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Evalutation one


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Evalutation one

  1. 1. IN WHAT WAYS DOES YOUR MEDIAPRODUCT USE DEVELOP OR CHALLENGEFORMS AND CONVENTIONS OF REALMEDIA PRODUCTS?Usually in the genre Hip Hop Andrew Goodwins theory can be applied to portray the conventional features of the genre.You can do this by showing relationships between music and visuals, the visuals and lyrics, intertextuality, star image, narrative and performance.
  2. 2. NARRATIVEThe narrative is shown through the verse. And the chorus was used for our main artist singing in different settings. We had kept the clothing different for the chorus and the verse so the audience can distinguish between the artist and character which is being played by the same person.
  3. 3. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN VISUALS AND THE LYRICSThe lyrics at this point say, ‘she whispers in her ear its kind of crowded in here.. Would she care to blow it..’ The lyrics relating to the visuals allow the audience to relate better to what is happening in the narrative.Soft side of the male characterGood personality
  4. 4. …..Another relationship between lyrics and visuals.Towards the end of the music video when the verse is ending and the narrative ends the lyrics say, ‘won’t be longing I’ll see you in the morning..’ At this point in the music video the male character takes out his phone and see’s that it’s a text from Monique saying, ‘see you in the morning.’Effective- helps build up of story and end the story as a happy ending as she refuses to hug him.
  5. 5. STAR IMAGEStar image shown throughnumerous ways in my musicvideo, the most effective shot, Ifelt was the last screen shot ofthe chorus when my malecharacter Kairo Noise is singingfrom the Bridge. We had used azoom out, low angle shot whichenabled our artist’s star personato be shown through this shot.We had purposely made sure thatwhilst shooting this shot therewas no one on the bridgebecause it allows better focus onour artist and easy identificationof the artist.
  6. 6. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MUSIC AND VISUALSAn interesting relationship between musicand visuals is at 1.48 seconds of mymusic video (check it out in my blog)..The lyrics say, ‘ I’ve been chasing youtoo.. Since they kidnapped me from thecastle..’ It was important for us to makesure the car leaves whilst as the musichad such a beat which allowed us tomake sure the car leaves with the beat. Ifelt this was one of the hardest shots forus to edit as we had to make sure that wehad to complete the narrative in the lastverse before the chorus came and thisbeat took up many seconds. It waschallenging but it went well with the beatyou can check it out on my blog.Having an expensive car is conventionalto the Hip Hop genre as money and fameis fantasized within the genre.
  7. 7. …..The music allowed us to think about the pace of our narrative. After deep though and consolidation with my entire group we came to a conclusion to make the narrative in slow motion to ensure the music matches the visuals and the storyline in conveyed clearly.We had used the same effect through out our music video, which was: fade in to black to ensure professionalism and the relationship between music and visuals remained, to convey our story.
  8. 8. INTERTEXTUALITY We had not used Intertextuality evidently, however we were inspired by Drake’s music video from his new Album Take Care, the song is called Headlines. As you are able to see, we had used similar kind of setting for our music video. This sort of setting of showing the ‘hood’ and streets (where Hip-Hop/Rap musi is invented from) allows the audience to experience the roots of the genre and Relate better to the artist. This sort of setting is conventional to the genre Hip Hop.
  9. 9. USING GOODWINS THEORY TO ANALYSE MYDIGI PAKThe front cover and back cover conveys the life of the artist. The colours at the back shows the media fantasizing his life and the audience concluding that he’s had a good life. However, his clothing being black shows the hardships the artist has been through. As you are able to see on the front and back cover our main artist has a slight grin which portray him as a nice person. We decided to have a moral to our artist which is not conventional to the genre. However, we wanted to convey that love is stronger than hate. The artist experiences these words and love makes him change and see the colorful and bright side of life hence the title of our music video track, ‘sunshine.’
  10. 10. INSIDE LEFT AND RIGHT Inside left and right show continuity of the setting and star image By having a low angle long shot on a raised platform. This is a Conventional feature of the Hip-Hop genre as the artist in Hip Hop music videos are shown to be the protagonist and the most Important individual.
  11. 11. ADVERTISEMENTThe posture is a bit slanted and is not upright this shows the life of Hip-Hop and our artist which is laid back.The medium long shot shows the whole posture and body our artist and this effective because it shows the main artist as an ordinary person allowing the audience to relate better to him.
  12. 12. THE END