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Boys Soccer


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Boys Soccer

  1. 1. Boys Soccer Jae Sung
  2. 2. When? Mondays and Wednesdays Right after school had to run 3 laps and stretch Did some warm-ups
  3. 3. Had to pick some ISD people for the ISD The People who go to people ISD are... Only the best people got picked I got picked as emergency man Only 2 6th graders and the rest was 8th graders
  4. 4. Teams We got put in teams while Mr.McArthur observed us on how we played Then he made final decisions for the team
  5. 5. Tournament At the end of boy’s soccer we had a tournament Against Greenharold, SJW, ISD, scholastica, Aga Khan and other teams
  6. 6. The End We got certificates AISD A= 4th AISD B= 3rd AISD C= 8th AISD D= 6th