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The International Monetary Fund


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This is a PowerPoint presentation aout The International Monetary Fund.

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The International Monetary Fund

  1. 1. The International Monetary Fund Jazi Al Thani 9E
  2. 2. Why was this Organization Created
  3. 3. The IMF was created for two reasons the first is so that the company can loan money to other countries to help them build up their economy and then the country would pay the IMF back after it has improved its economy.
  4. 4. The second reason is that countries that are going bankrupt have access to money so they can save their country from going bankrupt.
  5. 5. Who Was it Founded By?
  6. 6. The IMF was founded by John Maynard Keynes and Harry Dexter White.
  7. 7. Where was their First Headquarters
  8. 8. The first IMF headquarters is located in Washington DC, United States of America.
  9. 9. The Countries you can Find the Organization in Today
  10. 10. The IMF has a total of 188 member countries and the map below shows which of the countries those are.  The IMF member states is in dark green  The IMF members not accepting obligations is in light green
  11. 11. The IMF's Aim and Main Focus
  12. 12. The IMF's fundamental mission is to help ensure stability in the international system. It does so in three ways: keeping track of the global economy and the economies of member countries; lending to countries with balance of payments difficulties; and giving practical help to members.
  13. 13. Programs the IMF Offers
  14. 14. The IMF provides loans to countries that have trouble meeting their international payments and cannot otherwise find sufficient financing on affordable terms. This financial assistance is designed to help countries restore macroeconomic stability by rebuilding their international reserves, stabilizing their currencies, and paying for imports—all necessary conditions for relaunching growth. The IMF also provides concessional loans to low-income countries to help them develop their economies and reduce poverty.
  15. 15. The IMF oversees the international monetary system and monitors the financial and economic policies of its members. It keeps track of economic developments on a national, regional, and global basis, consulting regularly with member countries and providing them with macroeconomic and financial policy advice.
  16. 16. To assist mainly low- and middle-income countries in effectively managing their economies, the IMF provides practical guidance and training on how to upgrade institutions, and design appropriate macroeconomic, financial, and structural policies.
  17. 17. How the IMF Gains Funds
  18. 18. The IMF then uses the money they gain from the recruitment fees to loan money to other countries thus continuing the cycle of gaining money. So the IMF basically takes money from every country that joins their organization because they then use the money to help other countries that are need by giving them loans.
  19. 19. Conclusion
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