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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Zainab’s Computer’s Technology By: Zainab Maqsood
  2. 2. Introduction My keynote is about computer class work I have done so far!
  3. 3. iMac Account We started of with a iMac account. It’s cool and personal! We work on this account and keep only things that we work and other personal stuff. We can learn how to change the desktop background and other cool stuff which we can do.
  4. 4. Wiki spaces Z,M, Wiki The Wiki spaces is easy to make and fun. Wiki, an account in which you can log into and make your own wiki or visit other people’s wikis. You can make a profile in your wiki and add many stuff!
  5. 5. Blogger Blogger is a blog. A blog is like a diary except its on internet and the whole world can see it. We can also write on it!!!
  6. 6. iGoogle iGoogle is an email account like google except its more like your homepage and you can add fun stuff to it. We always get RSS news from the iGoogle it rocks whatever you need you could get that from iGoogle- games,news,pets,home page!
  7. 7. First Class First class is a web email. You can go on it and check emails. Its a schools email so everybody in the school is already added to it, you just need to know their name and how to spell it!
  8. 8. Profile It’s all about you and you!!! We learned how to add stuff in it, it was on the internet we had to learn a lot. We got to make logos for our profile titles! We made the logos on this website
  9. 9. Bye! Bye! Thank you for watching my slide show Bye! Bye!
  10. 10. Source And My Brain!!!