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Personal Project Presentation Nop Snidvongs


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This is my personal project presentation :)

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Personal Project Presentation Nop Snidvongs

  1. 1. Cartoon Storybook for Children By Nop Snidvongs
  2. 2. Topic  My topic is to create a storybook basing on dead zones  I chose this topic because I think this issue is becoming more serious because the size of dead zones are increasing everyday
  3. 3. AOI  The AOI that I chose is environmental which means that I have to develop awareness as an independence about the environment which will understand and accept the responsibilities  I think my personal project fits with this AOI because my topic is about raising awareness about one of the major ocean issues
  4. 4. Goal  The goal from my personal project is to raise awareness of the ocean issue "dead zones" by creating a cartoon storybook for children
  5. 5. Specifications  The storybook must be suitable for those that are 8 years old and below  The product must raise awareness for children about dead zones  The cover of the book must be able to grab the reader’s attention  The product must successfully change the audience perspective about dead zones  The restrictions of the product is to not use photographs that are not suitable for children  Photographs will be drawn not copied from the internet (no plagiarizing)  Should not use more than 3000 baht  Words in each page will be very simple and clear
  6. 6. Selecting Sources Websites  How Stuff works  Wiki How  Books  Books from B2S and Kinokuniya  The Giving Tree Articles  Advantages and Disadvantages of reading  Importance of children literacy Videos  NASA explorer  Dead Zones
  7. 7. Most Important First website: Wikihow  Gave me guidelines on how to write a good storybook (Step by Step)  Steps are concise making it easy to follow  Help me develop plan for storybook Articles: Advantages and Disadvantages of Reading  Understanding the benefits and limitations of reading  Develop further ideas
  8. 8. Most Important Second information: How Stuff Works  Gave me basic information about dead zones  Guide me through the researching process  Help develop plan  Provide statistics Video: Youtube – NASA in the zone  Showed how dead zones are formed (factors)  Provide images to help understanding
  9. 9. Applying Information  Know what is required in the storybook  Simple steps of how to form a storybook  Understanding the facts  The expectations for a storybook I decided the story will have some real facts mixed with unreal to allow the reader to imagine further. The characters development protagonist = boy antagonist = animal under the sea (most preferably fish/crab) and dead zones
  10. 10. Achieving the Goal  Describe where you are up to in creating your product/outcome.  I am up to the part where I am beginning to create my final storybook where I am also researching about different techniques to apply in drawing  I will have to complete my drawing, coloring, and the wordings
  11. 11. Example: Brainstorm
  12. 12. What I have done so far
  13. 13. Reflecting on Learning  Briefly assess your ATL skills. Which are strengths (and how do you know) and which are skills you need to develop further (and how do you plan to do this)?
  14. 14. Organization  Strength: The plan, research and the story outline is well organized and easy to follow  Weakness: My time management where I am falling a little bit behind schedule How do I plan to achieve this?  By printing out the timeline and stick it on my desk  Plan ahead with descriptions in more detail
  15. 15. Information Literacy  Strength: Most of the research has been completed with source evaluation (reliable sources)  Strength: Uses variety of sources such as websites, videos, articles and books  Weaknesses: More research still needs to be done along the creating process How I plan to do this?  Spend more time while creating to have more time for researching
  16. 16. Thinking & Reflecting  Strength: Have brainstorm (outline plan)  Strength: Have Storyboard for the creation  Strength: Have specifications to reflect on the storyboard  Weakness: Little reflections on my learning process How I plan to improve this?  Spend more time reflecting on what I have done/learnt  Do more research on different learning processes
  17. 17. What I have learnt so far  BEST – START DRAWING  MOST INTERESTING – Different techniques of drawing and how to form a storybook  MOST USEFUL – Guidelines on the steps that are required in-order to create a storybook, different drawing techniques. Lastly to know the children likes and dislikes in storybooks which can later on be apply to the creation