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Disruption Communications Workshop, Aviation Festival Singapore


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For many airlines, incomplete or inefficient disruption communications plans lead to bad customer experiences – affecting your profitability and future success. What can you do today to minimise the impact of disruption on your customers – and your staff - and improve the way you manage communications during times of high stress?

In this unique and practical workshop, we look at how to design, develop and refine your disruption communications plan to deliver 7* service to your customers and staff.

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Disruption Communications Workshop, Aviation Festival Singapore

  1. 1. Disruption Communications Workshop Aviation Festival, Singapore, 23rd February 2016
  2. 2. The Impact of Disruption In February 2016, East Asia experienced a ‘Cold Wave’ which sent ripples across the travel network. Disruption on a mass scale like this has the power to cost airlines big – impacting operations and (if not handled well) customer loyalty.
  3. 3. In the last 30 days, 10,739 flights were cancelled and 219,727 flights delayed across the AsiaPac region. That equates to millions… and millions of disrupted passengers every month. “ ” Source: FlightStats
  4. 4. About this Workshop This is a ‘taster’ 2-hour workshop, based on the more comprehensive 15below 2-day Disruption Communications Workshop, designed to give you a flavour for what you can (and should) be thinking about when formulating (or refining) your Disruption Communications Plan. Objective • To provide you with the tools and knowledge to build or refine your own tailored Disruption Communications Plan Scope • An introduction to the full Disruption Communications Workshop, focusing on: • Importance of having a Disruption Communications Plan • Setting your objectives • Building the Disruptions Communications Plan – covering 2 of the 4 elements
  5. 5. Importance of having a plan • Disruption is predictable – it WILL happen • Scale of disruption is only set to increase with growing passenger numbers • Increasing expectations of your customer • The power of social • Growing competition • Cost of managing disruption badly – both in brand loyalty and $$$ • … and many more reasons Airlines simply cannot afford to manage disruption badly.
  6. 6. Elements of your plan Creating your communications Future-proofing your plan Working with your data Processes and workflows Roundtable group discussions on 2 of the following areas, prompted by key considerations, common challenges and cross-industry best practices.
  7. 7. About 15below • 15below have 15 years’ experience running consultative workshops with 75 airline customers • Considered to be a ‘best-of-breed’ notifications and workflow technology provider by leading Airline Consultancy T2RL • 94% of our 45 airline customers now use 15below ‘Disruption Management’ passenger communications platform to manage both IROPS and planned disruption better • Proven success in managing Disruption Communications with our clients, who report major improvements in their handling of IROPS – both in resource and cost management, and in customer service levels. Icelandic Volcano 2010: "We’ve been able to contact all one million customers affected by this unprecedented disruption. The sheer numbers involved would have made this kind of targeted communication impossible before 15below.” Caroline Green, Customer Services Director, Ryanair
  8. 8. 15below offer full regional two-day Disruption Communication Workshops, and individual airline workshops on request. Reasons to attend • Discuss passenger communications challenges faced around travel disruption, with a small group of regional airlines and experienced industry experts • Learn industry best practices in disruption communications management, covering customer experience, operational processes and IT systems • Develop your own tailored and actionable Airline Disruption Communications Plan to take away and implement Two-day workshops
  9. 9. “Great to be able to share experiences of effective (and some not so!) communications in disruption with like-minded people” “It really set the scene for us to move into an automation world and use all the possible of communication to notify passengers” “The 15below disruption communications workshop was useful, relevant and well delivered. It was a great way to bring airlines together to work through issues, develop strategies and get a real insight into how other airlines manage their operational issues. Would highly recommend!” “ ” What our customers say Find out more: