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Y09 eng-(d)r.a.f.t-hush-16 aashb


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Y09 eng-(d)r.a.f.t-hush-16 aashb

  1. 1. (D)R.A.F.T – English – Digital Audio Recording By Aash Bhasin
  2. 2. Reporter Danna Jo Napoli
  3. 3. Reporter: Hello everyone, Welcome backto the Leon’s new. For today’s show wewill be interviewing Danna Jo Napoli. Shewill be talking about one of her historicalfiction books called Hush – An IrishPrincess’ Tale. Click
  4. 4. Danna Jo Napoli: Hi, and yes I willbe talking about my book calledHush – An Irish Princess’ Tale.
  5. 5. Reporter: So, I have heard a lot about yourbook and I have few questions I would liketo ask you about.
  6. 6. Danna Jo Napoli: Oh sure go ahead.
  7. 7. The first thing I want to know, is that whatexactly is the book about?
  8. 8. Danna Jo Napoli: This book is basicallybased on a princess, who comes fromIreland and is kidnapped by her slavetraders. Her name is Melkorka, she isfifteen. After she gets kidnapped, allher family and friends try to find herand try to get information out of theguards.
  9. 9. Wow that sounds very interesting. Ok sowhy have you started the book byMelkorka and her younger sister, shoppingin Dublin with her family? I mean why notintroducing the character first and thengetting to the point?
  10. 10. Danna Jo Napoli: That is a really goodquestion. Well you see usually novels startoff by the introduction but i thought Ishould have started it with a change, andstart with an event. Another reason is sothe readers won’t skip some pages, orbecome bored, because readers usuallyenjoy when you finally get to the point andstart off straight away.
  11. 11. Reporter: *laughs* yeah that’s true, Iknow I do that. How was the princess’sreaction?
  12. 12. Danna Jo Napoli: She was justscared and had no idea what washappening.
  13. 13. Reporter: Where was she broughtafter getting kidnapped?
  14. 14. Danna Jo Napoli: Well after gettingkidnapped she was brought toanother country which she didn’tknow about. And because she was a15 YEAR old princess no one reallyknew her and just took her as anormal citizen.
  15. 15. Reporter: Wait, if she was brought to acountry which she had no idea abouthow did she have connections with herfamily and how must have she survive?
  16. 16. Danna Jo Napoli: She didn’t have anyconnections with her family orfriends. And he had no one who tohelp her survive all by herself but thisyoung aged boy who she found in thestreets. But after a while the boy leftthe princess.
  17. 17. Reporter: any reasons?
  18. 18. Danna Jo Napoli: No
  19. 19. Reporter: Well thanks for coming; wereally enjoyed having you here. All of theviewers should dash to the store grab thisbook have a read and we assure you thatyou will enjoy! You never know whatsurprises you will come across in thebook so just give it a go and thanks forlistening.
  20. 20. Danna Jo Napoli: Bye I had a greattime and I hope we see each otheragain.
  21. 21. TheEnd