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150 cash website text

  1. 1. Please Correct the following and Re-Submit the Entry Form video Get in and Get Paid! Continual $150 CASH Payouts! Plus Multiple $50 CASH Bonuses! Plus Mystery Vouchers on EVERY Cycle! Every Friday is Payday!
  2. 2. Fill Out the Short Form Below to Take a Ride with $150Cash.com! Hello, here. I am going to introduce you to a program that you've never seen before. Sure, on the outside it may look familiar... however on the inside you will witness multiple streams of income from doing something that is so very simple. Site Owned By: Take the tour and you will see for yourself just how simple it is to put continual payouts of $150 CASH in your pocket every Friday. It is time to make some REAL money for a change! name="fldInviter" id="fldInviter" value="136757" disabled 150 CASH gives you absolutely everything you need to run a value="" class="regInputText" successful business. As soon as you join 150 CASH you receive: value="" onblur="checkField('inviter',this);" />  Your Own Replicated 150 CASH Website <%=sFirstName % to promote your 150 CASH business  Business Presentation Video Capture Page <%=sLastName % complete with visitor contact form like the one you are viewing right now  Professionally Developed Backoffice System <%=sEmail %> to manage your 150 CASH business  Pre-Qualified Business Leads & Training Phone Number: <%=sPhone %> to market 150 CASH or ANY other business  Multiple Streams of Income <% = sSecurityCod to grow your bank account & improve your lifestyle! We keep it Simple, Simple, Simple. Discover the difference with 150 CASH. We're changing the game for good and you are invited to experience the ride of your life! Begin Your Journey Today! Fill in the Form to Get In and Get Paid and turn Friday into your favorite day of the week! I'm Here to Help... My Goal is Your Success, See You on The Next Page!
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  4. 4. Welcome You are here for a reason. It was not an accident that you came to this site. So being that you are here, take some time and read every word and digest the information in its entirety. We're not going to fill you full of fluff and hype because that doesn't do anyone any good. I'm going to be completely honest with you and upfront about everything. So sit back relax and lets get started.
  5. 5. What you are going to read in the next few pages is literally going to Blow You Away! We both know the Economy has seen brighter days. People are out of work, there are hardly any jobs available and yet the bills still need to be paid. Because of the insecurity in the traditional job market, people are turning to the internet for ways to make money FAST. This However Creates a BIG Problem! Most people, for one, don't have a lot of money to start an online business and two they don't have a clue how to even get started with an online business and have it create a stream of income for them in a short period of time. So What's The Answer? Earning money online is actually a Very Simple thing to do, as long as you can "Follow Simple Instructions". Think about this for a second... You get yourself a 9 to 5 J.O.B.(Just Over Broke) you have to go through a training period where you are taught to follow simple instructions, or sometimes not so simple instructions, that you need to use to perform your job.
  6. 6. When you get started in your own online business there is a learning period just like when you get a traditional J.O.B. The best way to start this process is to Get Plugged In. If you have never had your own online business, obviously you need some training to learn the basics on what you need to do to get started. Let me tell ya... It is Extremely SIMPLE! Because of the way the $150 Cash Marketing System works you could easily Begin Earning Right From the Start and the best part is you don't have to do any selling, calling, pitching, or anything! You simply send traffic to your Marketing System (We even help you with that!) and the System takes care of everything for you!
  7. 7. ... You Could Quickly Create an Endless Stream of $150 Payments! Now, chances are that you know someone who has lost their job recently or maybe you have lost your job due to the down economy. Because of there not being any new jobs available for people who lost their jobs to move into, people are flocking to the internet to replace their incomes. Without knowing how to make money on the internet, there needs to be a simple, Step by Step system for people to follow that can create money FAST. The $150 Cash Compensation Plan is by far the fastest way to generate a Continual Stream of $150 Payments Ever Created and not to mention, you are walked through step by step exactly what you need to do to get up and running in a flash! Our Revolutionary 2x1 Perpetual Follow-me Matrix could have your bank account growing so fast your head would start spinning! And coupled with our Unique never-stalling 2x3 Perpetual Follow-me Matrix, you will see a combination that is second to none. More on This on the Next Page!
  8. 8. Please Understand - There is an exact method to earning money on the internet if you are willing to follow a few simple instructions and Get Plugged Into the System. Now I know you are here to Make Money and want to know how to do that with $150Cash. So check out the Opportunity on the next page... See you there ! "> Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | Earnings Disclaimer
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  10. 10. It's Simple, Simple, Simple!
  11. 11. Yes you read that correctly, 2x1! That means once you sponsor 2 people, you cycle and get paid $150 CASH! It doesn't get any simpler than this! There are three other very powerful features of this ground breaking compensation plan. 1. The Follow Me Feature All of your personally sponsored members follow you to your current 2x1 when they fill their 2x1. This forces you to cycle faster and faster! The more people you personally sponsor, the faster you will continue to cycle earning you $150 each time! 2. The Perpetual Motion Every company has a very top position. In our compensation plan, when this top position is filled and re-entry occurs, the new position it creates is placed in the first available position in the entire company downline. This means that the new company positions that are created always go to the weakest point in the downline which ensures balanced growth and company wide strength. 3. Mystery Voucher On EVERY Cycle, you are awarded with a Mystery Voucher. What will you be able to use this voucher for? You will have to wait and see... but you are guaranteed to love what we have in store for you! Guess what? There is a
  12. 12. SECOND way to get paid $150 CASH! The 2x1 Matrix is built for SPEED and the 2x3 Matrix is built for TEAM sales. But what makes our 2x3 cycler unique? Unlike other 2x3 cyclers where you need dozens of members in your downline to cycle, here you only need 2. When you get your 2 people, you are qualified to cycle, and with the company wide team sales of 8 people, you move up in the 2x3 matrix. Once at the top, and the final 8 company wide sales are complete you receive your commission. You receive $50 when YOU cycle your 2x3 Matrix You receive ANOTHER $50 when your first person cycle's THEIR 2x3 Matrix, and You receive ANOTHER $50 when your second person cycle's THEIR 2x3 Matrix This totals ANOTHER $150 CASH! Here are some FAQs:
  13. 13. Q1. Do I need 2 additional personal sales to cycle in the 2x3? No. The same two personal sales are all that is required. Q2. Do I need to cycle the 2x1 before I am entered into the 2x3? No. You enter the 2x3 immediately when you join the 150 Cash Program Q3. Do I need to pay anything in addition to my registration fee to enter the 2x3 Matrix? No. Your 1-time registration fee covers your entry into BOTH the 2x1 and the 2x3 simultaneously Q4. Is there a Follow-Me Feature in the 2x3 Matrix Absolutely! This is what keeps the momentum going. Your people will come back to you and keep you qualified! Q5. Is there an automatic re-entry into the 2x1 and 2x3 after I cycle? Absolutely. There is an automatic re-entry after EVERY cycle with no additional cost. Q6. Should I enroll more than 2 people? Absolutely! The more people you invite, the more sales you create, the more money you will make, and the more fun you will have! THIS is what you call AN UNLIMITED STREAM of $150 CASH Payouts! Here is a Recap: $150 CASH when you Cycle your 2x1 $50 CASH when you Cycle your 2x3 $50 CASH when your 1st person cycles THEIR 2x3 $50 CASH when your 2nd person cycles THEIR 2x3 Mystery Voucher when you Cycle your 2x1 Mystery Voucher when you Cycle your 2x3
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  15. 15. When you become a $150 Cash member , you gain access to everything you would ever need to build, grow and maintain a successful online business and make a ton of money! Also understand that these products are the foundation that is necessary to grow ANY business online. Business Opportunity Seeker Leads The first product you get is Business Opportunity Seeker Leads. Leads are the lifeblood of any business. We have a very established relationship with a long-time lead broker and have a business contract in place that gets us the very freshest and best lead data available on the market on a weekly basis. These leads are people who have filled out an online form requesting information about how to earn money from home.  When you JOIN, receive 2000 Opportunity Seeker Leads and 30 Surveyed Leads  EVERY TIME you cycle your 2x1 Matrix, receive 1000 Opportunity Seeker Leads and 30 Surveyed Leads
  16. 16.  EVERY TIME you cycle your 2x3 Matrix, receive 1000 Opportunity Seeker Leads and 30 Surveyed Leads Think about that for just a second... When you join and each time you cycle you get lead data of people looking to make money online. You can turn around and contact these leads and introduce them to 150 CASH and if they join you earn more money and more leads! You could literally create a self sustaining business! Talk about Amazing! Every time you cycle you are given More Leads! Oh ya plus you get paid $150 CASH! We Designed this Opportunity so that EACH and EVERY Member Could Prosper. It is the Absolute Perfect Solution for the Troubled Times We've Been Facing. Ok Back to Business... Each Lead that you receive will have the following information: First Name City Last Name State Email Address Postal/Zip Code Phone Number Date/Time Stamp Address IP Address You have the ability to market to these prospects in several different ways: by Email, Phone, Mail or all three! Now THAT is Powerful! You get a list of people who are looking for a way to make money on the internet that you can market to in order to help get your business off the ground and maintain a continual stream of $150 Payments!
  17. 17. You will also gain instant access to a complete library of training videos that will teach you a ton of different tricks and tips on how to market your site to get Maximum Exposure! No confusing, over your head, video training here. All these videos are step by step tutorials, if you will, that help you understand what to do when marketing your opportunity. Here are some of the Video Trainings You will Gain Access Too!
  18. 18. Web 2.0 Video Training Web 2.0 is the next chapter of the internet and these training videos highlight the best ways to capitalize on the next generation of the web. S.E.O. Training Knowing how to Optimize your sites for the search engines is a cornerstone to marketing on the internet. The video training provided here will walk you through step by step and show you all the little tricks and secrets to Optimizing your sites like the pros! Insider Traffic Secrets These traffic secrets are highly guarded gems that will boost your traffic like nothing before. These videos walk you step by step exactly what to generate an endless flood of traffic to your sites. And Many Many More!
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  21. 21. In today's fast paced environment we completely understand that you need your money quickly. We believe in getting you paid as fast as possible, which is why we have setup our commission structure to payout on a Weekly Basis! We have chosen AlertPay for your weekly Commission Payouts. AlertPay is an international account based payment processor with banking relationships in over 190 Countries. Simply receive your commissions direct to your bank account or receive a check! AlertPay is a safe, smart way to get paid. Pay Periods Our Weekly Pay Periods begin every Sunday at 6:00 PM EST and end the following Sunday at 5:59 PM EST. All commissions generated during this period based on cycles completed in both the 2x1 and the 2x3 plus bonuses earned are paid out the Friday following the Sunday cutoff date. See the image below:
  22. 22. Each commission liquidation will have a $2.00 processing fee. Whether you liquidate $150 or $15,000, the fee will only be $2.00. ?user="> Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | Earnings Disclaimer ">
  23. 23. The $150Cash.com Marketing System is unlike anything you have ever experienced! We have taken all of the guesswork out to help you focus on what matters, Making Money! We 100% understand that not everyone is a born sales person which is why we designed this system to do practically everything for you! Get In and Get Paid!
  24. 24. The Marketing System Website As a member of $150Cash.com you will gain access to this exact same marketing system you are currently reading that will consistently present the opportunity professionally to all of your visitors and prospects. No need to worry about explaining how it works, just send them to your site and let it do the work for you! Business Presentation Video A Marketing System is not complete without a professionally produced Business Presentation Video. We have taken the time to give your visitors the explanation they need in an easy to follow video. We are here to help you communicate the business offering making your sales job as easy as ever! Professional Business Associates To round the marketing system out we also offer an Absolutely FREE call center service to call back all of the leads that request to be called from your marketing system. This is an Extremely Powerful feature as it takes the talking to people completely out of your hands and puts it into the hands of trained sales professionals. Anyone who visits your site and clicks on this button and requests a callback, our call center will call them back and attempt to sign them up. If they do, you get the credit! Talk about Automation, Now How Simple is That! With these 3 components: The Marketing System Website, Business Presentation Video and Professional Business Associates to help close your leads, you will experience success... even if you are a novice Internet Marketer! We have included all the tools you need to be successful. Simply plug in to our system and watch your lifestyle change with your new padded bank account! This Marketing System is Second to None!
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  26. 26. ... We both know that you came to this website for a reason. It's not an accident. You would not have read this far into the site unless you were seriously considering joining this opportunity to change your financial situation. Now comes the time to make a decision. Before you do let's recap everything you have read about this amazing opportunity. Inexpensive to Join! Get started for a "One-Time" product purchase of only $198! Multiple $150 CASH Payouts! Receive $150 Cash Payouts on your 2x1 Matrix. Receive $50 on your 2x3 Matrix, plus $50 each time your first person cycles their 2x3, plus another $50 each time your second person cycles their 2x3. Plus $50 when EVERY OTHER PERSON you personally sponsor cycles their 2x3. Plus Mystery Vouchers on every cycle! Lightning Fast Compensation Plan! Internets Best 2x1 Perpetual Follow-Me Matrix AND The Most Unique 2x3 Perpetual Follow-Me Matrix! Automatic Re-Entry! Each Time You Cycle your 2x1 or your 2x3, you are Automatically Re-Entered into your NEXT 2x1 and 2x3 to Continue Earning! Follow Me Feature! Every Single Member you Personally Sponsor will Automatically Follow You to Your Current 2x1 AND 2x3 when they cycle, helping YOU to Cycle Even Faster!
  27. 27. No Monthly Qualifications! No Monthly Product Purchase nor Monthly Qualifications to Earn Commissions! Weekly Payouts! Receive Your Commissions on a Weekly Basis! State of the Art Professional Marketing System! Access to this Exact Same Marketing System You Have Been Reading to Explode Your New Business! Business Presentation Video! Your Sales will come easy when you expose your visitors to your professional Business Presentation Video! Products You Need to Grow Your Business! You Receive 2000 Business Opportunity Seeker Leads and 30 Surveyed Leads when you JOIN. And EACH TIME you cycle either your 2x1 or 2x3, receive another 1000 Seeker Leads and 30 Surveyed Leads! Every marketer needs Leads, Leads and more Leads! Real Video Training! Access to the Members Only Video Training Resource Center that contains a solid collection of Real, Results Driven Training! Professional Business Associates Have our Professional Business Associates do the Call Backs to Your Prospects for YOU and Make Your Business 99% Automated! You now have the ability to start your own online business regardless of your skill set, regardless of employment history, regardless of your current economic position. You can start your own business right now, today for a one-time $198!
  28. 28. Here is the Bottom Line... To get started on your way to earning a continual stream of $150 Payments scroll to the bottom of this page and Click on the Get Started Button. This will take you through the signup process where you will pay your one-time out of pocket purchase of $198. After you complete your membership signup you will then log into your $150Cash.com Back Office. From there you will be guided step by step exactly what you need to do to setup your marketing system. From there it's all about getting people to your marketing system and start earning multiple payouts of $150 CASH. Financial Change Doesn't Get Any Easier or Happen Faster Than This!
  29. 29. OK , Here is the Deal... I want you to succeed and I am going to do anything and everything I can to help you. You see, I have a vested interest in helping you to succeed because each time you cycle, you re-enter and follow me into my current matrix forcing me to cycle faster. So I want you to succeed! You also need to understand that the way the economy has been for the last 18 months, Internet Opportunities have become a "HUGE" force to be reckoned with since the traditional job market has shrunk. With very few jobs available, people have no other option but to turn to the internet to make their ends meet. So finding people who need to earn money is not a hard thing to do these days, just ask anyone. All you need to earn money online is 2 things, 1 an opportunity with a kick butt compensation plan that converts, and 2 website traffic. I think we both agree that the $150Cash.com Opportunity covers the compensation plan and marketing system extremely well. (It's Doing Absolutely Phenomenal for Me!) And the product with this opportunity is Business Opportunity Seeker Leads. So you are covered on all levels. No one has ever Designed an Opportunity Like this that is TRULY 99% Automated. No One! This opportunity has changed my financial situation for the better and I know it could change yours as well. When things take a turn for the worse in the traditional market, like they have, where do you think people run for answers... The Net. Surprisingly, regardless of how the traditional market fluctuates, the online business world always remains steady and strong. And there is a reason why that is... We are relying on each other, not companies. The real power of commerce is in the people, not in the corporations. Investing in yourself is the only real solid investment left. Get started today and change your financial situation. I look forward to working with you personally!
  30. 30. I'm Here to Help... My Goal is Your Success! Blastoff Launch Countdown Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Registration Open At 0 Countdown P.S. This Opportunity is Absolutely Amazing! Everyone helps each other and I Truly Look Forward to Helping You. This was the Best $198 I ever spent! " target="_blank"> Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | Earnings Disclaimer
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