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Knowledge vs. information


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Published in: Education, Business
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Knowledge vs. information

  1. 1. Knowledge vs. Information By: Chaitan, Jona, Kayoko and Darcee
  2. 2. Definitions:Information: Bits of factsthat have been providedabout something or someone.Knowledge: Something thatwe have acquired individuallythrough experience andeducation that is useful toour lives.
  3. 3. Jonas Example● The endgame Information Knowledge● Roots● Keeps growing
  4. 4. Darcees Example
  5. 5. Kayokos Example Experience
  6. 6. Differences Recap Knowledge Information ● It becomes knowledge once we ● Data and facts that we know are apply it or use it there ● A more profound conclusion ● The raw data collected through ● Knowledge is personal and observations individual ● General data expressed by ● Involves a personal experience numbers, words, images and ● Knowledge is made up from sounds other factors, such as: ● Can be shared, much more information, belief, experiences. easily understood by everyone ● Can be shared but might be ● Provided information perceived differently*Today, we have access and can find information about anything, but a hugeamount of information available to us, doesnt make us more knowledgeable.