Where My Pizza Came From


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Where My Pizza Came From

  1. 1. Where My Pizza CameFrom Annabelle 9 Yellow Annabel le 9
  2. 2. Our Pizza Salt Yeast Pizza flour Mozzarella cheese Sugar
  3. 3. My Pizza’s Journey…
  4. 4. Caputo ‘Flour’• Where it came from?Naples, Italy• How far it came from?8716.1 Km• How it got here?The flour is packed into cartons, and loaded into a container. Then it’susually delivered by trucks to the port, where it’s shipped off toThailand. When it arrives at the Bangkok port, it’s inspected to makesure the food’s safe before being delivered to the warehouse. Fromthere it’s distributed to the different supermarkets for us to buy from.
  5. 5. Cocina Selecta Extra Virgin‘Olive Oil’• Where it came from?Spain• How far it came from?13,757.8 km• How it got here?The olive oil is packed and loaded into a container, then it’s deliveredto the port . From there the olive oil travels by ship, until it reachesThailand. When it arrives, it’s inspected before being delivered to thewarehouse and distributed to the stores.
  6. 6. Prego Tomato ‘Sauce’• Where it came from?New Jersey (Camden), United States• How far it came from?14025.65 Km• How it got here?The tomato sauce is packet well before being delivered to the port andshipped off to Thailand. From Bangkok’s port, the sauce is inspectedand delivered to the warehouse. Then it’s sent out to the differentstores, and placed on the shelves for us to buy.
  7. 7. Create Process
  8. 8. What is the process ofcreating it?• Flour:Flour is made by grinding cereal grains and other seeds/roots intopowder.• Olive oil:Olive oil is produced by grinding whole olives and extracting the oilfrom the olives. Olive oil is used throughout the world.• Tomato Sauce:Tomato sauce is made by crushing tomatoes with herbs, onions, garlicand basil leaves. To make it more liquidly, add water but be careful notto add too much!
  9. 9. Making Ingredients While cooking, we think about which ingredients we need to create the dish. However, we don’t really think about how the ingredients itself is made and where it has come from. We don’t think about what process it had gonethrough, and how far it had travelled. This is important, as ingredients don’t just appear on shelves at supermarkets by themselves and we need ingredients to cook! It’s one thing knowing which ingredients you need, it’s another knowing where they came from.
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