put Benedictssolution to find out if there is someGlucose in the food. And then I put iodine to see if there is starch in the food.
    5. 5. Data Results Starch is found by using iodine and pouring a little amount of it into the test tube that hasyour food in it. Before I would insert the iodine into the test tube, I would have to insert somewater into the test tube first. Then I would putabout 2 drops of iodine into the test tube. From the result of that experiment, I have got the result of... RICE CRACKERS HAVE STARCH IN THEM
    6. 6. Does Rice crackers contain Glucose? http:/ / store/images/benedict- solution.jpg Glucose is found by using benedict’s solution and some water. I have inserted my mashed up crackers into the test tube and inserted some water into the test tube. Then I would have to insert benedict’s solution into thetest tube. This time, I would have to insert more than i have for the iodine. After I have done that, I would have to put it into a warm water bath to heat the testtubes. Then I would wait for several minutes. Then aftera few minutes, it has turned orange. So according to the experiment... RICE CRACKERS CONTAIN GLUCOSE
    7. 7. Does Rice Crackers Contain fat?To see if there is fat in the Rice Crackers, I would have to take apiece of paper and rub it onto the rice crackers. f it contains fat,It would turn transparent and you would be able to see a dot on the paper. Considering to the test result,Rice Crackers DON’T CONTAIN FAT
    8. 8. How does food change into energy?Food will have to be broken up into pieces before it changes into energy. Different types of Enzymes will digest a type ofnutrient, such as protein, fat and glucose.One Enzyme works only for one nutrientand will not work for anything else. So ifone Enzyme goes wrong, it will be a hugeproblem. The next slide will show how the digestive system works and how it will work in your body.
    9. 9. The Digestive System MOUTH= Swallows and inserts the food into your body. The Saliva would change your foods starch into glucose. Stomach= The stomach would break down your food into smaller piecesSmall Intestine= All the Rice Crackers Nutrients are extracted before going to the vain Liver: Removes the toxins from the Rice CrackerLarge Intestine: Parts that are considered waste is separated and sent to the Rectum Rectum: Waste is stored and then it will be sent down the anus