Week Without Walls refleciton


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Week Without Walls refleciton

  1. 1. Week Without Walls Reflection Jazi Al Thani 9E
  2. 2. Why Did I choose this program? I personally chose to enroll in the Health and Social week without walls program because I thought it would be the most relaxing program that I would have to work hard to do. This is because certain days such as the spa day and salon day would be very relaxing but days such as the yoga and zumba day I would have to try my best and work hard to participate in the programs.
  3. 3. Day 1 Today is the first day of week without walls and we spent the beginning of it doing team building activities and enrolling on the blog. After we finished doing both and the bus came we went to a yoga center and did quite a lot of yoga and meditation. During our yoga class I learnt quite a few new breathing techniques that help you calm down and also get rid of some of the fat in your upper abdominal. After yoga we all went for a super healthy lunch at the restaurant in the yoga During This day I believe I was quite a risk taker because I tried to do everything during yoga even the things I wasn’t sure I could do, which surprised me because I was trying my best to be as involved as possible.
  4. 4. Day 2 Today was the second day of the program and we we spent quite a large amount of the day at aspire taking a zumba class and doing some teambuilding activities. This was a pretty eye opening day for me because I learnt something new about myself as a learner and that is that I learn by doing things as much as I learn by seeing them. Though there was one part of the day where I felt uncomfortable and that was when we were doing the zumba because I had really bad asthma at the time (and I was unaware) so even though I got really tired and found it hard to breathe I continued with the the class. Though this also changed my thinking on exercise because the fact that I pushed myself extra hard made me feel even better about exercise when it was over.
  5. 5. Day 3 Today was the last day I attended week without walls because after today I got quite sick afterwards. Today we went to the salon and were split up into three groups according to skin tone. Then we went around in a circuit like manner around the salon into different stations. The first for my group and I was nails where we all did our nails, after that we went to the second station which for us was makeup and the makeup artist was only able to do two people so I didn't’t get a turn. Lastly, we went to the hair station where most of us got our hair done and I got my hair curled and died purple, after that we went for lunch at Ezdan mall.
  6. 6. Images Day 1 Food for lunch at the yoga center Day 2 Food for lunch at Villagio
  7. 7. Conclusion In conclusion I decided that because of this incredible three days that I participated in the week without walls program I am going to try my best and continue working on my cardiovascular endurance because I noticed that is one thing that will really help me become healthier. Next time I plan on coming for the entire week to improve my experience and learn even more then I did this year. My personal goal now is to try my best to improve my cardiovascular endurance because I feel like this is an important skill and it will also really help me become more fit and healthy.