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  1. 1. Mexico *3times the size of texas *Borders America *Varies from desert to tropic
  2. 2. ReligionRoman Catholic 76.5%protestant 6.3%Jehovahs witnesses 1.1%Unspecified 13.8%
  3. 3. PopulationMexico’s Capital- 19.319 millionpeopleMexico- 113,724,226 people
  4. 4. Interesting facts4% Of people are unemployedreceives 20million tourist a yearone million untied states citizenslive theremost popular sport-soccerbull fighting is also popular
  5. 5. Lima16th most populous city in the worldlocated on a dessert stipeTransportation: small buses and200,000 taxis
  6. 6. Populationover 35% live in settlements called“pueblos jovenes”population -7737002
  7. 7. Lima factsonce called “ltchyma”popular sport in lima is fronton
  8. 8. Lima
  9. 9. Mexico